Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mongrel dog

Hey all,
Hows it going?
I am so pissed off this morning! I just rang my mother to see if shes heard anything from my brother and his girl and to see how the new baby is going and if yesterdays post wasn't feral enough for you...keep reading this!!
Apparently my brother went to my Mums yesterday afternoon and she cooked him a nice baked dinner as a congratulations meal I suppose. He had no cigarettes or anything which is nothing unusual, so my mother, who has just had to leave work due to illness herself and who hasn't got any spare money herself, sent my other brother up to buy smokes for him. Then, when he was leaving he asked my mother for $1-40 (can you believe it??) for his bus fare home. So she went to her bag and got her wallet out and gave him a $2- coin...put her bag down on the table then took the garbage out. When she came back in she noticed her wallet wasn't hanging out of the bag the way it was left. (Believe notice these things when this particular brother is around!) So she asked him did he see where she left her purse and of course she got 'No'. The search began for the purse and the other brother joined in saying that you must remember where you put it etc etc. She said at this time she was giving the benefit of the doubt (as she always does) but after a while, knowing full well that the asshole had the purse, she asked him outright. Apparently she told him that it had her last $20- in it and she needed it so put it back. She went into the bedroom to have one last look and he yelled out that it was in the loungeroom near her books. What a fucking mongrel dog!! If he dares ring me or come near me I'm going to rip him another asshole! The filthy, stinking piece of shit!
I've also just had a go at my mother for putting up with his shit all the time. He turned 30 this year and is still getting away with this crap. Here I was yesterday putting shit on his bitch girlfriend and he is just as bad, even worse, when I thought he was doing better than ever!
Fair dinkum, if he comes anywhere near me I'll go off my nut. I'm just waiting for them to ring me to ask if I'm going up the hospital and I don't give a shit but I'm telling them all to go and get fucked!
Then, my mother will get the shits with me 'cos no matter what she sticks up for the boys and we'll end up arguing but enough is enough! I have every right to say what I want and for 40 years I've held my friggen tongue when it comes to these mongrels! Well no more! I'm telling it like it is once and for all and they can get stuffed after that. They are never going to change.
Sorry for the rant everyone but I had to get it off my chest.


Julie said...

rant all ya want. U go for it girl, say what u wanna say & don't hold back!
I'm sick of holding back with Glenn's family too & decided to just say it like it is!
Hope u don't get the shit for it though!

Jahnava said...

Wow sharryn,
you should write a friggin book, your life is soo bloody eventful, and i know i shouldnt laugh but i just love how you tell the story,
you poor think i cant even begin to know what its like!


Anonymous said...

Geez Sharryn! what a peice of work your brother is *growl* i have an uncle who is quite similar. He use to ring nanna all the time asking for money (for drugs)...I told her she shouldn't be doing it anymore (he's 35) the next time he rang she said no. He called her all sorts of horrible names, hung up on her & she hasn't heard from him since...coming up to 3 yrs I yeah! they are all nice when they get what they want but when they don't geez the shit really hits the fan! Makes you realize how much the love ya hey! *scowl* so stand your ground Sharryn. Even though they are relative...sometimes they just need a good kick up the coit


Mardi said... least you dont have to visit the hospital sounds like he has done his dash!!
What a low act.... I can honestly say..its never a dull moment in your life..Phew..
Mardi x

deirdre said...

You can rant forever if you like. Stick to your guns, and tell him why you dont want to go to the hosp if they ring and ask! Dont take any crap!

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