Friday, November 03, 2006

Poo Head

Hiddy hi chickens,
How ya 'all doin'?
I've just been to the Official Opening and Blessing by the Bishop of our high schools new renovations and unveiling of the official plaque...LOL Must say it was very nicely done and didn't drag on forever and ever. Our Bishop is a lovely old fella and he delivered a great homily...not waffling on like some of them do.
The school invited Principals from surrounding Catholic schools so I got a chance to speak to a couple of our old Principals from the primary school which was great. I was in a real rush though as the Mass finished almost right on 3.00p.m and the primary school comes out at 2.35p.m and it's about a 10 min drive in between so I rang the office lady up and told her to keep the boys there till I got there. Stuff 'em..I do enough for them and mine weren't the only ones there.
It's been raining here all day so I'm wondering if there'll be cricket tomorrow. Doesn't matter anyway 'cos we still have to go until the coaches decide what to do. Jye has a Rep. game on Sunday and if it rains we have to stick around till about 1.00p.m which is friggen ridiculous!!
My Josh finally got his car registered yesterday thank goodness!! He'd tried ringing the boss from the 2nd job for 2 days to ask him about the cheque but there was no response. He was meant to start work there at 4.00p.m yesterday but I told him not to go. He had a day off from his first job and the other dickhead wasn't answering the phone so bugger him. In the end, Josh decided not to go and just left here when the asshole rang Joshs mobile, which he'd left here. I answered it and he asked where Josh was so I told him he was sick and I'd sent him to the doctors (which explains the pimple I have on my tongue today!!) I also asked him about the cheque and he said that he told Josh to put it through his account rather than cash it. Hello? The friggen cheque was made out to cash in the first place the lying bastard!! I told him that I'd spoken to the bank and they'd advised Josh to give the cheque back to him and he said not to worry that he'd give him cash so I mentioned that he might like to continue doing that from now on. Fuck him. Josh reckons he's one of those Greek blokes (no offense intended to anyone Greek here either...I actually have a few Greek friends)...the big, fat, hairy Greek blokes that wear open neck collared shirts and have gold necklaces that weigh ten kilo hanging around their neck...only thing is they don't really have necks but a roll of fat instead, and they think they're Gods gift to women..but in actual fact they have heads like smashed crabs..and they think there shit don't stink...when in actual fact they smell like emails from Mr Turd to say he's on his can smell them before you can see them coming!!
Shit I hate those kind of guys!! Like the world owes them something. Well not my boy.
So he'd better cough up with some dough for Josh tonight the big fat Zorba!!
I haven't had a chance to do much scrapping..well any for that matter. I've been cleaning and ironing and cooking and cleaning and ironing and just NEVER ends in this house!! I did the whole house out this morning, cleaned the bathroom and both toilets etc etc etc seeing as I won't be home much over the weekend and I hate spending my whole Monday cleaning up after everybody. I'd like to get motivated to start on a layout tonight but I'm not sure I have any mojo after the last challenge I entered..14 layouts in 14 days..LOL
I have some more cricket pics sitting here so I might scrap them. Have to get them over and done with sooner or later before I'll allow myself to progress on to my next folder..LOL Gotta make sure I stay true to my scrapping strategy.
Fuck...the bloody phone just rang again and it was another friggen telemarketer!! If I could reach through that bloody phone sometimes I'd kill 'em! I hate the bastards with a passion and believe me..I am so rude to them it isn't funny...especially these bastards ringing from India..I give them heaps..LOL Trying to sell me bloody pappadums!
Which reminds me...this is soooooooooooo bad but I have a filthy sense of humour and I think it's funny and keep in mind that to piss me off...really, really piss me off..then all you have to do is ring me and hang up on me. It is my ultimate pet hate due to a really bad experience once before.
At the beginning of the last school hols. some kid rang up on the first day and called me a poo head. I didn't take much notice of it 'cos seriously..who hasn't had a phone call like that? But the calls kept coming and coming and coming. They were coming from a Private number as I have a call display phone and that was pissing me off even more. I got the boys to start answering the phone but they were all poo heads too..even Michael. So by the end of the first week I was pretty pissed know how you answer the phone not thinking only to hear poo head and thinking 'oh you little got me again?'..LOL
By the end of the 2nd week I was preying on this little bastard to ring but do you think they would? On the Friday the call finally arrived..but yet again..they caught me unaware. Fuck was I spewing!!
I was like a crazed woman by this time..sitting by the phone waiting for this little shit to ring and every time the phone rang I was vehemently hissing into the receiver just in case.
Then it happened....they rang! Yes!! You'll never guess what I said though...I probably should be ashamed of myself...but I'm not **said with tongue poking out** so after the familiar cry of poo head came crashing through the receiver I yelled out at the top of my voice...I'M GONNA PUNCH YOUR FUCKEN HEAD IN!!
OMFG..what was I thinking? This was just a kid! But you know what..even sitting here typing this now I have a huge smile on my face of pure satisfaction. I bet I don't get called poo head again in a hurry!


Lisa said...

ROTFL This whole entire post had me laughing. From teh title, to the description of Zorba (I hate men like that!!!!) Right down to you abusing the kids! hahahahaha
A nice way to end a crappola week at work (yes, Im still sitting here at 6pm on a friday!!!) :) Thanks for the laughs!!!!

Julie said...

Hope the boss paid up with Josh's wage & everything has been sorted out for him & u.
ROFLMAO @ the smashed crab's for their head! ur analagies(sp?) they crack me up! EVERYTIME!
PMSL....*clears throat & in my best Indian accent...."Thank-you come again" Hate telemarketer's too....& 'cause they are all from god knows where!
LOL nasty Sharryn!...gonna punch some little "poo head" hey if it makes ya laugh luvvy it's all that matters!
I hope next week is going to be less stressful for ya!
Have a great weekend

Bec said...

OMFG!!!!!!!!!! I have tears streaming down my face cause I have been laughing that much reading your post hun. Thanks for the TOP laughs for the morning, and also for the laughs last night and hey..we'll get to do it all again tonight! woohoo!!!
Now I'm off to play with my fitball.
Love n Hugz

deirdre said...

POO HEAD!!!!! there, bet that was sooner than you thought! LOL!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

When I was a kid living at home with my parents my mother taught me to keep a whistle by the phone and when we got prank callers ringing up I would blow the whistle as loud as I could into the phone and they rarely called back. It dam well hurts their

Bye the way your not a poo head Sharryn and neither is your family. How dare someone be so rude to you over and over and over again. I hate those phone calls as well.

I think it is crazy you having to waste petrol driving to cricket and sitting around in the rain only to wait for a coach to apoear and tell you it is cancelled. I mean if it is rainy then obviously you can't play properly. How dumb!

I hope you find some spare time to do some more layouts. Your 14 day challenge ones all looked fabulous. Naughty me is still going with them. I think I am now up to number 6 out of 14. Oh well better late than never eh! LOL

Have a great week and take care.

Shelley said...

LMFAO... bet you feel betterer! Lol at Zorba too... I love your blog girl!

Shelley :)

Anonymous said...

hee hee ha ha...OMG Sharryn you crack me up matey...*said on the sly* Hey what's your phone number sharryn :P

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