Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'm back!! Woohoo!

Hey everyone! :) FINALLY...I'm back!
I have sooooooo missed everyone and everything...and I can't wait to check out everyones blogs!
I trust everyone is doing well?? I hope so. :) to whats been going on here...more like what HASN'T been going on per usual!
Last blog I posted about my darling eldest son Josh running up some girls bum..while his car was just out of rego didn't I?? Since then the plot has thickened and the scenario has gotten somewhat worse!! The girl that he collided with had rung here Monday then again Wednesday morning and I told her that I'd get Josh to ring her on his first day off as he was still working the 2 jobs back to back. She told me that she'd sent him a letter, which we haven't received yet. Josh rang her yesterday and she told him she'd gotten the 3 quotes and it was going to cost hm around $1300- to get fixed. Apparently it wasn't her car but she told him she was going to get the car fixed herself as it was her friends car then collect the money back for herself off Josh. Hmmmmmmmmm...
So..we're sitting at the table trying to work out how to pay that when he says ' the way..I've also got 2 fines'. What the? Turns out when he first started working in the city he pressed the button for a train ticket that says apprentices, concessions etc and when he was asked by the train guard later on about why he had that ticket the train guard wasn't satisfied that Josh was an apprentice and of course..Josh had no he was hit with a $200- fine! OK..that was a reasonable excuse...being a 19yr old male...with no friggen street sense obviously according to my husband has been given to much 'motherly love'...I've decided to go in with guns blazing with that fine..stuff City was a genuine mistake and not a mistake anyway as far as I'm concerned! I'm going to fight that one.
Then there was the next fine for another $200- from when he left his wallet at work and couldn't produce his weekly ticket. I know for a fact that night that he did leave his wallet at work but shit happens..he'll have to wear that one..that was a stupid thing to do. I'm sure every Tom, Dick and Harry uses that excuse also when the train guard comes around. However, if he had've told me earlier..I could have told him to keep his ticket for proof of purchase and had a go at fighting that one too.
So now that his car rego that still hadn't paid although all repairs were now done on the car and was ready for the pink slip...the $1300- to get the girls car fixed..the $400- in fines! Josh was near on having a stroke the poor bugger...freaking out thinking he was going to get in all this trouble from the police and the government for not having any money to pay at the moment and thinking ahead about working 2 jobs forever to pay everything off. I know this sounds harsh but I was thinking that this was going to be a hard lesson to learn but a kick up the ass he needs. As they say sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind..we've always been able to help him..not that he's ever really been in trouble before but this time we just didn't have the spare cash.
While he was at his lowest the postman came and gave hime his fine for neg. driving from the accident which was $ about a kick in the clacker!!
What was breaking my heart more than anything though was the fact that he accepted a $300- cheque off the boss from the 2nd job as payment when he's been told by other people that this asshole doesn't pay his workers. When he showed me the cheque I was so angry 'cos I knew it was going to be a bouncer. Apparently the boss had rung Josh in the morning to say don't cash it..just put it through your account and when he told me that I just knew, the fucking asshole. So Josh goes off to the bank to cash it and was told sorry...we can't tell you why but you'll have to take that cheque back to your boss. So I rang the bank and asked them what the go was but of course got the same answer. I asked them if Josh could put the cheque through his account rather than cash it but there was a slight, hesitant sigh and a 'It would be better for him to take it back to his boss'. By this stage I was livid and wanted to give this Greek bloke a back, sac and crack wax with my bare hands!! Josh rang the restaurant twice last night but funnily enough...the asshole 'wasn't there'. Like Josh said though he's been there every night that he's worked there. If he doesn't get any joy from this prick's gonna be on believe me!!
Anyway a good friend of mine happened to ring here last night and I was telling her what had been going on and she offered to lend Josh the money to pay everything and work out a payment plan with him so he can pay her back God love her. She couldn't afford to give him all the money he needed but she has made a great dent in what he needed. What an awesome friend!
So this morning I let him have a bit more of a sleep-in knowing that once he goes back to work this afternoon to work these 2 jobs he won't get a day off for another week. As it is he'll be doing this for 6 days and we've asked him not to...we don't want him getting sick about all this and the end of the day no-one is's just money. But..he doesn't see it like that and he's stressing out big time.
I finally woke him up by waving this huge wad of cash under his nose and his eyes lit up...LOL Got up, got ready to take the car down to the mechanic to get one more thing fixed and pick up his pink slip...BUT..before he left I was sitting on the toilet...yet again..ROFL (all this has been too much worry and concern for this old girl and my whole body is shutting down!!) when darling Josh says on the other side of the door...'Oh I forgot to tell ya yesterday but I got a speeding fine the other week on the way home from work from the speed camera!!' OMFG!! He is so lucky I was 'otherwise engaged' cos I would've killed the little shit!! Fuck me!!
So now it posed the question of how many points he had left on his license from the speeding fine AND the neg. driving fine he got the other day! I rang the police and I got this lovely guy who told me Josh would have 6 that worked out once both fines and points came off..he would have zero points. That's OK can drive with zero points but once it gets into the minus're gone!
So the nice copper, in a round about way, explains that he has heard of 'many a parent' that has filled the Stat. Dec. out on the back of the speeding fine to cop the points and say they were driving! Ummmmmm..OK..thanks Mr Policeman for teaching me how to rort the system...ROFL That's karma though as about 2 years ago I got done by a speed camera in Michaels car and he took the points for me God Bless Him..LOL
What mothers do for their children!! I told Josh that'd be his Xmas present 'cos after this..seriously I don't want to look at him again for a while..LOL
I've just sent him on his merry way to get his pink slip and hopefully he'll come back with a registered car that he CAN drive 'cos he has enough points...thanks to the nice policeman..LOL I'll also go and pay MOST of his fines this afternoon. That will just leave the girls car that needs fixing and working out a payment plan for him to pay everyone back!
I'm still really pissed off about this boss though..he better pay up the mongrel. And quick smart!
So I'm hoping my son Joshua has learnt a very valuable lesson, well a few actually, these past couple of days. As much as I hate to see him suffer and stress out, it's experiences like this that makes our kids stronger and better able to handle this big, tough world of ours. I'm just hoping that he has had his run of bad luck and that everything settles down for him. I was really starting to get worried about him yesterday he was that stressed.
Well everyone if you've read this far you're probably sick of me raving on about child no. 1 LOL
Rhiannon is still studying diligently God love her. She has a biology exam coming up on Monday.
Well I'm off to check out everyones blog this afternoon and into this evening probably..LOL
Take Care


deirdre said...

YAY!!! you're back! You must have been having withdrawls, LOL! Missed ya chook. Poor Josh, it doesnt rain it pours! But he'll be right.
Hope things settle down a bit for you much as they can in your crazy life, LOL!

Anonymous said...

OMFG Sharryn!!! When I read through all of that I couldn't beleive what your poor DS had been through these last few weeks. *sigh* lets hope he is a fast learner and a good memory *wink* I am sorry but I couldn't help but LOL at the back, sack and crack wax comment...never heard that before but I will certaily remember what happened to the other 5 children today *wink* *wink*

Deep breaths matey *smile*
Cheers and I hope your week/weekend gets better.
Tammy X

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