Monday, November 06, 2006

Another dead pet!

Hi all,
How was your weekend? Good? Ours was OK I, cricket and more cricket!!
Saturday morning games were played I thought they'd be washed out and Jye had a Rep. game in Blacktown on Sunday that played through as well. Sitting there in the friggen drizzling rain I thought the umpires would call it off but no..they were both old fellas and it was more than likely their outing for the week and there was certainly no game being called off by either one of siree. We ended up winning though which was fabo!! Our Under 10 Rep. side couldn't win an argument last year let alone a game of cricket so it was a boost of confidence to start this season off as Under 11's and win their first game. :) Jye was rapt.
We've just come home from school and Jacks skink has died. He has 2 of the bloody things that he rescued aftr the cat next door bit their tails off. This house is starting to resemble Australia Zoo..fair dinkum!! Josh has a whole tank of lizards in his bedroom, there are 2 huge blue-tongues down the back in the aviary and now Jack has started collecting skinks! They are all fed on live crickets and meal worms which guess who has to go and buy from the pet shop. 'Oh can I have a half a pound of live crickets and 1000 meal worms today please? Yes..that will be all thank you!'
Farkkkkkkk me!! The things you do when you have boys!!
So Jack..God love him..has just wrapped his skink in tissue paper and has taken him out around the side to bury him. Before he wrapped him up though I just caught him in the kitchen shaking the shit out of the skink and watching it's head flop from side to side!! Not sure whether he was trying to revive it or just see how it's head works???
This is the reason why I won't allow any more pets in this house. Last Sunday Rhiannons budgie died and she was just grief stricken. She's had this bird for 3 years but the novelty wore off after 3 it does. I absolutely HATED this friggen budgie!! I'm not much of an animal person but this budgie was a dead set freak! Every time I went to go in her room the stupid thing would fly at my head and try to peck my friggen eyes out. I'm sure it knew I didn't like it.
So anyway..the week before she said she thought it was sick but nothing was know the drill. 'We'll wait till theres nothing that can be done for the poor bastard..then we'll all panic' type scenario. So Sunday comes and she got it out of the cage to show Michael and the poor thing couldn't even stand up! So I told her to ring the vet, the whole time freaking out about how much this fucking budgie was going to cost on a Sunday!! I mean..I'm not an animal person but I won't see one harmed or sick without attention. Anyway she was sitting on my bed with her feathered friend and I walked in to see what was happening and I looked down and I could see this thing was dead but she was concentrating on the phone and I'm thinking...'OK what do I do here?'
She realised that it was too late and the waterworks started and I run 'cos I thought she was gonna put the dead bird in my hand..ewwwwwwwwww..
Poor Michael was in the kitchen with half a dozen bread rolls lined up making lunch and she walked in howling and looked at him and thrust the dead budgie in his hand and walked out...ROFL...well that was the end of me mate..I was on the floor pissing myself at the look on his face 'cos here he was buttering bread rolls with a dead bird in his other hand and not knowing what to do with it. So he wrapped it up in tissue paper and put it in his top pocket!! OMFG!! Then he was going back to making the rolls!! The poor bugger was definately delusional...ROFL
The budgie ended up being laid to rest around the side and the skink has just followed. Pet cemetary it is!
Today I sat here and backed up the rest of my photos on my computer. I printed a few out to scrap but couldn't be bothered. I got all the housework done this morning and the place was spotless until 3.00p.m when the darlings came home. I don't even really have any ironing!
Too bloody tired to scrap though.
I'm making Mums special chicken tonight..LOL It's just chicken breast crumbed in my own special herbs and spices..finger licken' good!! :)
Well thats it for me..hope you all enjoy your week.
Take it easy


Mardi said...

Sheesh make me laugh girl...I nearly wet myself reading the last post...I commented but Blogger was down and wouldnt Ill tell you here...your posts shouild have warnings attached "Mardi..dont read this at work".....Im sure my collegues think Im completeley nuts...LOL
You are a total crack-up and Im sorry your home is starting to resemble a cemetary...I completley lost it at poor Michael and the budgie in the middle of his sandwich making....too funny.
Mardi x

deirdre said...

Poor budgie and skink! But LOL at the shaking part!
Hope youre not so tired tomorrow!

Beth said...

ROTFPMSL!!!!! Love your blog Shaz!

Jahnava said...

Oh Sharryn you just crack me up i spent half my time reading your blog reading it out to my bf so he can have a laugh, its reallu not funny, but i had a laugh at the shaking as well LOL, and eww how gross lol buttering bread rolls with a dead bird! LOL

Oh gosh u just crack me up~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

LOL Sharryn only u can put a bit of a humerous spin on the death of pets, but we love it!....ALways have us in a fit of laughter!
Hope no other pet's are going to meet with death...well n e time soon.
Gotta love the shaking the shit outta the skink! PMSL

Chrissy said...

Thanks Sharryn, I was so close to peeing my pants during your budgie story. You need to write a book girlie. Bugger about the pet cemetery.

Anonymous said...

mmmm! I hope that finger lickin' good chicken really is chicken PMSLOL :P

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