Monday, November 13, 2006

Nice, easy listening post today..LOL

Hey all :)
Heres' hoping you all had a great weekend!
After the drama of Saturday morning we ended up having a nice, event free 2 days that were truly appreciated..LOL.
Saturday afternoon/evening the kids just played out the front with the other kids from the street and later on their showbags amused them for all of say...10 minutes!! I had an early enough night as planned and that was appreciated also. :)
Sunday we went to the picnic and had a great afternoon with Michaels family. I got some awesome photos and can't wait till the 'scrapping bug' bites my heiny again and I can get motivated to scrap some pics. After the picnic we went back to Michaels mothers for a while after following her home and the boys had a swim. I got some gorgeous pics there too so I was a happy girl!!
Today and tomorrow I am scribing (reader/writer) for the NSW Yr 10 School Certificate exams at my kids high school for the kids that need it. I've been given a great kid who I must say is a little frustrating to say the least but would've got away with more today if he had've been given someone different. I don't say that to 'blow my own trumpet' but there were a few things he tried on me and being a mother of 5 boys...lets just say the little bugger didn't get away with much. At one stage during the English exam the little turd fell asleep..can you imagine? So I whacked hm on the head with the pen...that woke the little bastard up..ROFL The supervisor didn't know where to look..but I was thinking 'Hey..I'm not getting paid for this so buck up or fuck off'.
I can't believe though that the chicks that were supervisors got lunch and us voluntary reader/writers weren't even invited back for lunch with them! How friggen rude!
So I have to go back tomorrow for the Maths and History/Geography exams which will be fun with this kid..NOT!! LOL
Well the next round of the Boxx girls DT comp have been announced and I must say I'm surprised at some of the work?? I'm really happy that the lovely Mardi got through and I've gotta say girl...that layout of yours rocked!! Woo hoo! It was just awesome!!
I've also got to give a special mention to a layout that I loved to death also. I won't mention the name of the artist as I don't know her that well...(not like Marda Farda..ROFL) but the layout was the one inspired by the carousel! good was that?? Loved that one!! Even the pic of the carousel was good!!
I really, really want to get my mojo back but I think at the moment I'm just too busy to even worry too much about it. I really have to get off my as and start thinking about Xmas also.
Anyway..thats it for me today..not a very exciting post..but thats cool with me!
Off now to finish dinner which tonight is crumbed steak, corn, carrots and mashed potatoes with mushrooms and gravy...yummo...
Ciao for now


Bec said...

Hi Sharryn,

Firstly, congrats on being the Star of the week at The Boxx! Well deserved :-)
Hope your scrapping bug bites ya soon, I wanna see more of your work!
Good on you for helping with the Yr 10 exams but I do agree, the least they could offer their volunteers is lunch!

Hope your week is a good one
Love n Hugz

Julie said...

Good to see u having an easy weekend for once!
ROFLMAO....maybe they heard about the incident @ Macca's that's Y they didn't offer lunch?
Hope the buggar bites ya butt hard Sharryn!-the MOJO bug that is.
I must've missed that post about Star of the to find it
See ya

Mardi said...

ROFL...I can just imagine you waking that kid up...with a rap on the head from your pencil...LOL

Thanks for the gorgeous comments too are a sweetie!....I hope your mojo is back really soon.... and Im not sure I mentioned earlier but I absolutley adored that layout of Rhiannon as a baby...using the vellum...seriously gorgeous!!
Mardi x (aka Marda Farda)

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