Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bad Sport

Hiddy hi :)
Wow...didn't I just walk into a storm and a half!! Fair dinkum!
Don't know if anyone remembers but last year my son Jye had this cricket coach that he'd had for 2 years and towards the end of the season they had a bit of a disagreement, (Jye was all of 10)..LOL This kid has never, ever had an indifference with an adult..hardly even another kid but this coach was wearing him down badly. As the team relied so heavily on him the coach put more effort into him but the feedback was very negative. Another kids father was the one that approached me and warned me of the problem and told me to watch Jye 'cos he could see he was about to erupt. Under no circumstances do I ever condone my kids backchatting or berating an adult but this was truly exceptional circumstances. When Jye did erupt even I took a step backwards and I realised what this negativity had been doing to him. So of course, I came to his rescue and put him and his stuff in the car..then had it out with the coach. I told him that Jye didn't need smoke blown up his backside every time he done something good...but with the comments that were being made to him every week..he simply couldn't take it anymore. Things like..if Jye played a shot and the coach didn't like it..rather than say..oh why don't you try this or do it this way..it was..Jye..what did you do that for..or No..not like that..in a really sarcastic voice. Now this boy of mine has played under many a coach before..he played league for 5 years with all different coaches...and it was his 2nd year of cricket. Keep in mind though that he also plays Rep. cricket so theres another coach and never has he had a drama with them. Last year he also took out the Under 10 DISTRICT Allrounder award, Batting Aggregate and Batting awards...also the same for club cricket so as you can see..he knows how to play quite well. No..he doesn't have a problem with being told what to do either. He is a genuinely good kid who just couldn't cope with the crap his coach was saying anymore.
Anyway..Jye has gone up to the Under 11's this year but my youngest Jack is still in the Under 10's and he has this same coach. This is his 2nd year with this coach but Jack didn't seem to have a drama with him. Mind you, Jack is 9 and isn't as anal about his cricket as Jye..who lives, breathes, eats and shits the bloody game!!
This afternoon I was ab=nother training ground with Jye when one of the mothers from Jacks team rang me from their training and told me to hurry up and get there as they were about to 'have it out' with this coach. I'm thinking..OMFG..whats happened now??
Turns out he's been in fine form again and sounds like he's even worse than he was last year. Just as I got there one father grabbed his kid and left! After training the coach was mobbed by 5 angry parents wanting to know whats going on and why he has the attitude that he does. There is a child in the team with Aspergers and apparently the coach called him a dickhead the other day! I've missed all this as I'm running around from ground to ground with all my boys but hey...thats not on!!
He has twin boys in the team and they are a pair of assholes which I gently mentioned to him today whe he started on the 'well I'd train them properly but it's a bit hard when there are certain kids running amok every training session'. They're his friggen kids!! I seriously believe this is the reason he's changed so much. He wasn't like this the first year Jye had him as a coach until his own kids came to play. He is always so stressed out. He and his wife have 7 kids and she doesn't drive. What the??? How the fuck she gets away with that is way beyond me!! He takes the kids to all the birthday parties and everything...she doesn nothing apparently. In the 3 years I've know him..she hasn't come to 1 game...not 1 game! Not even the friggen Grand Final! Fuck...you couldn't hate the game that much!! She doesn't have a problem going out..she goes to the Trivia Nights OK.
So anyway...I obviously wsn't the only one with a problem with this coach and I'm glad in a way that others can see it. All these parents are new to the team, but not cricket, so they all have a fresh opinion where I guess I fell into the oh thats just Michael category. So I'm not an asshole after all...ROFL
I'm usually a pretty good judge of character...as some of the Boxx girls can tell you at the moment..LOL
Today I went back to the high school to finish being reader/writer for the boy that needed the help for his School Certificate. God love him...he honestly just did not give a shit. He didn't even attempt half of them and he didn't even come equipped with the necessities. OK..it was obvious to me that he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed..blind Freddy could see that..but there was no spark in him at all. He just couldn't be bothered. Yesterday he was surprised to hear that the School Certificate was on again today!!
It makes me wonder where the parents of these kids fit in. This kid turned up at school yesterday morning yawning fit to kill and when I asked him why he didn't get a good nighs sleep the night before I was told he didn't even stay at home that night. Aren't parents supposed to support their kids going through these exams? I know there is no way I'd be letting my daughter or son out the night before a big exam..whether I knew they were going to pass or fail. He was a nice kid..he tried really, really hard for the 'shock value' with me but like I said to him..Mate..I've got 5 boys and 3 brothers and I guarantee you there is nothing you could do or say that would shock me'. He wasn't rude to me but due to his lack of interest in the exam he'd say something completely off the record to try and get me going. We were doing Science yesterday and he said 'This is shit..why do I have to do Science anyway? I won't need it later in life'. Well I wasn't going to argue the kid was right! However, being the responsible adult I am..huhummmm..I told him it all depended on what he wanted to achieve in life and what he wanted to do be'. His answer? A porn star!! My answer...Well you've got the looks..but you'll need science to work out the laws of gravity at some stage'. He didn't get it but I had a laugh..as usual..LOL
I'm telling you....I have shit magnet stapled on my brow. Even in a Catholic High schools School Certificate I get a smart alec kid who I just have to be a smart alec back too! Maybe it was because I was back in a school environment that brought my smartass nature out? Nah.....it's always there!!
Anyway...I've ranted and raved and spoken shit big time this post so if you're HERE..good on you.
Take it easy
Sharryn :)


Bec said...

Holy Snappin duck sh*t!!! That coach needs to be given his marching orders!
Am pmsl @ your answer to smart alec kid...thats one of the best comebacks I've heard!!

Have a good one
Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

Your honesty and approach to life cracks me up . I love it. How refreshing to hear it like it is ... I shall be coming back for more..

Ps.. The coach needs to be reported to the association.

deirdre said...

Thats sad, both the coach and the student. But ROFPMLOL about the porn starr comment!

Julie said...

Good on ya for sticking up for him....the turd is the problem not Jye. I don't like cricket either but even I used to sit in the hot car when Glenn was playing & pregnant as well.
What a career path hey! PMSL!!

Anonymous said...

oh sharryn, that smart a*se remark to the boy was a 'stroke' of brilliance.... loved it hun

Gail w (teachingmum)

Anonymous said...

That coach sounds like maybe he isn't coping so well and needs a holiday. Poor kids having to put up with his cranky moods hey!
As for the teenager not giving a shit about sceince ~ unfortunately sounds like my 15yo DS...he kinda has this attitude towards school and it ain't from a lack of good parenting!!! I just blame his father PMSLOL!!! He certainly doesn't get it from me. But on a serious note, he does have a bad attitude towards school and he just "doesn't get it" IYKWIM and I've had many a talk to him...but he's one of those kids that just has to learn by experience *sigh*
Loved your comback too matey! That lad might not get it now but he will soon enough *wink*

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