Saturday, October 28, 2006

Visit from the boys in blue...

Hi girlies,
How is everyone?? Still don't have my new connection yet so sorry for the lack of posts but will be back soon with a vengeance. Can't wait to check out everyones blogs either..I feel like I haven't 'caught up' for ages.
So..whats been happening here? As usual...the normal dramas in a house of a million..LOL
We had a visit from the local constabulary last night while eating our Friday night take away. Knock, knock, knock at the door and I was starving keep in mind...almost put the whole friggen chicken in my mouth and pulled out all the bones like Garfield. So I gave the yell...who is it? Police was the answer so me being disbelieving me I yelled out..Yeah right...who is it I'm eating my tea..ROFL It really was police!! As it turns darling eldest son, who is still working 2 jobs back to back to pay for his car rego...hit another car on Wednesday while on the way home from getting his exhaust fixed. Apparently he went to stop but the other car stopped for a minute and kept going (it was only a bit of a nudge really) and Josh thought they weren't going to worry about it...until the dumb bitch reports him to the police for not stopping. Anyway...he shit himself when I rang him at work but we went in and seen the copper at 12.45 am this morning and he was so good about it. He thanked Josh for being 'refreshingly honest' and only booked him for Negligent Driving which results in a fine and loss of points. Which, if you look at it laterally, he really should have stopped. He has learnt that the hard way.
This morning I was taking him down the station at 5.30a.m, eyes hanging out of their friggen sockets and guess what? No FUCKING trains running today from Campbelltown!! So I had to drive him into the city!! I just kept driving and got home around 7.00a.m. Just in time to see the boys off for cricket God love 'em. Michael has already made sure they'd had their breakfast and put the right cricket whites on (last week I sent Jayden to cricket in a size 10 shirt when he really is a size 14...ROFL).
Jedd had his Yr 7 2007 Orientation Day this morning but the assessment papers for the tests didn't show up which was really embarassing for the school. Which also means that the kids will have to take another day off sports now to do the test in Nov.
Last Wednesday night I went to the Mothers Club dinner. OMFG!! Now I know why I don't drink wine!! Farkkkkkkkkkk me!! It was at a little Italian restaurant where you couldn't take cans or spirits...just bottled wine..or buy from there. Well I'm not usually a wine drinker but to be social I bought a bottle of Brown Brothers which I remember a friend used to drink years ago and it was quite nice. I'd had a few scotches before I got there..only a few. Ended up drinking the bottle of wine...then someone left a half bottle of wine for us so we drank that and I'd won the lucky door prize which was a bottle of some friggen thing...which of course..we drank. I was fine until I walked outside into the night air!! OMG OMG OMG
The next morning there was NO WAY I was going to drive the boys to school..I'm sure I was still over the limit. So I gave them a TFD...a teacher free day..LOL I laid on the lounge like ALL DAY..I thought I was fucking pickled for life!! I sure know how a gherkin feels put it that way!!
I promise..I will never drink wine again...ever!!
Yesterday I made the most gorgeous little gift for one of Rhiannons friends for her birthday next month. I'll take pics but I'll upload them when I get the new broadband. Just typing this is costing money by the meg..LOL
Thats it for me at the moment and I'm hoping for a stress free, drama free, relaxed week ahead. Do you think that's asking for too much??
Fair dinkum...LOL
Take it easy chickens and have an awesome Sunday and week ahead.
P.S Will be checking out your blog real soon.


Bec said...

OMG..well I am so glad the policeman was nice but the stupid bitch should have stopped if she had a problem...and I am absolutely pmsl about you and the chicken!!!!

And now you feel sorry for the gherkins...takes getting pickled to do so..hmm...lmfao!!!

Hun, seriously you have me in stitches over your way with words..don't ever change!!!

Love n Hugz and a happy Sunday

Mardi said...

ROFL...eating the chicken Garfield style just cracked me up.

Bugger about the fine and loss of points .... its awful when our kids have to learn things the hard way..

....and Im glad yo had a lovely time with the wine....are you aching now?..I would be..LOL

Mardi x

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Hi matey

Thanks again for the wonderful RAK. I love everything you sent to me. Your very kind:)

I too have had occassions where I drank too many wines and felt the exact same way. It's a bad lesson to learn isn't it. Once I was still feeling ill 2 days after the

I do hope your having a stress free, drama free, relaxed week ahead. Take care and keep smiling.

Julie said...

ROFLMAO!!!! Only Sharryn would not believe it was the
U sound like me these days...eating like Garfield...if the phone rings & we are eating I say to Glenn "I'm eating"
Yah I'd be a bit peeved if they hadn't stopped & then reported me for not stopping.
& nope never touch the wine!...NEVER!
I though u were a bit quiet, thought u decided to be a hermit! Hope the connection comes soon!

Kathy said...

Hi Sharryn great to meet you.

Thanks for popping by and leaving a message on - we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the latest Dare - and hey, if you still want to add a card for the last one, well that's fine by us too!

Mardi said...

Hurry back woman...I need a laugh...
loves and hugs Mardi x

deirdre said...

all i wanna know is....were they cute? LOL, love a man in uniform!

Anonymous said...

Me love a man in uniform too he he he...DH hates it as I perve on the coppers all the time *wink* *wink*
had a LOL at the garfield imagery too Sharryn :-P You sound like you had a great night with the wine though ;)

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