Monday, November 27, 2006

Hurting in the heart :(

Hey all,
Hope you all had a nice weekend? And I hope you're all refreshed for the wek ahead? LOL
Well..this is probably going to be a bit of a depressing post so if you're not in the mood to be dragged down by human nature you best be clicking the little cross at the top right of the screen.
As most of you know we went away for the weekend for Jyes cricket game yesterday in Newcastle. We stayed at my best friends house near Wyong on Saturday night. It was great to catch up and meet her new man but for some reason I just couldn't settle and didn't feel comfortable which is completely out of character for me as we are so close even though we don't live near each other anymore. I'm not sure what it was but it was enough to unsettle me for the night. After a few drinks I relaxed but still had 'that feeling'.
The next morning we left bright and early to get to the game and stopped at Maccas in Swansea for breakfast. Michael and I had a moment of 'shit..we've left the Visa card at home with $30- cash between us!'. Not a good feeling with 3 hungry boys in the van and husband who could eat a horse and chase the rider for breakfast most mornings!! Thankfully we found it but it unnerved us both for a few minutes.
We arrived at the cricket ground right on 9.00a.m when we were supposed to be and everything was hunky dorey at this point.
It was just around the corner from Energy stadium (Newcastles' NRL ground) which we had driven past and noticed the local markets were on. When we got settled and found out where Jye was in the batting order Michael, Jedd, Jack and I went for a drive back to the markets. As we had no cash Michael went over the road to the servo to find out where an ATM was and he was directed about 1 kilometre away where he and Jack walked to get some money. Jedd and I stayed at the markets as my muscles were playing up and sore. We had a bit of a walk around then went back to the spot where we'd left Michael and Jack so we didn't miss them coming back. This was about 11.15a.m. To cut a long story short..we couldn't find them and I was near on having a panic attack wondering where the fuck they could be with visions of ridiculous things like Jack being hit by a car or something...knowing Michael didn't have his mobile phone on him. I carried mine all around the markets and no-one had tried to ring me. By 12.30p.m I knew there must be something wrong as there is no way Michael would've left us that long and we also take the BBQ to all cricket games as Michael is the resident cook and it was almost time to fire up the BBQ to cook the boys snags.
Something told me to ring Michaels mobile to try and see who answered it and thank goodness he did 'cos I was freaking out big time! So I'm in the middle of these markets yelling at him big time...'Where the fuck are could you leave me for this long..blah blah blah...the poor bugger was freaking out himself as he had no idea where we were and for some bizarre reason my phone hadn't answered when he'd rung it! He'd walked back to the cricket to get his phone when he couldn't find us and had rang me about 20 times and even had us paged at the markets twice! Obviously we hadn't heard it! So he was just as worried as we were!
So he jumped in the van and drove in to find us 'cos there was no way I was moving from where I way. I have a HUGE problem with crowds and especially when I'm not familiar with the area so I was just freaking big time. I jumped in the van with Jedd and fair dinkum..I could've punched Michaels head in I was that frightened!! I burst into tears and cried for ages after..even at the cricket!
Even now when I think aqbout it a big lump forms in my throat.
When we got back Jye was just walking out to bat. He's been in a bit of a batting slump lately and everyone knows about it, including his Rep. coach. He went out and did well but the last ball he faced he called out to the other kid not to run but he did and Jye ended up getting run out. As the other kid was the alst batter in, they adjourned for lunch.
During the lunch break, the coach called Jye over and told him how disappointed he was in him for not running that last run and how he had let the team down. What the fuck? This is an 11 yr old kid who carries the fucking team every week! They expect far too much out of him but when he doesn't deliver..he's treated like shit?? In the mood I was in this prick is so lucky I didn't walk over and smack his fucking specs off the top of his head and then kick him in the gonads for good measure! I kept my tongue but told a few 'trusted' friends and they were as disgusted as Michael and I were. Trouble is in these situations, 'cos they are playing at an 'Elite' level, even for Under 11's..if you get on the wrong side of the 'powers that be' now..he won't get chosen again. It really sucks but I guarantee...I won't let it go. No way.
Anyway...then we went back in to field which the boys did OK..not spectacular but OK.
Came to the last over where the other team needed 5 runs off the last over which lo and Jye bowled. All the parents from both teams were on the edges of their seats and I'm praying like I've never prayed before, hoping that he wouldn't give any runs away. God love him...he bowled a beautiful over and the last ball he took another wicket!! Yahoo!! Get that up ya fat ass coach!!
So we won the game by 2 runs and Jye got a standing ovation off the field by our parents (and even some of the other really was a good over he bowled) and our kids are trying to pick him up and carry him off...and here is me on the sidelines..tears streaming down my face yet again!! LOL Even Michael had to walk over to the van to pretend to put something away!! :)
It took me all my willpower not to go over to the coach and say something smart but I didn't. I knew that it was karma that had come back to bite the bastard fair on his clacker!! I hope it left bite marks too!!!
It took us hours to get home and the boys were all champions after such a long day.
I gave them the option of having the day off today as they were all still buggered. Jye and Jack stayed home but Jedd, who hates having days off, went. Jayden had his ultrasound on his wrist and it's definetely a ganglion.
So I ordered the boys a pay per view wrestling show today to watch and while we're sitting there Jye turned to me and said 'Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something'.
I was still quite fragile this morning for some reason and still quite teary so I was hoping it wasn't anything too dramatic but I know Jyes...'Oh yeah I forgot to tell you something!!...LOL
Apparently on Saturday morning during his club game, when he was in the nets with some of his team, his coach who I considered a friend of ours, went through Jyes cricket kit and took about 5 or 6 of his balls! What the? The coaches get the asses kicked if they lose too many balls and Jye has a shit load of them in his kit at any given time that we buy or my father buys or the boys find around the grounds during the week. Turns out one of Jyes team mates seen him and pulled Jye aside and told him. Fuck! I am livid! I am hurt..I am disappointed..I am gobsmacked...I just can't believe this asshole has done it! He knows Jye always has a huge stash of balls and he has taken some from his kit!! That is stealing!
Either that or he thinks Jye has been knocking off the teams balls!
Well there is NO WAY I'm letting this go...actually right now my heart is hurting so badly that I want to ring this prick up and give him the biggest serve right now. I'm actually going to wait until training tomorrow night and ask him in front of all the parents why were you in Jyes kit and why did yout ake his balls? I want to watch the maggot squirm under pressure and believe me...he will 'cos I'll have an answer to every conceivable reason he throws at me. I just hope I don't cry. Like I said..I am so hurt about it. He didn't go through anyone elses kit.
This guys son was in Jyes Rep. team last year but this year he didn't make it. Although he comes across as a nice, mild mannered type..I think he's a bit of a silent achiever and it's always the quiet ones you have to watch. There is a difference between quiet and sneaky and I think this bastards been caught red handed. I'll be going to the President with this but I have to give the asshole the chance to have his say. Let's hope he has a good reason to have his hands in my sons fucking cricket kit!!
I saved my copy of Scrapbooking Memories to take away on the weekend with me and this afternoon I found a pic of my LSS when the owner, the gorgeous Linda, held 'Crop for a Cure' a couple of months ago. If you l;ook really, really hard...right in the left back of the room you'll see 2 tiny teeny heads. One of them is me and the other is the beautiful Beth...ROFL How funny! Anything to get my head in a mag!!
Well thats it for me..I can't think of anything else to say at the moment thats nice 'cos I'm just not in a nice mood. Aren't I a sorry ass?
Sorry girls...


Jodie said...

Wow Shaz what a weekend you had mate, i feel like reaching through the puter and giving you a great big bear hug right now.

I cant believe that bastard has stolen from Jye, i sure hope you embarrass the thieving prick in front of everyone else.

Mate keep your chin up and i hope you start feeling better soon.

Love Jodes

Bec said...

*Hugz* babe.. must be one of "those" days. I am having one too, have cried a few times today and just can't get out of that slump.
That coach is a proper little shit ain't he! I'm in shock that an adult would set such a bad example for his young charges...make him squirm I say!!!!

Well not much more I can add, I am sorry you didn't feel as close to your friend as you used to. Maybe its just a hormonal time and everything will be ok?
Chin up hun!
Love n Hugz

Anonymous said...

hope things take a turn for the better. Really a shame about the coach :(

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you have had a busy weekend shaz.

I hope you are going to say something about the coach.

Julie said...

Sheesh Shaz what a couple of crap days! Hope u do make him squirm! Will be waiting for an update on that one.
Lot's have happened! Hope ur taking care of ur self!! U betta.
Take care
p.s. bloglines have shown that u didn't make n e updates ARGH!!!! So that's Y i have appeared to drop off the face of the earth!ROFL...hopefully it's fixed now :)

Beth said...

WAY TO GO JYE!!!! Awesome stuff and even taking a wicket!
I hope you feel better Shaz, I am yet to read your latest post butI will in a sec.
Glad I read all the way to the bottom! LOL!!!!! I have to find where I put my copy so I can check us lovely ladies out! How cool!

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