Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Kicked the coach!!

Well I've just got back from training where I've given it big time to Jyes coach! I couldn't contain myself any longer.
I slept on it last night which believe me is unusual for me. Bull at a gate from way back I am. :) However, this time I was more hurt and disappointed as I considered this guy a friend of ours and when a friend treats you like shit..it always hurts more.
One of the fathers turned up with the team kit so I took Jye over to go through it and pick the balls that were his. 'Cos they weren't marked he could only pick 3 which is a credit to him to as far as I'm concerned. He could've taken how many were pinched from him but he couldn't tell the difference between them.
This particular coach is always running late so when he got there I waltzed over and stood there real casual like with the 3 balls and my opening words were 'Did you find what you were looking for in Jyes' kit on Saturday?'. He just looked at me and I said to him 'Well did you? And is there any reason why you were in his kit in the first place?' His reply was that he 'assumed' that as Jye had so many balls in his kit that most of them were the teams. That was it. I let rip big time. I just threw questions at him one after the other and I didn't give him a chance to answer. I asked him why he felt the need to go through my sons kit but no-one elses and that tells me that he thinks my son is a thief. I asked him if Jye went through his sons kit and took stuff how would that make him feel..wouldn't he be pissed off?
I asked him if any parent or anyone had told him that Jye had stolen the clubs balls and if they did have reason to think that then send them to me so I can discuss it with them. Which of course there is no-one.
I told him NEVER, EVER go through Jyes' kit again under any circumstances. He apologised but that made me worse. I yelled at him and said 'Don't you apologise to me. Get your skinny ass out their on the field and apologise to my son for making him feel like shit'.
By this time he had his tail between his legs, head down. Sorry ass prick.
So I just had to have another go when he started walking off and I yelled at him..'I can't believe you've done this Martin. (With hand over heart I added)..I am so hurt by this. I considered you a friend...but I am so deeplt hurt'. ROFL
Fuck him mate!! I dead set thought he was going to cry.
All during training he stood out there with his head down and he kept looking over..probably watching to see whether I'd tell everyone but I don't operate like that.
After training he walked past and said to Jye while I was standing there 'I'm really sorry mate that I went in your bag without asking but...' So mother jumps in again...'No buts Martin...you had no right to go in his bag. My son is no thief and I'm telling you again..if anyone has any problem with him in this team tell them to come forward and speak to me about it. I'm absolutely disgusted'.
Fuck him mate. He made me feel like shit from when Jye told me about this...so I made sure I made him feel the same..if not worse.
Usually I'd be so cut up by now that I'd had a go at someone I thought was a friend but I know I was in the right the whole time and I don't feel bad at all.
It will teach the asshole not to go near other peoples belongings again and never, ever assume. To assume makes an ASS out of U and ME!
So now I'm about to go and have a shower and wash my filthy self of all bad feelings before they consume me.
Stay safe


Bec said...

Good on you hun! That mongrel had absolutely NO RIGHT to go into Jyes bag without permission and under the assumption that Jye had too many cricket balls and therefore some must be the teams. Not a very good role model!

Hope you had a lovely shower...lol

Love n hugz

Anonymous said...

Good on you Shaz. You've got more guts than me.

Anonymous said...

Wooo hoo! Good one, you did it in just the right way, and he was obviously in the wrong, you can tell by his reaction. You did the right thing, what a fantastic Mum you are, standing up for your little man like that!
Hope things settle down for you now!

Julie said...

WTG mate...u showed him & hopefully got back a bit of respect for Jye even though it shouldn't have been taken in the first place!
Let's hope it'll last.

Beth said...

Good on you Shaz!!! Stick it up him!!!

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