Thursday, November 23, 2006

Clumsy bum.

Hi-diddly hi chickeroonies, :)
Whew...another huge 2 days over thank goodness! I'm so over being at the 2 schools lately...sick of the friggen sight of both of them! Today was the kinder orientation day for 2007 where the Mothers Club catered for the new parents etc. I didn't stay long and helped in the canteen more than anything. I hate all that socialising and making small talk shit with people I don't know..LOL I can't deal with it.
Well last nights meeting went well. We managed to vote our President in for another year God love her. No-one else wanted to do it so we 'sucked her' in for another go. I got secretary again which is fine by me. I'm also publicity officer this year...stuff knows what that job does though...ROFL I guess I'm about to find out though. Something about putting info in the school newsletters each week. Just have to ring the beeatch in the office once a week.
Has anyone ever noticed that? How every school has an old sheilah working in the office, who is as rude as Rodney and thinks she owns the joint? Pompous bitches with plums up their bums who sit up straight like they've had ramrods shoved up their clackers by June Dally-Watkins, who pronounce their words like Queen Shit of Turd fucking Island and most of the time are spinsters with 5 kids themselves??? Fair dinkum! I think it's part of the job description. 'Old duck needed for school office, must be extremely rude, hate kids and be able to piss off parents at the simple answer of the telephone'.
Speaking of school friend whos running the canteen at the moment commented about my 'clumsiness' from yesterday and today. I'm not usually a clumsy person but seriously...yesterday I just couldn't get anything right. The funniest thing happened that I just have to tell you about. After making the toasted sandwiches for the kids lunches yesterday and not even cutting them, dropping the HUGE bucket of full margarine on the floor (thankfully it didn't break!!) and other numerous mishaps I'd mentioned to my friend that I had to leave early as it was Wednesday and I had to take Jedd up to high school for his transition program. Before leaving I went to the toilet.
At our school we have to sign in and out of the visitors book at the office and wear visitors badges which are just clear plastic things with a clip on them.
When I came out of the toilet I couldn't find my badge which I usually wear clipped on to the bottom of my t-shirt. I mentioned to my friend that I couldn't find it but I was in a hurry and she said she'd hand it in to the office when it turned up. I'd told the office beeatch that I couldn't find it when I signed out but that I'm sure it would turn up sooner rather than later.
I then grabbed Jedd and the other little girl I take and drove up to the high school, dropped them off and came home for a while. Just before I had to go and collect them to take them back to primary I went to the toilet here. I unzipped my pants and lo and behold!! Guess what was stuck in my undies???? The friggen badge!! I hadn't even felt it there...even when almost running to the car with the kids 'cos we were running a little late!! Well this contributed big time to my feral sense of humour and I could just see me taking it back and handing it to the beeatch in the office and saying 'Oh look..I've found it'..waiting till she grabbed it and saying 'It was in my undies'..ROFL Talk about crack myself up!! :) :) :)
I told a couple of the girls at the meeting last night..I couldn't keep that one to myself..but I told them I put it back in the bag of badges and it was now a lucky dip!! LOL Should've seen their faces!!
Today when I was up at the school and in the canteen I dropped a cup of half set green jelly all over the place and it splashed all over the Principals' shoes as he was standing there making a sandwich..LOL Well thats what he gets for not bringing his lunch I told him 'cos he always does but seeing as we were catering for today he thought there'd be heaps left. Well you know what thought done I said!! ROFL
Fair dinkum...I'm sure someone is going to get the Bishop in to exorcise me. :)
I finally have a day at home tomorrow although I really should take Jayden for a 2nd opinion on his wrist. I might just do that..we'll see.
I'm looking forward to going up and seeing my friend on Saturday afternoon where we're staying before heading off to Newcastle Sunday morning for cricket. Pity we won't get much time for catching up though. Better than nothing though.
Thats it for me this evening. I hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend.
Take it easy


kyles said...

bet the bloody badge wasn't laughing. it got more than it bargained for thats for sure. rotfl.

deirdre said...

ROFPML....lucky badge!!!!! and I love the lucky dip thing, now you will have to watch them and see if they scurry off to wash each badge! LOL!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

ewwwwww Sharryn Aha ha ha PMSLOL That is just the funniest story. I agree with Dee...I wonder how many of them will run off to wash badges and hands LOL!!

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