Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi everyone,
Been a while again since I blogged but I'm so busy..LOL
Had canteen duty today but had to run Jedd up to the high school for his transition program into high school next year and will have to go and get him again in a sec and take him back to primary!! Cricket training this afternoon then the Mothers Club AGM tonight! Hmmm...wonder what I'll come home as tonight then?? I've been secretary for 3 years and the Presidents is handing over the throne. There has been some talk as to would be suitable and I've been approached but I just have too much on. Seriously, I'm also secretary of the high schools' P&F and I'm on the committee for the kids cricket club as trivia night organiser which is in February. Plus cricket training every afternoon, Saturday mornings and during the Rep. season all day Sundays! If I took on the President role I'd never be'd suck! No...I think I'm just happies cruising along as secretary and dancing to my own drum. No hassles, no pressures...simple as. My health isn't the best either and if I had a relapse of some sort it would be a nightmare. The women at the school wouldn't see me 'cos I'd brave the situation and put on a happy face but it's when I get home to my own family that the shit starts. Always the ones you love you take it out on and thats so not fair. After I gave up smoking (5 months now...woohoo!!) I put this lot through hell and back and I vowed I'd never, ever do it again so I'm going to be realistic tonight and say no if I'm nominated..which I probably will be.
We picked up Jaydens' new eye glasses yesterday afternoon..they look pretty flash..LOL They'd want to for $500-!! He's happy with them and thats all that counts. I've seriously got to make time and take him to see our own doctor about this ganglion on his wrist. It's getting bigger and bigger and more painful.
Jye's x-rays came back yesterday...he was hit on the back of the wrist on Sunday while he was wicket keeping by the cricket ball and for a minute there we thought it was fractured again. The poor little darling cried his eyes out on Monday morning when I dropped him at school..he had been in pain and hadn't wanted to tell me in fear that it was broken again. He's that sort of kid my Jye. When he broke his wrist in the beginning of the year playng footy he still continued on with the game like nothing was wrong. Doesn't whinge much that one...LOL I thank God it isn't broken would've devastated him.
OK...blogger has finally decided to play nice so I'm uploading a pic of my 6 babies that was taken last Wednesday night after Rhiannons dinner when she'd finished her HSC. Not a great pic or a great background but it's the first one of all of them I have in ages.

Left to right: Joshua, Rhiannon, Jayden, Jack, Jye and Jedd.
Jedd isn't looking at the camera or smiling...but hey..thats Jedd for ya..LOL
Also, this is the last LO I've done way back in September...OMFG..has it been that long??
Pic of Michael and I at Rhiannons Yr 12 Formal.

Aren't we spunky monkeys? ROFL
Will leave you all with that, I must go and pick up diddle diddle dumpling, my son Jedd!
Ciao for now

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Anonymous said...

Shazz you have a bunch of gorgeous kids there :-D
So what did you end up with??

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