Monday, November 20, 2006

Family full of nuts!!

Hey all,
How was everyones weekend? Good?
We had a really busy weekend with usual..LOL. Jye had a Rep. game yesterday but it was only a home game. This weekend we travel to Newcastle which from here is a good 2 and a half hours away if not further.
Yesterday my uncle had his 60th birthday party/picnic so I thought I'd do the right thing and make a day of it. As I've mentioned I only get to see that side of that family at funerals so I packed a seperate esky and took 3 of the boys with me. It was about a 20 min drive away from where Michael was with Jye at cricket so not too far.
It was the worse decision I've EVER made!! true is the can't pick your family???????? My mother has 3 brothers, one has passed away. It was one of the brothers' birthday. The other brother and his wife were there but my mother didn't go due to transport problems.
Most of the people there were my aunties family that I haven't seen for donkeys years and friends of theirs from work etc which of course would be there but heres where I got really pissed off!
My grandfather is 88yrs old and although he still has a full drivers license, there is NO WAY he should've been left to drive to this picnic spot on his own..especially as he'd never been there before. It has a bit of a blind entry way and off a really busy road. So by 11.30 a.m I was starting to stress that he hadn't arrived yet, especially when the picnic started at 10.00a.m. Of course I voiced my opinion but no-one seemed to give a shit. I rang my mother and asked her if she knew what time he had left home and she said the same thing I thought..he's lost. In the meantime, my boys got hungry so I fed them and decided that if he hadn't turned up by then I'd go driving and looking for him. Still no-one was worried and I was getting really angry. This picnic ground is set right back off the road too and even if he did drive into the car park how the fuck was he supposed to find us> I couldn't see why one of the young strapping grandsons at the picnic couldn't have gone and stood out the front and waved him in if he drove past!
After the boys finished eating I looked up and there was my gorgeous old grandfather driving in to the carpark...however..someone else got out of the drivers side!! What the? I sent my eldest of the 4 boys (13) over to see what was happening 'cos I knew he'd get there quicker than me..meanwhile I'm saying to my uncle..quick..go and see who that is with Ocker..someone is driving his car..there must be something wrong!! Response? Oh he'll be right Shaz...what about my steak? Fuck!!!!! That was it for me! I thought I was gonna blow a gasket!! I ripped the plate, steak and all out fo his hands and said 'Fuck your steak..go msee about your father'!
Turns out the poor old dear was lost as I'd suspected and must have been driving up and down that friggen road, in the filthy heat and humidity for about 2 hours!! Some lovely man jumped in his car and drove him there God bless him..he lived just up the road.
My uncles didn't even flinch when they heard this!! Unbelievable!!
Then I was pissed off to see my poor old pop with a bag full of KFC that he'd probably driven around with for all that stuffen time!! It was BYO picnic lunch which of course is fine..especially as all the nibblies and drinks were supplied...but BYO lunch for my grandfather?? Fair dinkum!! How rough is that?
So as soon as I got him settled I packed my boys up and drove back to the cricket. I was ropable. How dare they treat him like that? Why couldn't one of them pick him up and take him? Of course I would've offered to take his lunch but I couldn't take him...but one of my cousins could of. especially as it was their fathers birthday!! All they seemed to be worried about was drinking alcohol!! Assholes! No wonder I only ever go to their funerals...and I tell you what they're lucky the bastards weren't put in the one friggen family plot yesterday with the mood I was in!!
Apart from that everything is fine here at the moment. Although I know not to say that too loud..LOL
Anyway better go...Michael is home and I need to start dinner. Pork steaks with mango, potato sald and salad tonight...mmmmmmmmmm.
Stay safe


Anonymous said...

sigh... i hate seeing old people being left and treated like they don't matter... i'm glad he is ok..

Shelley :)

Jodie said...

Fuck Shaz i dont blame you for being so pissed thats disgraceful.
I nearly started crying when i read the bit about that wonderful man helping out your dear old grandad what a kind soul, and just to think the stress your grandad would have been going through is upsetting, but im glad everything turned out to be OK.

Cheers Jodie (Elma)

Mardi said...

Sharryn...that utterly sucks...your poor grandfather...I had a lump in my throat thinking about him driving up and down the road...with his KFC for lunch...he is lucky to have you...
Mardi x

deirdre said...

Thats really mean, you're right, you cant pick em!

Beth said...

Glad Ocker ended up being ok. I can only imagine what was going through his poor mind when he couldnt find the picnic grounds. Lucky he has you!

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