Friday, November 17, 2006

Heads banging

Hi everyone,
How has your week been? I haven't had time to scratch my ass this week and this afternoon I've been so highly strung it's not funny. I'd love an Indian telemarketer to come knocking on my door right now..LOL Just so I've got someone to take it out on!! I just want to cover my head with a pillow and scream so loud that I almost burst a haemarhoid (sp?) doing it!! My head fills like its just not going to cope with anymore and the next person that says those 2 words to me 'Can I?' is going to get the biggest kick up the coit they've ever had. PISS OFF and leave me alone and let me catch my friggen breathe I say!!
I have so much on that I don't know whether I'm coming or going and I feel like I'm being pulled underwater and I'm just keeping my head above water. I hate this sink or swim..but I can't really..I can't swim..LOL
Oh well..I'm sure I'll get over it by the end of the weekend. If I make it that far.
Tomorrow Jedd has his second attempt at Yr 7 testing. Last time the papers didn't turn up at the high school and everyone was sent home. We also have the 3 other boys playing their cricket games at fields all over the friggen joint.
Jye has a Rep. game on Sunday but it's a home game. My uncles 60th is on Sunday as well at the same picnic spot that Michaels familys' party was last weekend. It's not far from the cricket ground so I might even get Michael to drop me off and I'll stay there with them for the day. I can watch cricket anytime but the only time I get to see my extended family is at funerals. Should be fun aunty has organised games and races. :) I might take the boys with me so Michael can watch the cricket with my father. I might take some Scotch and Coke for afternoon tea too. :)'s OK for the guys to take beer in their eskies!! At the moment I feel like I could take on King Kong and you'd have to have balls to do that...hmmmmmm...maybe I'm having a 'testosterone' moment??
While I'm in the mood for having a bit of a rant...I've found out about a blog that is a critic site for scrappers. Dumb idea in the first place as far as I'm concerned. Doesn't the word CRITIC ring alarm bells for anyone? If it had've been DISCUSSION group then fine...but critic? Aren't forums the place to discuss questions, share ideas and generally toss comments around rather than a place where you go to CRITISIE others anonymously? At least in a forum you have a user name and others can see who you are. Rather than hide behind yourself if you have something nasty to say..and thats what many people have been doing on this blog.
I find that absolutely deplorable! Yes, we all have a right to voice our opinions, we all have the right to like or dislike a persons scrapping 'style', we all have the right to call ourselves what we like, be it scrapbooker, paper crafter, life artist...whatever floats your friggen boat!! We DO NOT have the right to criticise others work publicly nor do we have the right to put shit on other peoples families 'cos they are published more often than ourselves and we certainly DO NOT have the right to make comments publicly about other scrappers personal lives...especially if we only THINK we know them!!!
I have since been told that the blog has now been taken down because of some of the comments and bitchiness that was taking place and to be's the best news I've heard all year!
So to those idiots that found the need to 'vent' their distaste/disgust on this blog anonymously....get yourself a life. At least a user name. Come out in the open so we can all see who you are.
To the girls that were affected by this blog...I'm sorry that you were targeted by these jealous low lifes but don't let them get the better of you. They're only jealous anyway and probably don't know shit from clay let alone paper from cardstock!!
Speaking of which..I still haven't found my 'mojo' and I just couldn't be bothered scrapping at all. I still haven't even read this months Scrapbook Creations properly which is really unusual for me. Probably just need a break thats all. Not too worried about it for now. Too much on anyway.
I heard today that our friend from the Boxx...Miss Tammy (Tim Tam) hasn't been very well and is currently in hospital so I ask everyone to keep her in your prayers and thoughts. She's a good chicken!! :)
Also, my prayers are with Rove and Belindas' family today as they sadly farewelled her this morning. Very sad indeed.
Anyway everyone...I'm doing the Russian dance..I'm having an early night.
Might make me a nicer person in the morning.
'Ave a good weekend


Anonymous said...

Can I LOL Shaz couldn't help myself.

Hope you enjoy your weekend even if it sounds like you will be rushed of your feet.

Ditto to all said about the"blog" makes me sick what I've heard.

Beth said...

Hey Shaz! Just going to go quietly now.... but before I go... CAN I SEE THE PHOTO OF YOUR KIDS? LMAO!!!!

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn...ROFL at you as usual.... have a lovely weekend..and I couldnt agree more about that nasty makes me so sad!
Mardi x

Bec said...

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts in regards to THAT blog. I was sooo peeved off with the amount of harm it has caused, and even worse when a friend was blamed, someone went in and said it was "her" blog. Arrggghhh
Sounds like you've had one hell of a week, put your footsies up hun, you deserve to!
Hope you are feeling somewhat calmer and yes I see where you said you were gonna have an early night!
Love n Hugz n Mwahs

Anonymous said...

what a week, hope your sunday is a good one - take care

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharryn! You are certainly a "super" woman and I don't know how you do it all. I hope you do take care of yourself, you are sounding a bit run down matey.
As for the BLOG incident I missed all of that...but it's not the first time I've heard of things like that. Quite frankly I just think these types of people are cowards and talk out their bums anyway. Get a life I reckon!!! Grrrrr to them!
Thank you for your thought for my health too Sharryn *blush*
Tammy ♥

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