Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy Shaz..LOL

Hey everyone.....heres hoping you are all well! :)
Well my gorgeous girl finished her HSC yesterday (thank goodness) and is about to now enter the 'real world'..LOL
I cooked a huge dinner for her last night and invited my mother and father over. I bought these de-bones legs of lamb, which were marinated and dressed in mint sauce, garlic and rosemary and they were to die for. YUMMO!! I cooked squash, spinach, Hasselback potatoes with parmesan cheese and mixed herbs and brussel sprouts done in garlic and butter. So much garlic I smell like the biggest Mario ever!!
I bought her a really nice chocolate mud cake for dessert and as a gift we bought her a heart shaped pink sapphire gold ring to let her know how proud we are of her.
She's such a good girl. :) I can't wait to see how she goes with her results and I truly hope she gets the UAI she needs for Nursing as she has put so much work and effort into her study.
Yesterday was an absolutely HUGE day for me and here I was thinking that it was going to be nice and easy....NOT!! It started off with Jayden STILL complaining of having a sore wrist...(poor kid has been whining for 3 days now..LOL) Old Nug (Jayden was nicknamed Nugget the week he was born) can be a bit of a girly-man sometimes and he has always been one of these sickly kids, has allergies, sinus and has just recently started suffering when he started whinging about his wrist and I could see no swelling or anything out of the ordinary on Sunday night I told him that I'd take him to the docs on Wednesday if it wasn't any better, as I was scribing Monday and Tuesday for the School Certificate.
So yesterday morning he tells me his wrist is still sore so after taking the others to school I came home and rang the medical centre near here to ask what time the X-ray guy came in. I was told to come in just after 9.30a.m so I decided to race up to the shopping centre to get my Xmas lay-bys out that I'd put on lay-by ages ago. I'd started getting reminder I thought I'd better get up there. I hate shopping with a passion so I lay-by when I'm there, save up the money and pay them off next time I go..LOL While we were up at the Square I booked Jayden in for an eye test seeing as he has started getting the migraines and we've had the head x-rays and the cat scan done.
We then raced down to the docs where we sat for over an hour...grrrrrrr..especially as the receptionist had said she'd get his card out for us. We got this doctor who looked like he'd been put through the wringer of a mad womans washing kidding..he was freaky. A bit like Gene Wilder in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
Nug showed him his wrist and this docs bedside manner was so bad...poor Jayden didn't know what to think and to be honest he's lucky he wasn't told to get stuffed! Then I really started freaking out when he said it didn't have to be x-rayed..but that he had a ganglian or some friggen thing. What the? Of course I asked how it's treated and he says 'Oh years ago they used to drop a Bible on it'. By this time I'm sort of looking at the door and working out the best way I could grab Nug and run like the wind out of there...but with my back to the door..we were stuck!!
I was seriously thinking at this stage that this guy was a weirdo who had snuck in to the room and was pretending to be a doctor. Who ever heard of dropping a Bible on someones wrist to fix it? Talk about Divine Intervention!!
Apparently this is true, as I've been told by a few people since, so it seems we weren't being consulted by the Nutty Professor!!
A friend of mine had one and she had hers surgically removed but it grew back. The doc told us to wait and see if it popped before opting for the surgery but I'll be taking Jayden to our own doc for a second opinion.
Then it was off to the optometrist to get his eyes tested. The last time we did this was only 18mths ago so I wasn't expecting too much of a hassle. However...guess who needs specs?? OMFG!! This kid is falling apart at the age of 13!! His eyesight is perfect but the glasses are to support his vision. So after spending ages looking at frames...'cos you know they have to be a fashion statement and if possible the dearest FUCKING ones money can buy...poor old mother dear was looking a little worse for wear at this stage too. Especially as I'd just got all the lay-bys out and they wanted $500- for these glasses! I never thought I'd ever say this but thank God for MBF! They came to the party and I now have to pay only $172-..which I think is great. I paid the $100- and will pay the difference next week when I pick them up. :) Too easy!!
After grabbing everything we needed for tea I rang my mother to ask her over for tea and it turns out she was at my brothers place to see the new baby. I didn't even know he was home from the hospital as they were going to keep him for a while 'cos he's so small. My mother asked me to pick her up from my brothers to come here for dinner which I really didn't want to do 'cos I didn't want to see his girlfriend but I had no choice really. So yesterday I got to meet my new nephew who is just the most gorgeous tiny, little boy. They have named him Zaine Andrew and it was worth having to talk to her for a quick cuddle. I was going to go back this afternoon to get photos of the 3 kids but I feel a bit off this morning after eating so much last night..LOL It's also very windy here and I hate going out in this weather.
Today I wrapped all the Xmas pressies I have here already and it feels really good to be somewhat organised already. First time for everything..LOL
I got a pic of my 6 kids last night altogether..can you believe it? ROFL FINALLY!! Not the best pic in the world...but one all the same. I'll upload later.
Thanks to all the girls that have been stopping by and saying hi on my blog..I really appreciate the comments...I've noticed a couple of new girls commenting and thats great..waving a big hi...LOL Do you have blogs? If so I'd love to visit some time.
Well I must go and pick up the ferals...oh..I mean angels.
Ciao for now


Anonymous said...

OMG I haven't had hassleback tatties for years!

Shelley :)

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn... great to hear its life as normal...good food and doctors
Congratulations to your gorgeous girl on finishing her exams...what a huge releif and acheivement.
Mardi x

Kylie said...

ur so funny. superbogan shazzymiester.

Julie said...

r u trying to make me jealous????? With all that yummy sounding food?....well the thought of something different n e
Well done Rhiannon! I'm sure her results will be outstanding!
Sounds like ur all sorted for chrissy....well made a start n e ways.
have a great weekend

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