Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad boys

Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I am so pissed off!!
This morning at 5.30a.m..and it would have to be just after Michael left for of the new boys up the street and some of his mates decided to finish off their drinking from their school formal in the lane way next to us. My bedroom window you can almost touch from the top of the lane way so you can imagine how much you can hear..especially when they're teenage boys who are drunk as skunks!!
What I'm really angry about though is the fact that they weren't just content to sit there make noise and drink alcohol...even though they were all underage as it was a Yr 10 formal...but they had to spray paint my ENTIRE back fence!! OMFG!! We only just got it!!
I yelled out to them up the street but they just took off which was cool because I knew one of them lived in the street. They are only new neighbours and I hadn't even met the parents yet so it was a great way to meet them!
The mother was quiet apologetic about it but I could see she was trying to be a bit defensive about her son being involved. That was until I told her he was the one actually pissing up against my fence!! Would recognise that pecker anywhere..LOL Remember on Porkys'?? Nah just kidding..I didn't see it.
So she has promised me she'll get the boys down here to clean it off and then make them come and apologise and I hope Michael is here when they do so he can give them a serve because they stole this pole thing from our front yard that he uses to get balls out of drains and trees for the kids in the street. Assholes!!
I'd like to know why they were allowed alcohol at that age anyway?? She tried to make out that only the 18yr would've been drinking but they all staggered up the street all over the place.
So hopefully it'll be cleaned off soon.
Tuesday I actually scrapped a LO! Woo hoo. Just a simple one of a cricket team pic and very similar to another one as I had 2 boys in the same team and I made them one each.
The second one is a pic of me taken this time last year when I broke my wrist. Jedd had nicknamed me SORE PAW and I thought it was a really witty name for a 10yr old to come up with and I wanted to scrap about it. Not a great pic though as I had just come home from Milo cricket that I was co-ordinating last year.
Blogger won't let me upload though so will have to do it later.
Thats it for me..I'm going to have a sleep..I'm so tired after those bastards woke me up this morning!!
Take it easy


Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn....Ive just had a huge read and catch much happening...and all of it so Arghh! ....good luck with the fence ...hope the little bighter cleans it for you....and Ive just been shaking my head at Jyes cricket story....
...looking forward to seeing your layouts...Sore
Mardi x

Anonymous said...

Hope they clean up the mess they made Shaz.

I seen your pages on the box. They look great.

Anonymous said...

Make them clean it off with a toothbrush!

Beth said...

Filthy little buggers! I like Deirdre's idea - with a toothbrush! That should fix them!

Julie said...

I'm sick of this bloglines....ARGH!
(keeps not picking up ur new posts & I've re-entered the url too...GRRR
Hope u got some sleep after those little buggars got happy with the spray paint. Like the tooth brush idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeah a toothbrush sounds good. Little turds. Their parents can't be too much better if they aren't punishing them for walking around the streets drunk. Grrrr!!!
Good luck getting the fence cleaned (and new too that makes it so much worse doesn't it) good luck with the "new" neigbours. I hope they turn out to be much better than first impressions and good luck with the cricket fiasco.
Also Sharryn you sound alot like me in the way that you cry when you get really angry! Powerful emotions suck hey LOL!!!

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