Monday, December 04, 2006

Shaz the ogre

Hey all :)
How are you? Trust you are well and rested after the weekend! :)
We had the usual cricket, cricket and more cricket over the weekend. Only Jaydens' team won on Saturday which was great 'cos they played the other Under 14's in our club and I really wanted them to beat that team. :)
Jyes' Rep. team didn't win on Sunday..actually they got an ass kickin'!! Those sort of things happen when the coach couldn't be bothered training them though. I think they've trained together as a team all of 4 times, which is appalling. Actually there was a big shit fight with the parents after the game 'cos the coach said there was no training again this Friday so we all agreed to take the boys down and train them ourselves. I can't see why our manager can't train them..he's offered and coaches a team of his own on Saturdays anyway. These kids are playing at an Elite level for their'd think they'd at least be getting coached!! Bullshit as far as I'm concerned!
Sunday night we went back to the Indoor centre after the game as they put on a sausage sizzle for the players and their families after each Rep. game. We go upstairs where it's licensed and you can look down over the netball/cricket nets. There were a couple of games of netball going on and I noticed a 'friend' of mine about to play. This 'friend' I know from my boys playing football and was the manager of Jyes' team this year when he broke his arm. Actually, it was her son that fell on his arm and broke it!! Accident only though. Anyway...after he broke his arm no-one from the club rang him or anything and asked was he coming back..I know I've blogged about this before so I won't go in too many details.
My boys bought her son over and I said hi to him but I avoided her like the plague..especially with all these arguments I've had lately..LOL
Her son must have told her I was there and her ex-husband who was dropping her other kid off when we were leaving obviously told her I gave him 'the look' 'cos she rang last night. She just started chatting away like nothing was wrong until she noticed the cold tone of my voice and then asked what was wrong so I had my say big time about the way they treated Jye. (Gee that kids had a rough time with assholes this year :( She reckons she was told he wasn't coming back 'cos he was playing cricket instead..what a load of shit. The kid had a friggen broken arm...I know he's good but he ain't that good that he can play with one stuffen arm!! Fair dinkum some people are tossers!!
Anyway...another 'friend' lost I think. She said she'd ring me one night during the week but I won't hold my breath. Isn't it funny how you consider someone you've known for quite a few years a friend only to have them dump on you or one of your kids and not give it a second thought? That really hurts me deeply so I suppose thats why I react in a more confrontational way. I think I trust people too much which surprises me 'cos I didn't think I was such a trusting person. I don't let many people into my world or my 'space' but when I do I consider them like family and when they treat me like shit...I reupt like I would if it was a family member dumping on me. Make sense??
Anyway...enough of that. I pray to God that there are no more dramas..enough is enough. I'm starting to think I'm an ogre or something.
Sunday morning Rhiannon and 4 of her girlfriends went up to The Entrance for a girlies week away. Closest thing to schoolies I'd let her do..LOL I only let her go 'cos one of the girls parents drove them up there, took them grocery shopping and will pick them up again on Friday and bring them home. They are staying in resort style accomodation central to everything. I didn't want her in cars driving around. These girls are all very sensible but according to the newspapers so were the kids coming home from their school formal a couple of weeks ago. Shit still happens no matter how sensible you are. On unfamiliar roads, especially up that way where the roads are so different to down here I think it's only asking for trouble. So she'll be home on Friday all refreshed and relaxed until a couple of days before the HSC results are released..LOL
I can't believe all the dates that are starting to pile up in my diary for end of year events. Graduations, awards nights, P & F meetings and suppers, dinners etc etc etc. Then there are the kids liturgies and Xmas carol nights at school. My mind is spinning thinking about it all!
I still haven't done any scrapping although I've printed out a couple of awesome pics I took last week. I also downloaded a couple of digi kits last night. I haven't been able to do that for ages due to the restrictions I've been on with my server and download limit. So if I don't get a chance to paper scrap I can play with a digi kit or 2. :)
The mongrel kids up the street still haven't cleaned my fence off yet and I'm really pissed off. This afternoon I drove past them..there would've been about 8-10 of them and they didn't even look at me the assholes. If it's not gone by this Thursday which is a week...I'll be stopping and having a go at them. I think a week is more than fair. Actually, tomorrow night I'll be seeing a policeman friend of mine and I'm going to ask him what he thinks I should do. You'd think giving the new neighbours a chance you'd get things done but it seems not...well not this lot anyway. I can't stand the way the little prics defiantly drive past you in their hotted up cars..they don't need to come to the end of the cul-de-sac but they still do. Watch me wipe the smiles off their smartass faces when I start!
Here I go again...arguing with people.
Must learn to breathe and smooth out the negative vibes. Hmmmmmm...maybe yoga will help??
I've been trying to get into the Boxx web site but it looks as though it's down for maintenance. Well hurry up Maria and fix the bloody thing will ya!! Grrrrrr..I hate when the Boxx is down. I feel homeless!!
Michael and the boys put our Xmas lights up this afternoon. I did some of Jedds project with him then cooked chicken schnitzels and we just had them on bread as we'd been to the Xmas warehouse for a look this afternoon and it was getting late cooking dinner.
I then went for a huge walk/jog to try and get some of this weight off I've put on in the past 8 weeks or so. I've never, ever weighed this much and boy can I feel it! I told my doc the other day if I put on any more he can stick these tablets I'm on up his clacker but like he's either put on a bit of weight and put up with it or go off the tablets and get sick again. Can't win either way. I hate exercising with a passion and I've never needed to before. :( I hate it even more knowing I really have to now.
Well thats about it for me now. Until later..take care.
Sharryn :)


Anonymous said...

I hope Rhiannon has a ball on her schoolies trip, she's a good girl and will be fine! And I am nervous for you with the HSC scores. But she will be fine there too I'm sure.
And dont let those ferral boys get away with not cleaning up their mess.
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharryn. Sounds like your having fun! Not :( Don't let those naughty neighbours get away with not cleaning your fence.
I know what you mean abaout the BOXX. I've been feeling a tad lost without it too LOL!! Withdrawls I reakon PMSLOL.
Remember to breath & & out...

Anonymous said...

Yup I'm the same...crap on me for absolutely no reason @ all & that's it....I can hold a very VERY good grudge....ROFL...just ask
Hope Rihannon has a ball....sounds like a great little get-a-way; betta than having to worry about some of the idiots that go up to schoolies week.
See if the policeman can come and see those boy's involved & maybe it may scare them into cleaning it...although these days the kid's aren't scared of the police like they were years ago.
Damned if u do & damned if u don't with the tablet's. Good luck.
I feel lost too without the boxx! :(

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