Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working late

Hey girlies,
Trust you are all well...until I read your blogs which I hope to catch on this evening..LOL
It's now 10.26p.m and I'm sitting here waiting for Josh to come home from work as he started a 2nd job this evening after work in the city. I have no idea why he feels the urge to work his ass off at this stage..it's not like he saves money. I know he has rego coming up on his car but shit...
He is on his way home from the city and the train trip is like 2 hours. He messaged me at 9.49p.m to say he'd just left. It's too much I reckon. He usually has Wednesday and Thursday off but apparently the head chef at his other job in the city wants him to work a function in Nth Sydney with him this Thursday for 200 people at somewhere swish. Josh is really looking forward to it and I suppose it all cmes down to experience..especially with chefing but we all need a break. I think at the moment it's all good with him seeing as he spent the first 3 and 1/2 years at the same restaurant where he was basically head chef at the age of 17!! Now it's all different and he's working in the city and everything would be all new again. Just me being a stresshead again. I really don't like him on the train this late though..who knows who is hanging around.
Not much else doing here..we spent the afternoon at cricket training..I now have 3 boys training on a Tuesday night..sweet!! That just leaves one training Wednesday night and Jye training for Reps on Friday night so very manageable..LOL
I've been getting heaps of layouts done..I'm buzzing around getting housework done but with this new scrapping strategy I have..ROFL..I seem to be getting so much done. I think it's because I know what pic I'm going to scrap before I scrap it therefore I can think about it while I'm doing other things..even while I'm trying to sleep..LOL So when I sit down to scrap it's just all falling together which believe me..isn't like me at all! When I had my big spring clean I also re-organised all my supplies so I know EXACTLY what I have and where it is. If you are a procrastinator or someone who doesn't have a lot of time to scrap..get yourself some sort of filing system..believe me girls it works. :)
I also went and bought some new printer inks today so I can keep those photos rolling out..LOL
I really need to start scrapping the kids chidhood and baby pics though..I'm just to lazy to pull them out, scan them and re-print them. That's not in my scrapping strategy plan..LOL
I loved reading your comments on my 'scrapping style'..ROFL I'm just so pleased that you think I have one!! I never thought I did. Hmmmmm..a couple of you said 'unique' and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not??? LOL
So here are a couple of layouts that are 'unique' to me..LOL
First one is a layout I did of Jack. He was having a rest or fixing his shoe or some bloody thing and I really love this pic. The layout is as simple as..but I pulled everything out and I seriously couldn't see that anything would've looked alright on it..it looked fine as it was and I wanted the title and the pic to tell the story which I think I accomplished.

This next layout I finished today and it's a pic of Rhiannon on the same day. I loved that she was looking straight ahead and it was taken at a time in her life that was very important. Although the pic was taken in December she had already started Yr 12 and was having the Xmas break before resuming. I like how this layout turned out although it's nowhere near what I started with..LOL Isn't that always the way?

Well I'l leave you all with that and now I'm off to check out your blogs!!
Take Care
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

Go the scrapping strategy!!!!! And do get those pics of your kids scanned and printed, I would love to see them.
Have fun scrapping, cant wait to see what you come up with!

Julie said...

Gotta scrap the baby pic's Sharryn....ur a superwoman....u can fit it in...somewhere...lol
I need a strategy!
Beaut. lo's....love Rihannon pondering what the year ahead will bring.
I'd be worried about Josh too, the train...& burn out. As u said everyone needs a break.
Have fun scrapp'n....

Bec said...

Both layouts are beautiful! Love 'em!

I didn't mean 'unique' in a bad way at all, and I don't think anyone else did either hun, being unique these days is a GOOD thing.. its not the same ol same ol.

I'd be worried abot Josh as well, very late to be on the train etc..

Have a good Thursday!
Love n Hugz

Mardi said...

Hey..you unique girl....I love the way your scrapping strategy is working for you....and your layouts are looking so gorgeous. You are choosing wonderful photos that are really helping you to tell a story in your layouts.
I dont blame you being worried about your baby on the train either....I would be scrared to death.
Mardi x

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