Thursday, October 12, 2006

We're going to the zoo, zoo zoo...LOL

You can come to, to, to...

Hey chicks,
Looks like we're off to the zoo tomorrow..YAY!! NOT! We've been promising the boys for ages that my father and I would take them to the zoo but to be honest with you..I hate the friggen place! It stinks like crap and it's going to be bloody hit which means it's going to stink even more!! YAY! I get that smell every morning now when I wake up and smell my neighbours friggen garage where he has all his snakes and lizards but the worst thing is he breeds mice and things to feed his reptiles!! Have you ever woken up to the smell of rat piss?? Very, very romantic!! Rules out morning glories let me tell ya!! ROFL
At least they've moved the rabbits who were almost right under my bedroom window and were going for it at 4.ooa.m each morning!! Let me tell you..those bunnies were right into morning glories...they glorified each other ALL BLOODY DAY AND NIGHT the dirty little bastards!!
If it's any consolation, some time ago I won a heap of patterned papers and overlays etc from FK for entering one of their comps. They were all zoo and carnical papers (Karen Foster) and I've had no zoo pics to scrap so at least I'll have the papers and things..won't cost me anything. Smelly bloody animals...grrrrrrrr. :(
We now have a nice, new 6ft colorbond fence in our back yard! Hope this will keep the ferals at bay and at least now we can keep the boys bikes and things out the back..YEEHAA! Michael and Josh can have the garage back and who knows?? Maybe even the pool table might see the light of day again!! You never know!
Josh worked at his 2nd job again yesterday and didn't get home till 12.30a.m. I picked him up from the train station and I must say there were quite a few people out at that time of night. More than likely all out rorting though around here..LOL
He's working in Nth Sydney tonight at some swoosh restaurant so that'll be another experience for him. He and his mate went motor bike riding today and took Jack along. Jack had a great day with his big brother but the others were a bit miffed that they couldn't go but I think for now 1 kid brother is enough for any 19yr old to handle...especially if it's Jack!!
Rhiannon is studying her butt off God love her...I can't wait till this HSC is over.
Last night her and I went next door to a..wait for it....TUPPERWARE party! ROFL LOL
OMFG..I didn't even know Tupperware was still alive!! And how expensive is that shit these days??? I bought a pantry set that set me back $132-...I'm sure I'd get it al Go-Lo for $130- cheaper though!! Shit a brick!
Thats why I 'dont do parties'!! My neighbour has all these different sorts of parties and is into all the girly stuff...and lifts her little finger when she drinks out of her wine glass...I just can't get into all that stuff. 'Oh I bought this at such and such's party...oh..did you know he was having an affair with Martha? Oh keep it between you and I...blah blah blah....LOL Good friggen luck to Martha I reckon!! ROFL's not that bad..I just don't like that sort of thing.
I went to a Bali party that she had once and fair dinkum..I bought the ugliest head, thing...who knows what it is...because I felt obliged to buy something. That's another reason why I don't go.
I've done a couple more layouts and will hopefully be able to share them if Blogger wants to play. Nope...blogger is being an asshole yet again so will have to upload later.
That's it for me..I'm off to take Rhiannon to work and buy some food for tomorrow.
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

ROFLMAO..I can always rely on you for a laugh..have a great time at the zoo...and I love the way you are looking on the bright side...cant waste those freebie papers..LOL
Mardi x

Kylie said...

ROTFL youre such a superbogan i tell ya
god love ya
boganmiester/superbogan - which do you prefer???! ROTFLMAO uuuu funny

deirdre said...

ROFPMLOL, you are always gaurenteed to make me laugh. And LOL at kylies comment.....bogan, LOL! I know I am supposed to be banned, but just had to check! and glad I did, you made me laugh! Have fun at the smelly zoo! and enjoy your tupperware...LOL!!!!!

Julie said...

Yep.....too bloody expensive!-tupperware that is. I with u I don't see the excitement in containers....doesn't do a thing for me!
As for the smelly zoo.....u shouldn't have promised them to take them...ya know kid's remember everything.....@ least u can use ur freebies now.
Have fun

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