Monday, October 09, 2006

New fence!

Hey girls,
Heres hoping you all had a fairly decent weekend.
Ours was quiet but thats fine with me..I needed a quiet one. Although the boys are nagging at me to do or go somewhere we are a bit limited with Jacks knee at the moment. I took him to get the stitches out yesterday but I had a feeling they wouldn't remove them..they looked so raw. The doc has told us not until the end of this week at least. Poor Jack sat there and broke his heart God love him 'cos he things it's going to wreck the rest of his holidays. I can't really plan anything at the moment anyway as we are FINALLY getting a new back fence..YAY!! We have the oldest, daggiest paling fence in our backyard and the owner is finally getting us a 6ft colourbond fence!! Woohoo!! We won't know ourselves!! Now we can get rid of of the kids bikes from the garage and be able to put them out the backyard. We can't at the moment 'cos the ferals will pinch them like they did our BBQ!! Assholes!! Still hoping they chocked on their snags!!
I've managed to get a couple more LO's done for Kims 14 LO challenge. I'm really liking the LO's I'm producing at the moment..LOL..blowing my own trumpet again..but I think I finally have a style. I'm not sure what it is or what you'd call it but I think it's there all the same. What would you say it was? Any suggestions gratefully accepted..LOL
This is a LO I did of Josh who, when he was working the night shift, would come home and turn on the TV and fall asleep on the lounge quite often.

This is a LO of Michael at the beach on his birthday in December 2005. He doesn't really like the beach but does anything to shut us up..LOL He always has holidays around this time from work as well which is great.

So there are the 2 LO's I got finished yesterday. I have a few more beach pics coming up...LOL but I've almost finished the beach photos. I've had to do a few in between to give me a break but if I don't keep scrapping them they'll never get done.
Thats it for today..I'm off to put on a load of washing..fold clothes..get dressed..wash the breakfast dishes, vaccuum, dust and stuff knows what else.
Catch you all on the flip side!!
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

That's ok....u can blow ur own trumpet....they look fantabulous Sharryn....really! wouldn't have a clue to what style u have but it's work'n for ya. Yay for the new fence, choke on a snag....nahhhh blow themselves up with the gas nasty hey!

Bec said...

Yay for the colourbond fence! I was supposed ot get one of those, guess selling was the easier option huh?
Am loving your layouts there Sharryn. After some thought I would descirbe your style as perhaps a 'controlled freestyle'? Its not totally freestyle, but its not clean and simple style either. Actually I love your style..unique and all you and thats the best style anyone can have..their own!
Well I think I'll shut up now. Have a good arvo hun
Love n Hugz

Mardi said...

Great news on the back fence....I can imagine it will be awesome to have more privacy.

Im loving your layouts for a style...definatly Sharryn style...I can pick them out of the gallery a mile off....seriously maybe they would be layered.. shabby chic...they are always nicely distressed...actually Im totally hopeless at describibg a style..I know I love them and they are very unique to you...keep them coming.

So sorry for Jack...bummer about not getting his stitches out...
Mardi x

deirdre said...

yep, Sharryn stlye sounds good to me. Its a very unique style....LOL. no seriously, maybe, simple with defined areas, with a bit of shabby chic thrown in?

yay to the fence!


Yvette Adams said...

The layouts are lovely. What a sweetie your DH must be to do anything to shut you up :) That IS sweet :)
LOL - I hope they choked on their snags too!

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