Sunday, October 15, 2006

Where are all the animals?

Hiddy hi :)
OMFG...the zoo was the highlight of my year and I just can't wait to get back there again!! NOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Like...where are all the friggen animals???????????
No elephants, no nothing...the rhino, according to the zoo keeper, was new to the zoo and still shy to the people so was hiding....along with EVERY OTHER FREAKIN ANIMAL there!!! As I imagined, it was hot, it was smelly..there were flies bigger than birds landing on my face...ewwwwwwwwww..being at the zoo who knows what animals turd the flies had been playing in!!
They boys were whining 'cos it was so hot!! They didn't want to get photos time I'll take them to the local movies.
I did manage to get some good pics though of the animals that WERE there and a couple of great shots of the city from different look outs. I think the highlight of my day was being allowed to walk through the old elephant temple..remember that? I overheard someone from the zoo tell another person that they are going to turn that into a function centre. There are 5 elephants in quarantine on their way to the zoo from Thailand and they've built a new elephant enclosure for them. It's very nice actually and very modern as far as elephant enclosures go. Bit sad that the old temple won't be used anymore for them. It actually wasn't that big inside the temple though I was quite surprised. It was all worn from where the old elephants must have continually brushed against the cement walls and kicked around. There were steel manacles on the walls that looked really, really old where they must have shackled the elephants to some years ago. The temple was actually built in 1916 so is quite old. I like the history side of things..LOL I had to get interested in something seeing as the animals weren't there!!
Oh..I was getting bored right and decided to make my own fun..LOL Anyway there was this guy in say..his early fifties..very well to do looking bloke..just sitting there on a I grabbed the kids and my father and was looking through my camera walking towards the guy going...oh wow..look at this!! ROFL The poor bloke didn't know what to do and obviously didn't have a sense of humour..he just sat there but everyone else around thought it was funny. Pompous can always tell the blokes with money..they have plums up their clackers and find nothing amusing. Oh well..I got a laugh out of it!!
I also found a big mirrored wall where I must have stood for 5 mins trying to get a pic of myself taking a photo to use as my avatar on the Boxx. All these people kept walking behind me so I had to keep trying. By the time I'd finished and finally got one..when I turned around there was a small crowd of people behind me peering into the mirror..obviously wondering what I was taking a photo of..not realising it was me!! LOL I should've explained to rude of me not to..I should've said 'oh I'm just getting a pic of myself to use as my avatar for the Boxx'..ROFL I'm sure I'd be wrapped in a straight jacket!!
All in all it wasn't that was just really hot and the boys were cranky because of the heat but they had a good day. I'm going to make a mini album of the day for them out of the papers I have. are the two layouts I finished earlier in the week. This first one is a pic of Jack. I like this layout..the colours look a bit faded though.

The next one is a pic of the school cricket team that Jedd and Jye were both in. I'm not really fussed with this layout but it's OK I guess.

Yesterday after cricket Michael and I rearranged my scrapping table and computer area. The computer was against this window and realy struggling on hot days so I moved it where the ceiling fan can get to it and keep it cooler. Also, I couldn't use the ceiling fan while the scrap desk was under it for obvious reasons. So I took a few pics of my areas..LOL Still looks a bit messy in these pics I think but looks quite good IRL. The cars that you see in the display caninet are Michaels collection of NRL cars and a few others..they are there so the boys can't get to them..LOL
Here is the whole corner:

This is my desk. The 4 drawers either side are just big enough to hold 12' x 12' cardstock and PP and I love that. I also have alphas and stuff in these drawers. Oh and Mardi...see the HS flowers I got last Thursday? Love 'em!! LOL

This is my beloved 'puter and printers etc.

So thats where I scrap and chat to all of you. :)
The kids go back to school tomorrow and I have an ironing pile as big as a mountain. I've hardly done any this week. Most of it is just folding actually.
Jayden has gone away with my neighbours the lucky duck to a resort down the south coast. He'll miss the first 2 days of school but it was a chance of a lifetime to go to the place they have gone too.
Josh has absolutely worked his bum off this week..I've hardly seen him! He's coming home and leaving in the morning while I'm in bed so I'm just setting his clothes out each night for him to wear and that's it. He is working both jobs each day where he was only meant to work the 2nd job 2 nights a week!! He has worked day and night for 2 weeks straight without a day off!! Too much.
I took Jack back to the doctors yesterday to get his stitches out but still not ready! The doctor said another week due to how deep the cut was originally. Jack wasn't a happy chappy but bad get that!!
I'm off to start the ironing which I really don't want to do. Anyone want to do it for me? Please????????????
Take care and have an awesome week.
Sharryn :)


Sam said...

OMGoodness!!! can I have your scrap area ... pleeeease :D

Chrissy (gumgully) said...

Hi Sharryn

You can keep your ironing all to yourself, thanks anyway! Love your scrap area, and the layouts you've been doing. How do you find the time? I love reading your blog and your funny spin on things - keeps me giggling for ages LOL

Julie said...

Ummm about the ironing. I'll have to leave it sorry, I'm allergic to ironing!....serious! Have a pile here too. LMAO
Buggar about the animals....I know u didn't want to be there but still.
Lovely lo's Sharryn, Like the journal paper in Jack's one & of course the design is Fantab. as usual!....
Ur space so organised!.....especially compared to mine!....must take pic's of my itty bitty
Sheesh musta been a real deep cut in Jack's leg(didn't think it would've taken that long)
Take care

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn....your trip to the zoo sounds hilarious...bummer the animals were AWOL.
Love your scrap space...its nice to be close to the action and able to scrap...and Im so happy you found those HS flowers...I checked my LSS but they didnt have any.
Mardi x

Beth said...

LOL so you had fun at the zoo??? Great scrap area. Shame about Jacks stitches. Love your layouts! :)

Bec said...

pmsl..I started reading your post and thought "geez for someone who wasn't keen to go to the zoo she sure changed her tune"...then saw the NOT part..lmfao!!! Glad you managed to make your own fun though.
Am loving your layouts, and am green with envy at your scrap / computer space.
And poor Jack!!!
Anyways hun, have a good week.
Love n Hugz
PS Yes apparently 2 r/e agents is legal

deirdre said...

you are such a dag! I can just imagine all those people standing behind you trying to figure out what you were taking a pic of!!!!! PMLOL!

Julie said...

Hi Sharryn. Having a few giggles here at your day at the zoo.

Loved the pages and you can keep the ironing. I don' do it unless I really have to.

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