Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Hey all,
Hope you are all well.
I'm going to vent today so be prepared!!
We live in a cul-de-sac and have been here for the past 6 years. The neighbours in this street are all fantastic and we get on with them all really well.
That well in fact, that my Jayden has gone away with one lot to a resort down the South Coast, all expenses paid. Gotta love them sort of neighbours..LOL
On the other hand, our immediate neighbours to the right of us...who we've nicknamed 'The Flanders' as I've mentioned in a previous post as they are so bloody cheerful all the time and righteous...no matter what time of the day or night they are waving...'Hi-diddily hi neighbour-oonies' can be heard. I know they would do anything for us...like if my van breaks down I can guarantee they'll be over here offering me their van to get the kids to school etc. Things like that...and we help them with anything too. Sometimes I pick her DD up from school which is quite a drive from here etc...
This lot of neighbours are very religious and their whole lives are planned around their church and the churches activities etc...she even works in the church office a couple of days a week. Now this, of course, doesn't worry me having a deep faith myself and having kids that attend Catholic schools...but I've never been one to ram it down other peoples necks. It is my choice.
I also am not a big fan of hypocrites and one of my biggest pet hates in this entire world are liars. I hate people lying to me. Yes..there are always them times where a little white lie is called for....but I'm talking stand there..look you in the eye and adamantly lie to your face type lies. Grrrrrrrr..I hate it.
So these neighbours that have pissed me off (I'm trying to paint a picture here without sounding bitchy) are all of the above. They try and make out they are something they aren't which is also one of my pet hates. For instance...the neighbours on my immediate left had a party when they were moving. We were really close to them and they invited the others that Jayden has gone away with but didn't want to invite the ones I'm talking about but they did 'cos they thought I would be offended. Not!! So we're all sitting sround chatting away with other party guests when the subject of the local housing commission area come up. (Let me tell you...the commish area just up from us is feral with a capitol F)...so the son of the guy having the party says something like 'Oh dad didn't know it was like that when he bought this house otherwise he wouldn't have ever bought it'..and next door piped up with 'oh yeah..we were the same..we were really worried about buying here too'. What the? They fucking rent!!! They rent their house off their minister!! OMFG!! Why would you sit their and blatantly lie about something like that in front of people that know you're full of shit????
We are always catching them out with stuff like that...they bought Xmas lights one year and Michael commented on how nice they looked and asked where they bought them from and they told us Domayne. We have a good friend who worked there and a week later we were telling her about the nice lights the neighbours had bought from Domayne and she said..'Ummm..we don't even sell Xmas lights!'. Okkkkkkkk...
Why would you lie about something like that? Stupid things really.
Now we are getting to why I'm pissed off.
Another of their traits is to never accept blame for ANYTHING!! I mean ANYTHING!! When we first moved in here our kids and their kids were obviously heaps younger and they all became quite close. Rhiannon became friends with one of their DD's who is 16 going on 30 and always has been. Rhiannon doesn't have much time for her anymore thank God. She's the sort of girl..well heres a picture for you...she was walking around our local shopping centre the other day in a denim skirt that looked like a belt (and she's not the thinnest girl around)..a top that shows everything..make-up like a skanky ho..pushing a pram with a baby in it acting like the baby was hers...it was her friends little brother! She also has a 21 yr old boyfriend and shes only 16! Like hello?? What happened to 'oh he is only her friend'? She has always given that family a run for their money and always will I think. She's like the 'rebel'. She's a nice kid but way too old in the head and acts it. Then there is the youngest DD who is almost 13 and still hasn't accepted she's a girl. I'm not being nasty either...I've never seen a tom boy like it in my life. They still buy her things like Action Man and stuff like that. This one is the sneakiest little bitch I have ever, ever met. She lies through her teeth..looks you right in the eye and lies right at you. FARRRRRKKKKKKKKK!! Sometimes I just feel like shaking her!!
She gets these traits off her parents though 'cos they are capable of the same behaviour..but because they're so churchy and righteous they think that you don't know what they're up to. Well I do!!
Which leads me to yesterday (all of the above waffle for this bit).
There is a tap that sits in the grassed area dividing our house from theirs. This tap has been leaking for yonks..like years. Yesterday I ducked up the shop to get bread and when I came back there was a plumber there and water gushing out like a hydrant. I know this young plumber and I asked him 'Oh what happened here'. He looked at me with a sheepish sort of grin on his face and didn't answer me. So I asked him again and got the same smile. He then nodded towards their house and said 'She told me the next door neighbours hit it'. WHAT?? I dead set thought he was mucking around. I've said 'Yeah right..really..what happened?' And he repeated it..'Fair dinkum..thats what she said'. OMFG!! Why the fuck would you say something like that? It's not like they are going to get out of paying for it or anything..they only rent and their landlord pays. I am so PISSED OFF!! Michael is livid...he can't stand them and their ways as it is.
So I've made up my mind..I'm going to say something to her. This is bullshit..I mean..what the friggen hell else have we been blamed for? I know the other neighbours in the street know what they're like but that doesn't matter...God I'm pissed off.
You might think I'm being ridiculous but Michael and I were only discussing this the other day. When anything goes wrong it's my boys that get the blame. Because, no doubt, they are boys. Not because their daughter, who doesn't realise she's a girl, does anything wrong. Their eldest DD (who I love, she's lovely) has this boyfriend who parks his car at their house for the day when he goes to work. The other day their youngest DD kicked the ball that hit this car and set the alarm off. Next door all came rushing out..(like it's a Porsche or something) and the little bitch told them it was my Jye who kicked it!! So he copped a mouthful for it! I didn't know about this until a couple of days leter when another of my boys brought it up but I was pissed off about that too. Another time a few months ago they had church friends over for lunch and the kids they had all over there were jumping around on the outdoor furniture. I know this 'cos I was playing cricket with my own kids in the street and I saw what was going on and I said to my boys 'Look out..you'll be getting the blame for that furniture breaking next so make sure you don't go over there later'. Lo and behold...the following week the boys were over their playing with the daughter and I heard her say to them 'Don't sit on the seat..you've already broken it'. What the?? Things like that...they get the blame for things all the time when I'm telling you...they weren't even there!! Fuck it shits me! So this time I'm going to say something 'cos I've had it. Why should I let my boys cop the blame for things they didn't do?
Don't get me wrong..I've always brought all my kids up with acceptance values. If they do something and get in trouble for it...fair enough you cop the punishment. However, if you get blamed for something and didn't do it..then you fight it all the way. Thats me in a nutshell. I'll cop the blame for something I've done but never, ever blame me for something I didn't do.
So thats my vent for the day and you've done so well if you've made it this far.
I'll keep you posted on the outcome.
Have a great day.
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

Do keep us updated on the out come....I HATE people like that, know quite a few. Its like they have to talk themselves up. But your boys being blamed for stuff they didnt do is NOT on! Have a go and let them know what you think. I hope they dont preach at you, I hate that too!

Bec said...

Yeah..I'm the same..if I did something wrong then feel free to blame me..but watch out if you are falsely accusing!!! I don't know how on earth you have managed to put up with that sort of crap for this long!!! I will be glued to your blog to read the outcome of this.
Love n Hugz

Julie said...

Yep Agree 100% there Sharryn, Do have a go @ them & ask them what else are ur kid's going to get blamed for?....when they haven't even been over there.
Tell the kid's not to go n e where near their house of kid's by the sound of it!
Be waiting for an update :)

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Hey mate, well all I can say is OMG!!!!

I fully agree with you that it is not right to be blamed for things you or your kids did not do (or have not done). Wrong wrong wrong!!!

Good luck sorting it out. I also hate people who lie. These parents are not acting very christian if they lie and teach their kids to do the same.

By the way, I have read your blog lots of times but only just now left a comment. Hope your having a good week and doing things that make you happy.

Peta G said...

Oh Sharryn, that would so get under my skin too, you've done well to hold it to now. Have a go and I'm sure you'll feel much better! I came across your blog the other day and I love it! I love your outlook and your spin on things! Your a funny one! I'll stay tuned to see how you get on.

Mardi said...

Ohh..Sharryn...what is it with people like this.....I think she may have just mucked with the wrong neighbour.....Ill be looking forward to hearing episode 2

Mardi x

Yvette Adams said...

he he he, your post made me giggle, even tho I could see your anger. You still managed to put a few laughs in there. You poor thing. I hope things improve soon!!!

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