Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My head is throbbing...

Hey all,
How is everyone? Well I hope.
Sorry I haven't blogged for so long but I'be been so friggen busy I can't believe what I've just done actually! I've just sat up the high school in my van, in the pitch black friggen dark, which I'm shit scared of, with my P & F Minutes all ready to go...wondering why I'm the only dickhead there so early...rang my friend and guess what? It's on next week! OMFG!! My head is just spinning so much at the moment with all these things on my mind. Have to be here..have to be there...
To top it all off..we have seriously gone over our Net download limit this month and when I rang my server yesterday to ask him if I could have the extra gig deal for $10- I was told it was too late in the month to be able to do it. Fucking asshole! I explained that I have a daughter doing her HSC and a son in Yr 8 also doing exams and he obviously didn't give a rats ringhole!! So I rang Telstra and have decided to go with them. I have been with the same ISP for about 9 years (only the last year my old server sold out to a new mob)...where does loyalty come in to it? So I rang back the ISP today and got the guy who actually owns the place and told him my story..boy..he was so not impressed when I told him what the other one told me yesterday. I told him not to bother as I've decided to go with Telstra and to be honest I really don't give a shit what he said 'cos I wasn't really listening.
Man..my head is just wound up at the moment it really is. Tomorrow I'm home but I have to get some school pics ready for Jedd for a Yr 6 project he's doing for end of year. Tomorrow night Jye has a cricket presentation for Reps. where they are presented with their baggy caps and clothes and I also have the Mothers Club dinner for the boys primary school to go to which I can't get out of being the secretary and not going last year. I'm actually looking forward to that though..a chance for a few drinks and a nice dinner and it's not too suave so I don't have to worry about getting too dressed up.
We spent the weekend gone at cricket (like...we're else would we be..LOL) Saturday morning and all day Sunday.
I was lucky on Sunday to sneak off for a while to a friends house who lived close by to where Jye played cricket. This is where I grew up. This friend has 3 chicldren, a girl 19, a son 10 and another son 2 and a half years old. This last boy is a Downs Syndrome baby and unfortunately, even as good friends as we are, I hadn't had a chance to meet him yet due to both our commitments. Well I finally got to meet him on Sunday and what an absolute joy he is!! I've taken pics but haven't had a chance to put them on the 'puter yet but I'll upload some when I do. He is only the size of a 1yr old baby and is only crawling. He is still being tube fed through his stomach and is waiting on a 2nd heart operation. My friend didn't know he was going to be Downs although she had the usual ultrasounds during the pregnancy, which was normal and healthy. They didn't even realise when he was first born that he was Downs as he is half Asian and they couldn't tell by his eyes. This boy has been to hell and back in his first 18mths spending so much time in hospital with infections etc..he is very lucky to be here. He is just gorgeous though and I wish him all the best that this life has to offer.
I also had some bad news from this friend about another friend that I wasn't particularly close to but she was. She has just recently hung herself because of marital disputes and custody battles. Poor girl. It's a sad world when you feel the need to do this and leave young kids without a mum. So I'll be keeping those 2 children in my prayers as well. Finally, my friends mother is also in hospital again. My friend gave up her house when she was pregnant with her Downs boy so she could move in with her sick mother. Her partner done up her mums house the best he could for them as her mum has emphysema and is on oxygen. Then to have the baby...wow..I can't imagine how she got through that time in her life. Anyway..the mother is even worse now and I don't think long for this world. This woman was like a mentor for me when I was a teenager. They lived just around the corner from me and she was more of a mother to me than my own mother ever was. Great lady!
What else has happened?
Oh..I haven't said anything to the neighbour yet..I just haven't had the chance. You know what I did but? This is sooooooo slack but I don't care. I cancelled the Tupperware order. Cop this right! The order wasn't due till tomorrow and she came knocking on my door yesterday and told Rhiannon that she had paid for it on Sunday night..apparently she transferred the money through via Internet..and that I had to pay by yesterday! What the? We don't even get paid till Tuesday! She has no right to do that the rude bitch! So I marched my clacker over there and told her sorry..something has come up and I don't want it now. I felt like saying so stick it up your ginger but I was so mad she had taken the liberty to do what she felt like that I seriously would've blown my stack! I also had spaghetti cooking on the stove and knew I didn't have much time as I'd left Rhiannon with it..LOL
Speaking of whom...she is studying her butt off God love her. She had her 2nd exam yesterday and doesn't have another one till next Tuesday now.
Josh has been working so hard his hands are blistered and burnt. He has the next 2 days off though thank goodness.
Finally..I know I haven't said much about this competition on my blog but I did enter the Boxx DT competition and unfortunately I haven't made it through this last round. :( I had about a 30 sec look this morning and I'm going in now for a proper look but 2 of the most talented Boxx girls have made it through that I know...Mardi and Dee! So YAY for them..a huge congratulations!! It's a massive achievement and both of you should be really, really proud of yourselves! Awesome dudes!!
Thats it for me...my fingers are swollen from typing but at least now my head is clearer and not pounding as much as it was when I first started this HUGE post.
Take it easy everyone.
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

Good greif woman, I honestly dont know how you do it! I would be rocking in a corner. You sound like a wonderful friend to have and I am sure your friend will be grateful of any support you can offer her.
Sorry you didnt get through the DT comp, cat wait to see your creations, YOU like them and I like them and thats all that matters!
Take care and have a rest and a stiff drink, and dont worry about your neighbour, she's so not worth it!
And a great big huge thanks for the RAK and the material....girls you've gotta see this material, very very cool!

Mardi said...

Sharryn...bloomin heck woman...how do you do it all....my head swims reading your Blog.
I want to again wish Rhiannon all the best for her exams...
...I cant beleive yuor neighbour...more front than John Martins..fancy asking for money before the due date...Grr..I would have loved to see her face when you cancelled the Tupperware at short notice...hehe.
...and thankyou for the very kind compliments...you seriously are such a sweetie!!
Ill talk tomorrow...cos I have a widdle parcel in the mail...hehe
Mardi x

Julie said...

Told ya u do too much for everyone Sharryn & not enough for urself!
Take it easy girl.
"Marched my clacker"....ROFLMAO!!! Good to see u told her where to go.
UR such a good friend to have Sharryn, hopefully so many years won't go by again before u catch up with her.
Good luck to Rhiannon with her exams.
Don't forget to come up for air Sharryn...take a break. :)

Bec said...

Best of luck to Rhiannon for the exams..am thinking of her!

Yeah I'm a bit like Mardi (just less embarrassing experiences pmsl) but my head seriously does go into a fog reading your adventures hun...and you reckon I don't stop!

Good on ya for cancelling the tupperware order, serves the old coot right! (I don't care how old or young she is, she's behaving like an old coot)

Have a lovely Thursday!
Love n Hugz

Linda said...

OMGOSH Sharryn, I am dizzy from reading your post!
Hope your having a good week :)

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