Thursday, October 05, 2006

Scrapping away the days :)

Hi chickybabes :)
Hope you are all well and enjoying your week.
I've been plodding along here with the boys, Jack is enjoying the fact that he has one of the PS 2's in my bedroom all to himself. The others have left hm alone..I think they feel sorry for him...they actually do have feelings..LOL
Poor Jayden is sick as yet again. He had temps and headaches all yesterday and the Panadol wasn't working and by the afternoon I could hear it in his voice that his tonsils were inflamed...amazing how you can tell through their voice isnt it? He has had tonsilitis heaps of times before so I suppose I'm used to it. Anyway I took him to the docs and he was put on antibiotics yet again. The poor kids was so sick last night. :( He has a bit more of a pulse this morning though. :)
Jye is now home and his mate James has come to stay. James' mum is my friend who recently lost her mother. We've just learnt that another friend of hers, only an acquaintance of mine though, lost her husband last Thursday at the age of 44 due to some degenerative brain disease he contracted some time ago. How sad. :( It will leave the lady with 3 school age children. So my friend will go to that funeral tomorrow which is at the same cemetery as her mothers funeral. How strong is that? There is no way I could do that!!
I've been getting quite a few layouts scrapped for the Boxx 14 day challenge. I'm up to number 5 now and I have a couple of pics sitting here on my desk. I'm so over scrapping beach photos..LOL but I'm really happy with the way they're turning out so like they say..when you're on a good thing. Unfortunately Krys Yealland doesn't think so though..I sent through a layout today and fair dinkum it would've been 30 secs later I got a rejection!! OMFG!! It wasn't that bad!! LOL
I think it was for a layout I subbed the other day but usually when you get a rejection email it says what layout it's for. I have enough rejection emails to wallpaper the dunny!! Hmmmmm..maybe thats what I should do with them all!
Oh well..I don't care..I like my layouts!! LOL
Well I'm off to check out all your blogs to see what you've all been up to.
I've uploaded the last 3 layouts I've done for the challenge.
Oh...apparently we find out tomorrow who gets through to the next round for the Boxx good luck to everyone that entered.
Take care
Sharryn Joy :)


deirdre said...

LOL Sharryn with the subbing, I swear thats what it feels like for me too! 30 secs....rejected! Oh well they dont know what they are missing!
I love the middle beach LO, love the colours! I love all your work, but these just jumped right out at me.
Tell the kids to take it easy, and try and have a good day tomorrow. Good luck with the DT.

Beth said...

Shaz I love your layouts!!! And I love that photo of you and hubby and Rhiannon. Such a good looking family! Hope Jacks leg heals quickly!

Sam said...

I love your LO's too Sharryn..... Krys doesn't like my LO's either LOL
I almost got my hopes up with the last one as I hadn't had a response after 4 days LOL but then the good old rejection email came through this afternoon :D
good luck with the DT comp :)

Kylie said...

looove your layouts :D be good. lol

Mardi said...

Well Sharryn..I love your layouts...but if you want to wall-paper the bathroom as well...Ill print off all my rejections..LOL
Mardi x

Julie said...

Hope Jayden's a bit betta. Hate it when there sick.
30 sec's flat reject hey???? @ least u submitted them....never left wondering like me! Beside u know we love ur lo's.....I'd say if I didn't!
& conget's BTW....for getting through to the next round-DT BOXX.
U must be excited.

Shelley said...

Loving your layouts Sharryn! Great work. Nice to see a pic of you and hubby so we can put faces to the names. And keep submitting - you're doing better than me - I don't submit.. hang on... I haven't even been scrapping lately.. Stay cool!

Shelley :)

Shelley said...

OMG - is that one of yours I see going through to round three?

Shelley :)

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