Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More pics

Hi all,
How is everyone? I hope your week has started well.
Ours has calmed down somewhat thank goodness..LOL
My father had a surgical procedure yesterday at the local private hospital so I took him there and picked him up but when he got back here my mother was here so he didn't stay long..LOL They get on OK but he overheard a comment she made about him on Fathers Day and now he has the shits with her and I don't blame him. She can be the biggest bitch in the world when she wants to be..and thats most of the time..LOL
My parents have been divorced since I was three.
Michael went back to work today after having 4 days off. Josh is home on a day off..he hasn't had a day off for ages and is absolutely knackered with the hours he is putting in.
My good friend came and picked up Jye last night for 2 nights to stay with his best mate so I only have Jedd and Jack to chase after..Jayden is pretty low maintenance..LOL Jack is doing well with his stitches and is set up in my bedroom with one of the play stations so he's in little boy heaven at the moment.
Here is a pic of him the other night when we got home from the hospital:

Here is the formal pic of the three of make-up looks a bit dark as I got sunglasses marks from watching the boys play cricket that morning..LOL:

I've finished 2 layouts for the 14 day challenge but only have pics of one. Oh guess what?? That layout I did of my grandfather 'Ocker' won me the weekly challenge at the Boxx..LOL Must be because of his charm God love him!!
Here is the first layout for the challenge. It looks much better in real life..especially the pic.

Blogger is playing nice this morning. :)
Well thats about it for me this morning chickens. Boring I know but thats OK..I've had enough action lately to see me through to the rest of the year.

Have a good one
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

Awwww doesn't Jack look a bit worse for wear! :( I bet that ps is helping a lot with the pain & bordom.
What gorgeous pic of the 3 of u. Gosh Rhiannon does look so much like you! UR lo is fantab. BTW!
Take a long rest girly!

deirdre said...

Oh Sharryn, lovely pic of the 3 of you, cant wait to see the LO!
and poor Jack...I think you need to tie your kids up, to stop them hurting themselves, ROFLOL!
take it easy with less kids at home!

Sam said...

Congrats on your win :)
The photo of you and Michael with Rhiannon looks great.
Poor Jack looks all worn out :(

Yvette Adams said...

Love the formal photo of the three of you. You'd better scrap it!

Bec said...

Woohoo Sharryn!!! Congrats on the Boxx win hun! :-)
Absolutely LOVE that formal photo of the three of you.
Hope all is ok with your dad.
Love n Hugz n have a good week

gumgully said...

Love your pic Sharryn, and your layouts look fab. I hope Jack is getting better - real quick! Take it easy and enjoy the school hols
Take Care

Linda said...

Gorgeous photo of the 3 of you Sharryn! Great layout too!

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