Saturday, October 07, 2006

Diamonds are a girls best friends...LOL

Hey all,
How is everyones weekend going so far?
Mine has been quiet..had an easy one today seeing as I spent all last night in the chat room at the Boxx with the girls..LOL Great night and I'm still pissing myself laughing at some of the things we came up with. How funny!!
Someone has suggested going in again tonight so we'll see how I go..LOL Getting old I am. I had a nana nap this afternoon but thats nothing unusual I do most days on the weekend where I'm tired the most. It sucks 'cos it makes me feel worse when I do wake up. Can't complain though...Michael had a baked dinner cooking when I woke up this afternoon God love him. We've just finished it..roast pork with all the veges..yummo!!
I'm meant to be taking Jack to get his stitches out tomorrow but I've just taken the bandage thing off and the cut still looks pretty raw. By now the wound should look a bit better than it does but I think due to the deepness of this cut maybe it will take a few more days to heal? I don't know. It looks as though it could've done with one or two more stitches though.
God love Jack..he and I went up to the shopping centre at lunch time to get some groceries and the Lions Club was up there selling raffle tickets as they do every Saturday morning. I gave Jack some money and he won a fruit and vege should've seen him!! He was like a pig in shit jumping'd have thought he won Lotto..LOL
Oh..that reminds me of the conversation that took place here last night.
Jedd: If you could have anything in the world what would you want?
Me: Peace and quiet.
Jedd: Are you serious? You could have anything and you'd want peace and quiet? I'd want a million dollars.
Me: Well money can't buy everything you know.
Jack : Thats right won't buy a have to squeeze one of those out.

OMFG..what are these kids learning at school?? LOL Was funny though.
I got another layout finished this afternoon for the Boxx challenge. It's a pic of Rhiannon taken at the park last Saturday when we went for photos and I thought it was a cute pic so I scrapped it..LOL You can't see properly in the pic but her nails were really long and the bracelet around her wrist is made from diamontes. I thought it was a real 'lay' pic and I wanted to scrap it elegantly but with a bit of fun. I'm really happy with it although in then pic I've taken the word 'Diamonds' look red but they are a brown colour and you can't realy see the jewels in the word 'Friend'. You get the jist though.

Thats all from me this evening..have a great Sunday tomorrow.
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Ahh Sharryn..I had the BEST time last night (sounds like we've been on a secret
Love your layout of Rhiannon...she looks so gorgeous (and what I wouldnt give for that butt)....and Jedd..what a crack up.
Enjoy your night
Mardi x

Bec said...

When I finally hit the hay last night/this morning I could hear the bloody birds outside start to chirp...christ!

Love the layout hun, VERY creative!
Am missing ya in chat right now, but nevermind..2 nights of laughing hard could be a bit much.. lol

And good on Michael for putting the roast on! Have a great Sunday hun
Love n Hugz

Sam said...

brilliant LO
Hmmm missed all the fun by the sounds of it LOL

Julie said...

Hi Sharryn...I've been blog hopping tonight and found yours. Love the layout and it definately sounds like you had fun last night chatting. LOL

If it is ok can I add your blog to my link list,which is growing each day.LOL

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