Monday, October 02, 2006

Relax time now....

Hi chicks!
How is everyone? Feels like so long since I've been able to sit down and blog or read your blogs..just been so busy...BUT..all engagements are now over..LOL So I can now sit back and enjoy the school holidays. (Although I probably shouldn't say that too loud..fingers crossed all goes well..LOL).
Well it's been an amazing past week and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster..quite the journey.
As I mentioned previously, Rhiannon finished Yr 12 last Thursday. The school had an assembly in the morning then a Graduation Mass, supper and awards ceremony Thursday night which we didn't get home from till quite late.
Friday I had a rental inspection that went well and after the guy left I veged..LOL I was just so bloody tired after the week we'd had. From the youngests Holy Communion to the 2nd eldests Yr 12 Graduation...all the crap in between..LOL
Anyway after the 4 boys had their cricket games on Saturday morning we came home to get ready for Rhiannons Yr 12 formal. My neighbours dolled me up..ROFL Did my hair and make-up..Rhiannon got one of those Formal packages they are offering now..make-up, party tip nails and spray tan. Then she had to get her hair done..the list is endless..LOL
We had to be at the club for 6.30p.m so I arranged for us to go and get photos in the park. My father came to get pics as he was minding the boys anyway, Michaels mother and sister came also to get pics. The park we went to is great.
I'm hoping Blogger lets me upload all these pics..LOL Here are some pics: Head shot of Rhiannon...she looked absolutely stunning and oh so grown up!! Especially compared to the Yr 10 formal only 2 years ago!! The pic of her posing was just a muck around one..LOL Just want to give a better idea of the dress.

Hmmmm..seems I could upload those 2 but can't upload anymore.
Anyway..the formal was a great night and Michael and I had a good time. The decorations looked fantastic..the girls (well most of them..LOL) looked like princesses and the boys like princes. They really are a great bunch of kids and a very tight-knit group. They all get on so well and it was great to watch the relationships these kids have established on Saturday night. It was quite obvious that friendships from this group will be enjoyed for many years to come.
However...all good things must come to an end. After the formal most of the kids went to the 'after party' out the back of buggery..LOL We drove Rhiannon out there and her friends Mum brought her home. I'd actually rang the mother of the girl having the party the night before and apologised for not being able to make food or anything for the party as I usually would but I explained about the week I'd had and she was cool with that. I think she was just blown away that I'd rang and offered to help and suss out who was going to be there in the first place. Seems like there weren't many parents who did. I totally can't understand that..especially after hearing about parties getting crashed etc all the time. Michael and I actually walked right into the house on the night to suss it out even more..LOL we're like the only parents that got out of the car but we didn't care. I'd actually gone up and met the parents at the formal and they were so lovely but it doesn't hurt to be careful. They live in a gorgeous home on 5 acres and they'd hired security and everything but I still felt that I needed to be aware of all surroundings. Especially as I knew most of the kids had alcohol, including my daughter. (Yes..we bought her some cruisers for the after party). Is that bad?? She's only 17..not 18 until May. She is one of the youngest in her year but we would rather know she has something 'soft' to drink rather than pretend she's not going to do it and find her smashed on Scotch or something. Not that I think she ever would but theres also the possibility of drink spiking and I wanted her to have her own. She drank 4 God love her and 2 bottles of water in between. She brought the other 2 bottles home as I'd told her not to give the alcohol to any other kids that didn't bring any.
So she's had her first taste and done it well..ROFL We are very, very proud of her.
Sunday morning seen us all very tired. Michael didn't drink the night before but I'd had a couple..or 10..LOL I was just sooooooo tired as we didn't get to sleep to about 3.30a.m after driving Rhiannon out to the party then came home and Michael watched a movie. I got the basic housework done but I'd saved 2 scrapping mags to read for this day..the new FK and SM. In the afternoon Michael and I both fell asleep on the lounge, Rhiannon was here on the computer and the boys were playing soccer with the girl next door when Jye came running in to tell us 'Come quick..Jack has this thing hanging out of his knee and there is heaps of blood'. Farrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Turns out he's kicked the soccer ball and fell on the grass and either fallen on a squashed drink can or a sharp rock (thats what the kids came back with actually seen what he fell on) so it was a trip to the hospital for young Jack where he has received his first lot of stitches!! 4 in total.
He is a very, very lucky little boy though as it was quite a deep cut and was only after a while that they made the decision he wouldn't have to undergo an operation which of course is a good thing. Needless to say Jack has been moping around since being a sorry ass..LOL God love did look awful and he bled like anything...actually when the doctor came in to have a look he asked the nurse to get something to stop the bleeding and I just HAD to make the comment in my best American accent 'We've got a bleeder'..LOL You know like in the moving 'Something about Mary' when he gets his pecker caught in the zipper? Frank and beans..ROFL
I did get pics of Jack last night resting his knee but Blogger won't let me upload the bastard of a thing..LOL Will have to upload tomorrow if I can.
We all sat around watching the footy grand final last night but I ended up falling asleep yet again. I managed to watch most of it and it was a good game.
Today we'd had it planned to go to the beach for the day but we felt a bit slack seeing as though Jack couldn't do anything but he wanted to go. The beach we go to has a grassed area that Michael and I said we'd take turns sitting with him. The bloody child wouldn't know how to sit still anyway!!
When we got there Michael went about setting up the shade shelter on the grass so I wandered with the 3 boys down to the beach..them to to get pics..LOL
About 10-15 minutes into their swim I noticed Jayden float out a bit too far on his boogey board so I've called him back and he just waved. I didn't worry too much at this stage. I kept taking pics of them when I thought hey..Jye is also a bit further away and Jayden is even further!! At this stage I panicked a bit 'cos I'm not much of a swimmer. I was looking up and down the beach for someone to yell out to if things got out of hand but they were all mothers with youngkids and probably couldn't swim any better than me. Michael had his head down in the newspaper and was too far for me to go and get and leave the boys in the water. Jedd had realised Jye was getting tired so he went in and I was trying to get him out..I didn't need to save 3 of them. Jayden was still smiling and waving at this stage I don't think he realised how far out he had floated as he had his back to the waves. Jye was starting to get scared though so I stripped off and went in to get them. In that split second that you realise 'Fuck..this is getting out of hand' it's pretty scary. Especially knowing I'm not much of a swimmer. They weren't out that far that I would scream for help but all the same it was scary. I think more when you can see your kids are starting to panic. Right at the moment that I've stripped off Michael has looked up and I waved him down and he ran down to help but I'd already had it under control. Mighty Mum has saved the day!! ROFL I never want to go through that again though it wasn't good.
I think the worse thing though was me thrashing around in the water though in my bikini that I wear to the beach under my boardies. Unfortunately when I was sitting there taking photos I didn't have my boardies on, I had my normal clothes on and I wasn't getting them wet..LOL So I had to walk back to the picnic table with just my bikini and Michael taking photos of me!! Fair dinkum! I was shaking that much through panic I suppose, embarrassed that I had no friggen clothes on hardly and he's takes pics!! OMFG!!
So for the rest of the day the boys swam in the lagoon that runs off the beach and made it a lot easier for me to watch them.
Then..out of the blue..came the most magnificent sight I've ever seen...a whale!! AWESOME!! I've never seen one before and it was just fantastic! It was quite close at first then it swam out to the ships moored out to sea but it gave a great show. It swam up to the next beach after a while and you could see all the people gathered on the hill to watch it. It really made my day. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of it but it will be something I'll never forget and funnily, while I was watching the whale jump in and out of the ocean I was thinking of Steve Irwin and how lucky he was to experience these sorts of things on a day to day basis. Unbelievable.
So thats been my 1/2 a week..LOL..since last Thursday. I'm just hoping the next half is nice and quiet.
Nope..blogger won't let me upload anymore but at least I got to upload the 2 formal pics. Hopefully I'll get around to it tomorrow.
Have a great week everyone.
Sharryn :)


Bec said...

Rhiannon looks just gorgeous!!
So glad you found a moment to sit down and update..was beginning to worry.
Fingers crossed for a very quiet remainder of the week for you.
Hugz to Jack! Poor bugga!!!
Jayden floating out to sea sounds a little bit scary..he's lucky he has wonder woman as a mum!
I would *love* to see a lucky are you!?!?!
Have a fab week hun
Love n Hugz

Mardi said...

OMG....What a week...I was reading along about Rhiannons prom and thinking how great everything sounded..then a little alarm went off in my head" this is Sharryn...things arent ever this smooth"....only to read on to find you've had a lacerated knee and a near I can rest comfortably knowing everything is normal in Sharryns
Mardi x
...and let your DD know from me...she looked absolutley stunning...just beautiful!

deirdre said...

Rhiannon looked glam....just beautiful! and yes like Mardi, I was starting to think the calm before the storm....and yep there it was, LOL! Poor Jacks knee. and I bet Jayde got a fight too.
But seeing a whale! WOW!
have a good day, cant wait to see at pic of you all glammed up at the formal too!

deirdre said...

oh and I forgot to say congrats for winning the weekly challenge at scrapboxx with your grandpa's LO. well done!

Julie said...

How awsome it would've been to see a
Rhiannon looks absolutely stunning Sharryn, glad it was such a good night. & nope don't think u can ever be too careful with the kid's parites these days.
Hope Jack is feeling alot betta these days & with a supermum like u shows Jayden was in such good hands.

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