Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rhiannon has left school

Hidey hi
Well my darling daughter finished Yr 12 today...thats 2 down 4 to go. Getting there slowly but surely!!
I went to her last school assembly today which was nice..only trouble is I had to sit that far away in the auditorium that all my pics are blurry. I got a good one with her and the Principal but thats about it. I'm sure she has plenty of pics from her own camera though.
Tonight is the Graduation Mass then straight after the Awards presentation evening which personally I think is far too much for one night..especially for those of us with young kids. You gotta laugh though..there are some parents of high school students that no longer have small kids and you fair dinkum wonder whether they ever did they're that anal towards them. When the kids are in primary school it's considered funny or cute when babies or toddlers cry, fart or burp but do it when you're older kids are in high school and be exiled!! Begone evil one!! LOL
Not that my kids are young enough to get away with sitting there crying farting or burping...but hey..boys will be boys and I have 5 of 'em!!
I joined another challenge on the Boxx yesterday...OMFG..I don't know what it is with me and these challenges lately..but anyway I have to scrap 14 LO's in 14 days. I opted to start on Monday but as busy as I am I've actually scrapped 2 in the last 2 days!! You see..I have a new scrapping strategy for busy, busy people that don't have time to fart around procrastinating over layouts. Should I share my secret? Why not..LOL
I I can imagine many of you with digi cameras have..folder upon folder of photos. (AND..I hope they're all backed up?? Well..are they???)
Anyway..a while back it was taking me ages to sift through these folders and choose a photo that I felt like scrapping...then I'd have to choose cardstocks and patterned papers and embellies..etc etc Was taking forever and I just don't have forever to scrap layouts.
So..I started with the first folder...chose the first pic that I wanted to scrap from that folder...then the next pic..and so on. Not every pic in every folder is 'scrap-able' of course which makes my job a lot easier. At the end of the day though I know I can look at a folder and at a glance know that I have scrapped the pics out of there that I want. This is great also for when I've finished scrapping the last pic and I then have a look through the folder for the next pic I want to scrap. If it I haven't got time to scrap that day or whatever..I still know what photo is next and while I'm buzzing around doing housework or running the kids around..I can think about that photo and think about what embellishments and things I have to go with it and I'm finding that these layouts are just coming together in my head before I even sit down and scrap. Phew! Does all that make sense?
So if you see my last few LO's I've done..they are all taken on Xmas Day last year 'cos thats where I'm up to. Well I was today but I've now finished that now I'm up to Boxing Day..LOL
Works for me anyway.
This last layout is of my gorgeous grandfather who is 88 yrs old on Xmas Day last year. I love this pic of him it really shows the real him. He's a lovely old fella.
We call him Ocker. I have never, ever called him Pop or Grandpa or whatever else you call your grandfather..just Ocker. Even my grandmother (who has been gone 13 yrs this month) used to call him Ocker. All his kids, grandkids, friends, family..everyone..calls him Ocker. He is a fair dinkum legen this bloke!!
I'm using this layout for the weekly challenge at the Boxx..using 3 different sorts of patterned paper. The pic I have taken makes the strip of PP across the top look crooked but it's not.
Good luck to everyone who entered this round for the Boxx DT as well.

Take Care


Sam said...

fantastic LO Sharryn - He looks like a great bloke :)

Bec said...

Love the layout hun, Ocker looks to be a wonderful fella.

Congrats to Rhiannon on finishing Yr12!!! Best wishes for a fantastic future for her.

And well done on taking up the 14 los in 14 days challenge. I knew I wouldn't be able to do I didn't bother signing up.

Have a great weekend!
Love n Hugz

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn....Im so gald you revealed your scrapping strategy..I was wondering what it was... it sounds like a great idea.

I loved your 'Ocker'layout..its funny how our Grandparents get knick names...Ive always called my Grandfather "Parp"... anyway...he looks like a darling.

Congratulations to Rhiannon finishing Year 12....what a huge achievement.

Mardi x

Julie said...

I like how u've put the lo together Sharryn, Ocker looks like a fantab. man & I bet he has some funny stories to tell!
Congrat's for Rihannon on yr 12.
What does she plan on doing career wise??
He he good luck with the dt challenge & the 14 in 14days challenge....ur problem is ur addicted & hey it wouldn't matter n e ways it means u get lo's ur strategy....need a fast approach too that's what I do....procrastinate over lo's.
Get busy scrapping

deirdre said...

Love the ocker LO Sharryn. I know what you mean about pics of LO's looking crooked. I just cant get a good pic of mine either. There has to be a trick to it, I've even though of sticking them to the floor to take a pic of them.

And congrats to Rhiannon, what an achievement!
hope you had a good weekend!

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