Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hi girls,
Now before I start..those glued to this blog for the next instalment of the 'Neighbours' saga will be disappointed..I haven't even seen them since the other day. I think she heard me ranting to Michael about it and is lying low. Haven't seen any of them actually...LOL Oh least she knows I'm peed off about it!
Apart from training as usual. Jedd decided last night that he doesn't want to play anymore the bugger of a child. During a 2 day game mind you, which runs over 2 weekends. I'll be seeing his coach tonight and letting him know but somehow I don't think he's going to be a happy chappy. To be honest I'm not too worried. Jedd is going to high school next year and he has a lot of changes coming up. I spoke to the teacher at the high school yesterday about the transition program that runs near the end of this term for Aspergers kids where they are taken once a week to the high school and shown around and introduced to teachers etc. It makes their lives a whole lot easier when they start there next year.
He also has an Orientation day up there next Saturday where all the Yr 7 kids for next year sit a test. This is also going to be daunting for him as they do it in the school hall which is massive. I'm waiting for the spec. ed teacher to get back to me about this.
The HSC starts today..Rhiannon has her first exam tomorrow which is English. She is studying her bum off God love her but she's not stressed. I've talked to her about it and said that it's not the be all and end all. A lot of parents and teachers stress these kids out so much but I think it's not warranted. They are 17-18 year old kids and don't need the extra pressure. You can only do your best.
Now..are any of you trivia buffs? I'm organising the cricket clubs trivia night this season which will be held in February and I need questions and answers and web sites maybe to get info from. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. :)
Speaking of cricket...this weekend we have the boys club games on Saturday morning (they go for at least 3 hours) then Jye has a Rep. trial game all day Sunday. Yippee!! LOL At least it's a home game. We now have the draw for when the Rep. comp starts and we're off to Newcastle this year. Great!
Thats it for me..I've done a few layouts and I have 1 to go for the 14 day challenge although I didn't complete them in 14 days..LOL
Nope..Blogger is being an asshole again...which leads me to believe Blogger is male...ROFL
Will have to upload another day.
Take it easy
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

Awww was waiting for something to happen. Ahhh well.
Sounds like the school know what they are doing in reguard to Jedd & others who may need more of an intro into high school, great idea for him to get used to the place.
Cricket....ummmmmm yeh good luck with that! U love organising don'y ya? Just don't stretch ya self too thin luvvy.

Shelley said...

Blogger is definately male... :p

And yes... I was waiting eagerly for the next Neighbours instalment - must better than the neighbours on the telly :p

Stay cool

s. :)

deirdre said...

bugger, wanted to hear about the brawl. and yes I agree, blogger is male! will wait eagerly for the next installment on the neighbours saga!

Mardi said...

Hi Sharryn....Yes Blogger is a doubt. Best of luck to Rhiannon for her sounds as though she is a very switched on and sensible girl...and she has prepared no use stressing out.
I get so tired of trying to upload photos using Blogger that I now upload them into photobucket and then paste them into the html page in seems to be a lot quicker in the long run.
Mardi x

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