Sunday, September 10, 2006

YAY..I scrapped!

Hi my lovelies,
How is everyones weekend going?
It's still peeing down raining here and doesn't look like letting up. :(
I just finished re-reading my post from yesterday and gee there are a lot of spelling mistakes..LOL I really hate spelling's a HUGE pet hate of mine. OCD my father reckons..LOL My keyboard is starting to stick though and making it hard to type.
I finally got a chance to scrap yesterday afternoon and got 2 layouts done (well I've just finished the 2nd one now). The first LO is one for a competition so I can't upload that now but the 2nd one is that pic of Rhiannon that I altered in PS a few weeks back. Hopefully blogger will let me upload it.
Michael has taken Jye to Rep. cricket trials..yep..I gave in and let him go after I said he wasn't going. I felt that as a punishment it was a bit too harsh but I have spoken to Jye about it and explained why I have given in..and explained that if what he did ever happens again then there will be big trouble. He is generally a pretty good kid though and doesn't give me much trouble. Give him a ball of any kind and he's happy..bit like a performing seal.
We've had Steve Irwin on the whole friggen weekend..Jayden is taping him. Foxtel has a big marathon on for the whole weekend. If I hear Crikey again I'm going to put my fist through the TV!! Actually..I was watching it last night and he really was an amazing man and fearless with the animals. He was extremely passionate about what he did and I bet he would've been a top bloke to know in real life.
OK..well thats it for me..I just nicked in to upload this lates layout so I hope it works.
Sharryn :)
Oh..the pic looks a bit crooked but it's windy outside and hard to get a pic.


Mardi said...

So glad you got a chance to scrap and your layout is just beautiful.....I love this photo that you have altered...its stunning.

Hope you re having a lazy Sunday...take care
Mardi x

deirdre said...

Love this LO Sharryn, and that pic of Rhiannon is just gorgeous. well done chicky. And GO Mrs Cocky hunter....ROFPML. We hate them too, dont really get them down here thank goodness! Cant wait to see what you do with the K$Co letters, they are yummy.
have a good day, dxx

Shelley said...

Gorgeous Sharryn - I loved what you did with the photo and you have really done it justice!

Shelley :)

Bec said...

Raining here too...and cold and windy and I am over it.
Love the layout hun, looks gorgeous!
Have a good week.

Love n Hugz

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