Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sad loss

Hi chicks,
How are you all?
I received a very sad phone call this morning from a good friends husband to tell us that my friends mother had passed away this morning. She was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed by many people. It is a very large family and this lady is very well known in the community. I'm going to go and see my friend this afternoon. I really hate these situations though as I never really know what to say. I think most of the time it's nice just to know that people are around you and that they care.
I really feel for my friends father at this time as he and his wife were inseperable. She cleaned houses for pocket money and he would take her and sit out the front in the car reading his paper..never complaining of how long she took or anything. God love him. RIP Dulcie.
Gee..it's been a huge week for deaths hasn't it? Gets a bit depressing after a while..I think everyone needs something lovely to happen to pep us all up..don't we?
I haven't done much more in the way of spring cleaning although I don't have much left. I got the boys into their room on the weekend but it looks just the same as it did last week! Bloody kids!! Not looking forward to getting in there.
I'm looking forward to going to this Crop for a Cure on Sunday and I've talked my friend..the one who has just had a mestectomy..to come along. She booked her seat yesterday. Will be a good day.
Michael is home from work due to the rain..grrr..I wish it would stop! I still have bags of linen to wash due to the bloody leaky shower and the longer it's left..the worse it's going to be. There is now way I'm washing it and putting it all through the drier though..not if it already has mould on it. I may as well just chuck it out and go and buy new sheets. I'm really overdue for new linen anyway.
Jak was so suprised on Sunday when his friends turned up for lunch. I thought he was going to cry when he realised they were there for him!! They had a great time.
I had to laugh at Jedd though..he is my DS with Aspergers and is 11 yrs old. For those don't know much about Aspergers it's a form of Autism and let me tell you Aspies DO NOT hold back if they have something to say. They don't mean to be rude or smartasses..they are merely stating what they are seeing. Anyway..there was this huge table of Muslims not far from us. Obviously they had ordered their own pizzas rather than opt for 'The Works' menu where you just serve yourself. Jedd kept staring at them and I had to tell him a few times not to stare as it's rude.
After a while he was still staring and in a very loud voice he piped up...'Do you think I should go and tell them that they have to get up and get their own food? I think they are waiting for the pizza to come to them'. ROFL Jedd has never been to the Pizza Hut where we've ordered pizza..just when the works menu is on so it was very funny as he seriously had no idea and was wondering why they were just sitting there..LOL
I'll leave you with that and catch up with you all later.
Ciao for now
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

so sorry to hear about your friends mum Sharryn.

glad the party went well.
keep your chin up chook!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your friends mum... too many deaths this week, thats for sure.

LOL at the pizza comment :) That's pretty funny!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear about your friends mum Sharryn
my thoughts are with your friend and her family :(
Sounds like the party was a blast :D

Yvette Adams said...

Sad news. I never know what to say either. I wish you the best and hope your friend and her family get thru it OK.

Bec said...

Your friend is extremely lucky to have you hun!
Great idea to get your other friend out and about. How is she doing now?
So glad Jak got a wonderful surprise and enjoyed himself..and I have been 'lmao' for a few mins over Jedd..what a beautiful soul!
Take care hun
Love n Hugz

Kylie said...

rotfl.. what jedd said is so funny!

so sorry about your friends mum :(

i had a funeral this morning myself and it was awful.. yeah it's been an awful week or so for deaths :(

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