Saturday, September 09, 2006

3rd death...told ya!

Hey hey hey :)
Wot's doing?
I was going to have a bit of a rest day today and get a layout done but no...the world had other ideas!! Seems that our shower..that Michael had a go at fixing..head leaked all through my linen closet. Seems that Michael knew this..but didn't tell me as he didn't think it wouldn't gone through 'everything'..just the 1 doona cover that he pulled out last week. Just the 1 thing. Aggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
I have no less than 4 FRIGGEN garbage bags FULL of MOULDY linen and towels that I have to now WASH...and it's PISSING DOWN RAINING!! OMFG!!
Do men not think or are they just genuinely fucking STUPID??
I had a nice, clean house this I have piles of linen everywhere in baskets and bags so I can air out the linen cupboard. I am so over this cleaning shit I really am. I've had the boys in their room today doing that out (to the best of their ability) so that leaves me the kitchen and the laundry. Almost done. :)
Oh..I still have that cornere here in the loungeroom and the book shelf but that won't take long. My wrist is giving me hell that last few days..the one I I'm trying not to use it as much but it's a bit hard seeing as it's my right hand and the one I use for everything.
Don't know if I mentioned but we are taking Jack to Pizza Hut tomorrow for his birthday for lunch with a few of his mates. He actually doesn't know 'cos he gets that excited that he makes himself sick so it's a surprise sort of thing. Also, he nags the shit out of me and starts the countdown and I HATE that with a passion!
Michael has just taken Jayden to the library and then they are going to watch our newphew play in the semis for footy. I probably should've gone but but he is playing at my boys field and I think if I saw anyone from our club and they asked me why Jye didn't come back I'd explode. I'm still really pissed off with them. To this day they didn't ring to see how his arm was, how it healed or to ask was he coming back. How slack is that after bunging on the sob story about how they desperately needed him and couldn't play without him? Assholes..the lot of them!
I had to laugh this morning..I had a bit of a Steve Irwin tribute here with Michael and the boys..LOL When I was cleaning out the linen cupboard this huge bloody cockroach came wandering out and everyone here is shit scared of them. We don't get that many but when one comes I love to terrorise everyone with it..being the mother and wife of the year that I am..ROFL
Anyway..this cocky was massive and I chased it and it run in the lounge room where everyone was sitting. Just as they seen it I jumped on it's back and I was yelling for Michael to get on the floor and help me with it's jaws and I was pretending to do the death roll with it. All the while I was yelling at the kids to move and get out of the way..'Danger, Danger, danger' I was saying. Then I had it cupped in my hands and saying things like 'Look at this little beauty' and 'Ain't she a darlin'..LOL and putting it in really close to them. They were fair dinkum, dead set shitting themselves..ROFL Then I released it 'back in the wild' and over the back fence. I'm half expecting the men in white coats to pull up in the driveway soon and take me away..LOL. Hmmmmmmm..thats probably where Michael has get them!
Oh well..I thought it was funny but I suppose it was one of those moments where you just had to be there!
I've just read Becs' blog and there is the 3rd predicted by me yesterday!! OMFG! I am a phsycic (sp?)..LOL
Apparently Colin Thiele died..remember him? He was the author of the classic Australian film 'Storm Boy'. Fantastic movie. I love it and I remember the day my father took me to see it and it was the first ever movie I cried at. I'll never forget the lights coming on at the ewnd of the movie and tears streaming down my face and my dad comforting me. I'll have to remind him. Sweet memories.
I'm off now to have a go at getting a layout done.
Have a good one.
Sharryn :)


Shelley said...

LMAO - I love reading your blog! Glad you weren't around this morning when I found the cockroach in the new house - I was a real girl!! :p Glad no one else was there.

I saw the snippet in the paper about Colin Thiele. The sad thing was I said to one of the boys at work *oh Colin Thiele died*. He looked at me blankly and said *who*? :(

Thanks for keeping it real!

s. :)

Bec said...

pmsl, oh hun I am sorry, but this gave me the giggle that I really needed at the moment.
Happy Birthday to Jack, love n hugz from the kids and I.
Rest that wrist...if you have one of those wrist guards like I wear for my CTS then whack that on.
Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. Have a great day tomorrow. Take care
Love n Hugz

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