Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thanks for your wishes

Hey dudettes!
Hope all is well in your worlds.
Thanks for the kind wishes yesterday regarding my friends mum. I went and visited her yesterday and as far as someone can go that has just lost their mother she is doing well. Her DH has been great and she has 2 great kids so that makes life a bit easier. I seriously didn't know what to take her..even though someone is a close times like these it's still awkward isn't it? She's so not a flower me..but I bought this lovely arrangement in a little tin bucket which was really nice and not too huge and gaudy as some arrangements are. A sympathy card and this gorgeous little mini book I found full of sympathy verses. It's so nice and says what I find it hard to.
I've also sent her a copy of my Nans funeral book that I made for her funeral so she can have a look at the words and verses we used on that for ideas. Something small but at least I feel I've done something to help. I'm also going to ring her dad and offer to help with the wake. It's a large family but who feels like cooking etc when you've just lost a loved one? Better an outsider do it.
Michael has finally gone back to work today. He has had quite a few days off with this rain. He'll probably be home early today too seeing as it's still so wet and mushy everywhere. I really need the money at the moment. We went Xmas shopping on Monday and spent far more that we should've. Oh least it's a start..although I'd already bought a few things a fortnight before. I hate shopping with a passion so it's always better for me to grab what I can while I'm out. LOL
My linen closet is starting to dry out although the mould smell is sooooooo bad. I sent Michael up to buy one of those closet camel things that evaporates all the wetness in the air and it works a treat. Pity it doesn't take the mouly smell out though. I'll just keep scrubbing away at it I think.
The sun is out here today so I might get a start on all this washing in bags I have. if I don't have enough washing with 8 people in the friggen house!!
I found a dress to wear to Rhiannons formal! It's black and I'm wearing silver shoes and a silver handbag. So not me but I'm happy with what I look like in it..ROFL Josh came home from work last night and I paraded for hm and even he said it looks it must. I also paraded for my eighbour and herdaughter who are both fashion freaks and they said I loo lke a yummy mummy..LOL So there you go..Shaz is off to the ball...Cinderella...NOT!! I'll have to post some pics here when we go.
OK..I'm off...housework is calling and I have a layout sitting here that I want to finish.
Have a great day.
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

you go yummy mummy!!!!! cant wait to see the pics, bet you look gorgeous! So glad your linnen press is drying out, I hate washing, and I would have a heart attack if that happened to me. So glad your friend is coping, you are a good friend to be there for her. I have a LO to finish too, so happy scrapping!

Julie said...

ROFLMAO! Yummy Mummy! U go gril.
Hate that mould smell....glad it's drying out.
Gosh yeh....8 people.... washing, couldn't imagine if it was left for a week.....Sheesh!....don't envy u there Sharryn.
A beautiful lo of Rhiannon, haven't scrapped in such a long time.
& ur right (in ur other post) u never know exactly what to say when someone passes but just being there is what matters...
Be good....;)

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