Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sunshine finally

Hey all,
Hope you are all well.
Finally the sun has come out here!! YAY! Yes I know we need rain and I actually used to love the rain rather than the sunshine but I've outgrown that...LOL It's just that I have sooooooooo much washing here to get done after the leaking shower catastrophe. I got 2 huge washing machine loads done yesterday and they are out on the line. I have enough clothes washing to keep me going till eternity so I have to leave the sheets out overnight which I hate doing but thems the can't have it all.
I'll hopefully get another couple of loads done today. I bought some bleach to scrub the mould in the linen closet but I seriously don't think the leak is fixed. I'll have to get a plumber out today for a sticky beak. Boo!
Here I am bragging about this huge spring clean I'm in the middle of but when you knock on my front door all you can see is baskets and baskets of sheets and towels...kinda defeats the purpose of bragging huh??
Well cricket training has started yeehaa..LOL Jedds team had training last night and there are a lot of new kids in the team. Hopefully Jedd will play like he did last year and things will be fine.
It seems we have the same problem as you Yvette...with fish. Don't know if I mentioned but Michael set up a tank as a tropical tank and we did all the proper things...had the water ready for a week before buying fish etc etc Bought the fish and they've all just about died! They aren't cheap either! Joshs' mate has just looked in the tank and says oh can't have the angel fish with the gouramis...just as the gourami is eating the eye of the DEAD angel fish!! Michael checks the tank each morning before he goes to work and picks out any dead ones so the kids can't see them but obvioulsy he missed the angel fish. Far out!!
I might ring the aquarium today and ask them what they think we are doing wrong or if we just can't have those type of fish in the tank. They do seem t be very aggressive though. Out of the 10 neons (guppies) we had only 3 are left!
Michael said if they al die we'll just turn it back into a normal tank but I don't want to. Gee..this keyboard is peeing me keeps missing letters and it looks as though I can't spell..LOL
I finished the LO I wanted to yesterday so I'll try and upload it. I also coverd a Basic Grey lunchpail album that I'm taking on Sunday to work no rather than bigger LO's. I'll take pics of that later and upload them too.
Take it easy and have a great day
Nope blogger doesn't want to play :)


Julie said...

Glad there's sunshiney days there Sharryn.
Hope Jedd gets to play in his cricket team...when it starts.
Bummer about the plummer :(
I don't like leaving n e thing on the line over night as well, except if I do some @ about 11pm then I leave it
Can't wait to see the lunchpail!...gotta get some inspiration somewhere-I don't own n e lol.

deirdre said...

glad you are finally getting that mouldy washing done Sharryn. Have yo tried the nappy san oxy stuff in the pink bucket thingy? that always works for me!
cant wait to see your lunchpail....I have never done an off the page project, have lots of ideas....just not the know how...LOL
have a good day chook

Shelley said...

yeah ditto to looking forward to seeing the lunchpail :D
I've been eyeing them off for a while but haven't got around to getting myself one of them. Although even if I did, i'd have to add it to the *to do* pile.

s. :)

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