Friday, September 15, 2006

Hi that word..boogers
How stupid am I? I went and bought some bleach to clean the mould out of my linen closet but before I used it for that I started the big clean of my kitchen. I diluted some bleach to use around the skirting boards etc and was scrubbing away diligently until the back of my finger started hurting. I thought I'd got a splinter or something and kept going..until the other finger started hurting. Der..dumbass!! My fingers were friggen BURNING!! Dickhead me didn't wear gloves and the bleach wasn't diluted enough so I now have nice little red burns across the back of 3 fingers! Capitol D for DICKHEAD!! LOL
Gosh I'm over this cleaning and scrubbing..LOL I'm determined to get it finished though and I really don't have that much to do. I'm having a break today though after yesterday I worked my freckle off and I'm so tired. I ended up getting all the linen washed..on top of the clothes etc I had so thats good. In the end I lost about 1 garbage bag full of stuff so all in all and considering the amount of stuff that was in the closet I don't think thats such a bad equation. I'm glad the sun came out when it did though and the rain went away otherwise I'm sure it would've been a completely different story!
Oh least when the shower has been resealed and whatever else has to be fixed is done all my sheets, towels etc will be extra clean to be put back in the closet..LOL
I'm supposed to be at Jacks grade Mass this morning but I seriously just wanted to come home and chill today. I feel a bit slack but I normally don't miss them. Actually a friend said to me the other day that I was becoming a stranger up at the school as I usually walk the boys down every morning for assembly etc but since I started the big spring clean I haven't been going down. There is a reason for me giving the school a wide berth at the moment..I want to get the cleaning done and if I go near the school I always get sucked in to help with something. Everyone knows if you're on a roll with cleaning of any sort you run with it!! ROFL Otherwise it'll never get done!
Thats it for me this morning. I'll try and upload that LO of Jedd again. I'll also try and get pics of the lunch pail uploaded soon too.
Take care
Sharryn :)
Nope..blogger not playing again.


Mardi said...

Sorry Ive beem missing MIA Sharryn....just a bit hectic around here.
I was reading of your linen cupboard woes.....and just wondering why I was whinging about 4 beds of linen...imagine if it had been the whole cupboard...Arggghhhhh! I hope the leak gets fixed soon and you can put everything away and continue bragging about your new spring cleaned house.
Sounds like life has been very hectic for you as well....take care
Mardi x

Mardi said...

Just me again...first visiting every five minutes...LOL

I was just reading Dee's blog and she mentioned the vintage material......did you have any left?...if so...could I send you an envelope....Id WUV some.
Mardi x

Shelley said...

Lol at boogers... My cat's name is Booga (yeah yeah 16 years ago when I got him it seemed like a good idea at the time!).

Shelley :)

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