Friday, September 01, 2006

Still cleaning..

Hey female friends..LOL How are you all?
I'm absolutely knackered!! I don't know what the bloody hell has come over me but I gotta say I'm benefiting from it!
I'm still not feeling 100% but it's really weird..I have this really strong urge to clean and unclutter everything in my way. I've done my bedroom out completely and like I've mentioned..this was no mean feat. I bought a new quilt cover which I'm not sure I really sheets and curtains which I washed all today and put on the bed/windows. Still trying to get used to them. The quilt cover is a real scrappers quilt cover..LOL..with circles all over and like different patterned paper. I almost felt obliged to embellish the bloody thing..ROFL
I've also been walking with a passion this week..not overdoing things..but breaking into a bit of a trot..LOL..eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I have given so much stuff away in the last 3 days it's not funny. Clothes, material, wool etc. It feels great to give things away to people you know will use it rather than sit on it in the hope you MAY use it one year..5 years down the track!
Tomorrow the boys are going through their 60 odd board games..and believe me..that is no exaggeration. Whatever they don't want is going to the school for Kids Club.
It's amazing the feeling you get from uncluttering everything you've held on to 'just in case'.
Tomorrow I'm starting on my lounge room which isn't that bad but will be going through the drawers of the wall which contains old LP's etc. Have just cleaned all the top of the wall unit and behind it not long ago..dusted off trophies etc so won't be that much of a drama. Only problem is my lounge room and family/dining room is one massive L shape and when you walk in thats all you see...shit everywhere 'cos my scrap table is right up against the back wall. Hmmm..maybe I can move stuff around but nowhere for anything else to go. I'm actually dreading Xmas 'cos there is nowhere to put the bloody tree only where my scrap table is. Ummmmm..maybe we won't have a tree this year??
TOUCH WOOD..everyone is OK here at the moment. Josh got over his coughing, spitting and farting in 48 hours. Michaels blood tests came back OK. I went to the rheumatologist yesterday and have to go for a full day of tests on Monday (bone scan) and a heap more blood tests but I expected that seeing as I have fibromyalgia and never seen a rheumatologist before.
However, the drama for us at the moment is my mother who, yet again, has been bitten by a white tail spider. She was diagnosed as a diabetic a few years ago, takes Diabex or whatever they are but doesn't control her diet very well. Anyway, her doc thought the sore on her little toe wasn't healing due to diabetes and she has been going to him every day for about 2 weeks. He took tests and swabs etc and it turns out it was a spider bite. This is the second time a white tail has bitten her, the first time she was really sick but this time she is looking at losing her toe. Her doc gave her a letter to take to the hospital yesterday which she did. They hooked her up to a drip fill of antibiotics, left the canular in her arm and sent her home. She came here as we are just up the road from the hospital. She had to go back this morning for more antibiotics and got out of there 2.00p.m this afternoon. Why the friggen hell didn't they just keep her there? She has to keep going back until the community nurse can come out and see her.
This is a drama and a half for her as she has been bitten previously by a baby funnel web and a redback. The funnel web put her in hospital years ago for about 2 months. Not good.
Last weekend we swapped my mother with a small fish tank that Michael picked up from the school fete for her really big one which I wanted but have no friggen idea how to run..LOL Michael has always had fish tanks so we've decided to turn it into a tropical tank. We've had the water 'purifying' or whatever for a week, got a new filter and all that crap, bought the plants which are in and just waiting for the fish which we''ll probably buy just a few this weekend.
Rhiannon is sleeping at school tonight in the school hall as part of the St Vincents De Paul Winter sleep out. Last year when she done it she rang us in the morning at around 6.00a.m crying her eyes out she had become so sick. She gets feral tonsilitis.
Anyway..I feel like I'm rambling on shit again here..LOL
Have a great weekend all and catch you all soon.


Julie said...

Sharryn if that urge to clean goes beyond ur house feel free to come down here & clean
I had to laugh "swapped my mother for the fish tank"....the way it was written...cracked me up!
Sounds like the spiders of Aust. don't like ur mother much....or maybe they love her a bit too much...hope it heals faster...
Good to see Josh's bugs have left the building....
Take care of ur self :)

Yvette Adams said...

How cool that you have the decluttering bug! You will feel so much better when you've decluttered :) I wish I could get my husband to declutter. I'm not allowed to touch his "stuff"!
Your mum has had some pretty bad luck with spiders. How nasty! I hope she gets better soon and keeps her toe.
Oh and about the fish - if you want advice on how to kill them, come to me. We're down to 4 from an original 16 :(

Shelley said...

Its great when you get the urge to declutter eh! While I've been packing i've taken the chance to get rid of the excess...

I had the same thought as Julie - about the swapping the mother.. lol. Speaking of your mum - I hope it works out ok for her - strange that she has such bad luck with them.

Stay cool

Shelley :)

Kylie said...

hope rhiannon has a better yr this yr at the sleepout. hope u r back to 100% soon! at least by the 17th anyway lol

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