Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Spring clean

Howdy y'all,
Hope you are all good!
Well as usual..there have been dramas in the Thomson household! It wouldn't be us otherwise..LOL
I've seriously been thinking about spring cleaning lately but due to being sick could only think about it. So yesterday I started in our bedroom which..let me tell you..will be a massive achievement when finished!! I have so much shit in there it's not funny! Anyway...I got stuck into it yesterday morning even bagging up all the stuff I had been selling previously on Ebay when I had my little shop up and running. (I sold clothes and things but stopped because it really became a full time thing and I just couldn't keep up!!) So I had some great clothes to give away and bagged them all up. I gave 3 huge bags to my next door neighbour for people at her church. There is a couple with a lot of boys so they got those. I took 2 huge bags and a box full over to my brothers ex's fathers' house 'cos she is AWOL again and stuff knows when I'll hear from her. I gave her all the girls clothes for my niece and the other 2 girls she has now. I have to say..I've been sitting on all this stuff telling myself that there would come a day when I would sell it all again but I feel quite invigorated that it's all gone and there is a clean, dust free spot where the boxes and bages once were..LOL My goal is to get our bedroom streamlined so I can go buy new sheets, quilt cover and curtains. I really feel we need a change in there. We have in our room a huge bookshelf that just has to be cleaned out and we also have all the kids really 'good' stuff that they feel they can't leave around plus 6 huge plastic containers..1 for each kid..which contains all their art work and school stuff from over the years. So you can imagine..we have a bit of this and a bit of that in our room! Not good.
So I get half way through that and I get a phone call from my President of the primary schools Mothers Club asking me to come up to the school to wrap Fathers Day pressies for the stall on Thursday. Now normally I'm the first one there but hello? Isn't there someone else who can friggen do it? I seem to remember that meeting where many hands shot up saying they'd help! There were 4 women there and 2 not even on the Mothers Club!! Needless to say..thats where I spent my afternoon. Not real happy about that either. :(
Jack is having Holy Communion lessons every Tuesday afternoon for 5 weeks and yesterday was his lesson day. After picking the kids up I got he and I ready to go up to the church when my darling eldest son rings up...sick as a dog and sounding like he'd escaped from Rookwood! 'Mum..can you come and get me..I'm sick'. This is OK of course..apart from the fact that he is now working in the city and it's now 3.15p.m...peak hour traffic! we trotted to pick up Josh. Lucky for us we had a great run there to get him and being the true scrapbooker I am..I took my camera so I could get photos of the restaraunt he's working in now..LOL Gorgeous place!
Anyway...poor old Josh looked like death warmed up but as you can imagine you can't really drive that quick around the city. Finally we got back on the M5 only for Josh to yell out that he was going to vomit. OMFG!! Quick scenario...we were on the M5 with a truck right up our ass...3 little boys in the back, back of the van searching frantically for something for Josh to throw up in..a mother in the front digging also..a father driving and trying really hard to keep his own stomach intact, trying to see up ahead if there was an Emergency bay we could park in. It was an absolute scene from a movie. Then as if it couldn't get any more bizarre..poor old Josh just couldn't keep it in any longer and throws his shoe!! The 3 boys in the back back were absolutely horrified to witness this and their faces were just priceless.
We finally got to an Emergency bay where Michael had to cut a cordial bottle in half...with his key of all Josh had something a little more refined to vomit in. Made it back to Campbelltown where Josh had been sick the whole way home and we took him straight to our Medical centre. Lucky for us, my friend was working on Reception and she got him a bed in the treatment room almost straight away. Our doctor was also on duty so we were lucky there also.
Only thing was..every time Josh moved he vomited so we had to get him into the treatment room between barfs in front of a million people..with no shoes on his feet.
He got a needle to stop him from vomiting and as soon as he sat up he vomited again. It was an absolute nightmare! He looks a little bit more alive this morning least he now has a pulse.
Things like that you can look back on and laugh but it's a real crisis in the middle of things like that and I hate it.
All illnesses aside now..I'm thinking about signing 3 of the boys up for Little A's this year. All my kids, except Jack, did Little A's for years but I'd had enough a few years ago and pulled them out. I'd really like Jack to do it now as he is a really good little runner and he enjoys it. I think it would be good for Jedd too. The only thing I'm worried about is them being tired for the next day of cricket.
I have 3 days to think about this as Little A's starts Friday night. Of course, they have all said they want to do it but we'll see.
I went for another walk this morning around the soccer fields and even had a 30 sec jog..LOL Woohoo!!
Anyway gorgeous girlies..I'm off to get back in my bedroom and clean so I'll chat later.


Shelley said...

OMG Sharryn... I read your blog and get exhausted... :))

Shelley :)

deirdre said...

Good to hear you are on the mend Sharryn. The vomit car trip sounds horrific but hilarious, I hate gastro with a passion, only have to breathe and I get it. Not a good thing when working in an emergency dept that see's alot of kids with gastro!
Take care, and I hope you get your yummy new doona cover etc for your bedroom!

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