Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day girlfriends..ROFL!! Hope you all have a great day!
We've just come back from having breakfast at a park with the outlaws, my father, my sister and brother in law, niece and newphews, my father and of my brothers, and my grandfather. Was very nice. I got a few pics but haven't uploaded them yet.
Michael and my father have just taken the kids for a look around some shops and to get me a cupboard for my scrapping supplies to put on the back of my a hutch type thing. So I can play with all my stuff again. I've bought so much stuff lately and I've just been stuffing it in drawers while I've been spring cleaning and I have no bloody idea what I have here.
The spring cleaning is still happening with a vengeance and I have accomplished so much. I feel great after giving so much stuff away!! :)
I still have a fair bit to go though but today and tomorrow will be rest days. Tomorrow I have an appointment for some bone scan that takes almost a whole day to do.'s been a week since I've started walking and eating different etc. I did a big walk this morning at the picnic area and it was nice to have a bit of different scenery.
Josh and Rhiannon both had to work today so we'll see them tonight. I'm cooking a nice dinner for Fathers Day so hopefuly we can all sit and eat together.
Well..I have my brother here nagging the shit out of me so I'm going.
Chat soon and take care

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Bec said...

Happy Fathers Day hun. Sounds like you've had a lovely day and I am really glad.
Good luck with the bone testing tomorrow, lemme know how it goes.
I can't wait until I am feeling up to spring cleaning as well, house is a mess..but not in the mood to do anything about it.
Have a good week Sharryn
Love n Hugz

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