Saturday, September 16, 2006

Something old...

FINALLY!! Blogger lets me upload!
The top LO is the Angel Gabriel I mentioned in a previous post..the New Wetsuits LO I've done for a challenge over at Scrapboxx and the Basic Grey lunch pail album is my own special thing that I chose to do rather than the EDM comp. I'm going to do a 6' x 6' LO on each family member ie my kids, Michael and I, our parents, siblings, nieces and newphews so eventually I should have a little LO on each person and where they are at in life now.
I used Chatterbox PP to cover this tin and Rhiannon isn't overly fussed on the colours but I think they are nice for a family type thing.
I just got one of the greatest gifts. Many years ago my Nan lost her wedding ring around the house somewhere so my step-grandfather bought her a new one. My Nan died in March 2003 and my father and I were the ones to clean out her things. Out from a doona feel my Nans original wedding ring some months later when my father was putting things away at his house!! So it must have been on my Nans finger and when she was stuffing this huge doona in her own linen must have come off her finger! My Nan was confined to a wheelchair later in life and stuffing a huge doona in a closet would've been pretty hectic for her as she was so tiny. So now I have my Nans' original wedding ring!! Awesome!!
My father has also had all of our video recorder tapes put on to DVD's so we have hours and hours of DVD's to watch of the kids when there little that we haven't seen in years. I have footage of my Nan on them so I'm looking forward to sitting down tonight and watching some. I think there are 7 DVD's in total. If anyone is interested in getting this done let me know. My father sent away to have them done and the guy that done it has done a fabbo job.
OMFG..I've just looked out the window and my Jack is prancing around the street dolled up as a bride of some sort!! The little girl next door must have her dress up box out again although it's never her that uses's my boys that are always asking her to get it out! Hmmmmmmmmm...ROFL
Jedd is staying at his friends house tonight and that always worries me. This kid is one of 4 boys and let me tell you...they aren't very nice boys at all. Aaron, Jedds friend is OK and I think he gets the short straw but the other kids are ferals. I know the father is very strict on them which is the only reason I let Jedd go there in the first place but the mother just lets them run amok. I really hate parents like that. You may be wondering why I let him go if I feel like that? It's because he really doesn't have any friends apart from Aaron due to his Aspergers and his lack of social skills. One friend is better than none in my eyes and it breaks my heart to tell him're not going. At the end of the day I know he gets looked after there..there not the sort of people that let them run wild around the streets or anything or he'd certainly not be going anywhere near them. Just act like little bastards and kick the crap out of each other type of kids which I detest. They also own a caravan down the South coast and they're always on at me to let Jedd go away with them. I'm like...not in this friggen lifetime luv!! I'd have heart failure letting him go away with them!!
1 more sleep to go to my first ever crop..LOL I'm looking forward to it but I'm so friggen tired and haven't packed anything yet. I'm not really going to take much..just essentials. I've never been to anything like this before so I really just want t have a look at whats going on around me.
Monday I have to go to my friends Mums funeral. Obviously not looking forward to that but one of things you have to do in life that isn't very pleasant.
I had a good talk to another friend last night that I'm becoming quite close too. She has a son who gives her a really hard time and that I believe displays a lot of 'autistic' behaviour. She is having him assessed after reading a lot of information and agreeing with me but like me some years ago..she doesn't have much family support. This really sucks because believe really need it. So I'm keeping my fingers crosed for her that everything goes well and her family start to rally behind her.
I'm off now to get a few things ready for dinner etc. Have a good Sunday tomorrow.
Sharryn :)


Shelley said...

Love the BG Lunch Pail Sharryn - its fab.

Can relate to the kids sleepover thingy... One of Zak's friends mum's rang me earlier in the week to ask if Zak can go to the Coast with them for a couple of days during the school holidays. I haven't mentioned it to Zak yet because I don't know what I'm going to say. Have fun at your crop - i've been to a couple - some have been great and others not so great. I'm sure you'll love it!

Shelley :)

Kylie said...

cccccccccccccccccccccccccccant wait til tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Bec said...

Am absolutely LOVING the BG pail! Great idea!
Love the layouts as well, good luck with the Boxx challenge!
And I got all teary reading about your Nans wedding ring, how awesome is that!
I totally understand about the whole thing with Jedd and friends. Luke doesn't have more than 1 either and as much as I am not fussed on her anymore, I can't say much as she is all Luke has!
Anyways, have a great time tomorrow!!!
Love n Hugz

deirdre said...

what a wonderful heirloom to pass down to Rhiannon. Sounds as though you will treasure it!
Love the lunch pail, looks amazing.
Have fun at your crop tomorrow, I'm sure you will.

Julie said...

Hope the crop went well....had lot's of fun I bet!
I'm sure Jedd will be fine, sounds like u've thought about the situation a thousand times.
WTG finding the fantabulous is that!
& might I add...... that lunch pail is Fantab. too!

Mardi said...

Im guessing you are cropping your little heart out today..Yay!!!

Love the layouts you have uploaded..thr lunchpail album is a great idea.

The wedding ring story was just so beautiful...and obviously it was meant to is her gift to you.
Mardi x

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