Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hi all,
I've uploaded 2 layouts tonight. The first one was my entry for the Boxx DT challenge Round 1. The challenge was to create a layout with a budget of $5- or less. There were 94 finalists...probably 94 entrants..LOL..some stunning work as well.
I can't help feeling there though that there is no way some of those layouts would've come in at under $5-. My layout was a pic of my niece taken around 1999 at pre-school.
The second layout is one I finished today while buzzing around doing housework. It just kind of fell in to place and I was really happy with it so I left it as is.
Anyway..I'm going..I have a new FK and a new SM here to read. :)

Sharryn :)

If you're wondering what Becs comment means...don't am I. I seriously think the girl has gone mad. ROFL

Just kidding. I originally came in here tonight and blogged about Terri Irwins interview but withdrew my statements fearing that someone might take it the wrong way which wasn't my intention at all.
All you need to know is...great interview..great lady.


Bec said...

Hi Sharryn, Firstly would like to say the layouts are fabulous and best of luck with the DT comp!

Secondly (re: Terri) thats your opinion hun and you are more than entitled to it. You are in no way saying that she is dishonest about her grief, or dishonest in general, what you have written is just your take on the interview. I came away feeling that she is totally enveloped in grief, and I have a feeling that she is one of those people who don't shed many tears when they cry. My sis is like that, she will howl and be the loudest person, and its real...but not many tears happen.
I definately don't think you are rude.
Love n Hugz

Sharryn T said...

I, too, can see she is grieved...but there were no tears!!
Maybe she is one of those people who don't shed tears..but I've never seen it before. I guess thats what I'm trying to say..who knows.

Sam said...

fantastic LO's and good luck with the comp :)

Mardi said...

Love your layouts Sharryn..dont you just love it when they fall into place.
Ive been MIA again...blooming computer inherited a Virus...Arghhh!

deirdre said...

Sharryn, I agree with your comments about the DT, some of them look way over $5. But I was most concerned with the fact that there was a thread on scrapboxx from someone who didnt get through. Without seeing the LO's that didnt make it, I think its strange because some are very basic. I really thought ALL lo's had been put thru, but when I read that I was very suprised. and a bit disillusioned, the poor girl was shattered! I know I've rambled a bit, but do you know what I mean? I might go into more detail on my blog later on.
Love your work chook!

gumgully said...

Hey Sharryn

Lovin' all your layouts - they're tops.
And love keepin up with what's happening in your life!

Kylie said...

hope ur not talking poorly about websites shaz... ull get banned ;)


Bec said...

LMFAO!! Gone mad have I??? *grins* You are very lucky that i likes ya, ya bloody ratbag!


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