Friday, September 22, 2006

I am woman!!!!!

Sorry girls but there comes a time in every womans life when she has to blow her own trumpet and this is my time.
It is now 10.00a.m here..Michael has been gone since 3.30a.m yesterday morning..and everything that could've gone wrong has. his absence..I have managed to organise the 4 boys for each of their cricket games tomorrow, re-scheduled Jacks' First Communion time, taken the van in to the mechanic and organised a lift over to Michaels work to pick up the Festiva, picked 5 kids up and dropped them off to school in the Festiva (believe me it ain't easy squeezing them all in) and got Rhiannon to and from work last night.
As we are so busy this weekend I have had a talk to Jack about his Communion party (that he thinks he's having!!)...apparently he wanted KFC boneless chicken packs for everyone for I have compromised and told him I'd cook some nice 'party' type food. Well his answer to that was 'I don't want party pies and sausage rolls..thats' too old fashioned. I want trendy party food'. What the?????????
What is 'trendy' party food???
Anyway this morning after dropping the darlings off at school I have so far made 2 cakes as I always make cakes and muffins etc for the boys for cricket...also Jye has a Rep. game on Sunday and we are the home team which means we have to supply afternoon tea....I've made a huge pot of curried sausages for dinner tonight, 2 dozen bread cases and a big bowl of chicken and asparagus filling for the bread cases as part of Jacks' 'trendy' party food for tomorrow.
I'm going up to Woolies in a sec to get some stuff to make mini quiches...kweeches as he calls them...apparently they are trendy..and some Pastizzis which they love. Might get some chicken wings and marinate them..I think they're trendy.
The thing is his Communion starts at 6.oop.m but we have to have him there by 5.30p.m. It won't finish until at least 7.30p.m and by that time the boys will be chewing on my arm in the church so I've decided to have this 'trendy' food before we a late lunch early dinner type thing. I've ordered him a nice cake so we can have that for supper when we get home. Only one problem with this scenario...Josh and Rhiannon will still be at work when we're eating. Oh well...can't have everything. At least they'll be here for the ceremony and the cake. I'm a bit annoyed though as it really is something that the whole family should be at and I'm starting to feel a bit slack at not organising the whole kit and caboodle for him with all the rellies but seriously as I've mentioned before none of them go to church and I really go to a lot of trouble when I have things like this but sometimes I feel they only come for the food. I know that sounds nasty but one time my mother said she wasn't coming to the church to listen to that 'shit' but she'd be at my house later for lunch. I think thats really disrespectful. OK...none of them attend church and it's my choice to send my kids to a Catholic school but my family should accept that as my decision. I don't ask them to come to church very often..only for Communions etc so I can't see their problem. On the same token..I'm not going out of my way to feed them a freebie either if you know what I mean. I still want to make Jacks' night special for him though but it's really making things hard being so rushed. That's what it's like when the cricket season starts though..rush rush rush.
Michael rang up from Orange last night to see how everything was going. I could tell he'd had a few drinks and I was in the middle of organising everything...just a bit stressed you could say!! Fair dinkum if he was standing here.....'Oh...did you put the car in..I couldn't hear any noises in it'. FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!
I have 6 kids so sex isn't on the agenda much anymore..LOL...I can make decisions and organise our lives without male in Campbelltown and seeing some of the locals walking around every day has shown me that Centrelink is a good financial what do I really need a male for???
I tell you what..after everything I've done in the last 24 hours..and will still be doing today to get everything and everyone organised for this whole weekend...he better come home and perform some sort of fucken miracle mate!! Or I might make him obsolete!!
Nah...just kidding...I do love ya darlin'...but you better come home and tell me I'm a legend..ROFL..even if it is in my own mind!!
Oh well chicks..better be off to Woolies to get more food for this 'trendy' partay we're having tomorrow.
Have a good one and keep safe
Sharryn :)
Guess what..guess what?? My mechanic just rang and said it wasn't the brake booster..just the brake pads!! My van is ready and it's only cost me $130-!! Only problem is I have no friggen way to get over there to get it...ROFL Will have to make a few phone calls!


Sam said...

good news about the car.... hope all goes well for you with the Partay!

Jahnava said...

I though i heard a roar this morning all the way down here in Adelaide lol. Good luck with the 'TRENDY" food hahah how cute. Great news about the car! Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Mardi said...

ROFL...Trendy food.....hope it all goes well and you really are a super amaze me.
Mardi x

deirdre said...

woo hoo for the cheap fix on the car!!!
and boo to michael being away at such a busy time, but yes you are a legend, and he better do something special for you whe he gets home!
good luck with the communion and the "trendy party".

Bec said...

Oh Sharryn, you ARE a legend!!! Great news on the of luck with the party and hugz for Jacks First Communion (I still remember my own!). Dont' forget to stop and take a breath at some stage okay?
Have a fab weekend hun!
Love n Hugz

Julie said...

YAY!!!! Fantabulous news about the van Sharryn.
Have said it before..... ur a
"Super woman" & if Michael knows what's good for him he will show u appreciation in some way, shape or form.
Have a great weekend & hope the party food is trendy enough!

Kylie said...

ive bloody told you if you need me call me. you big idiot. rotfl

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