Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Busy Bee

Hey all,
Long time no chat..ROFL It feels like it anyway..I feel like I haven't been online forever!!
My ass hasn't touched the ground since last Thursday and I still have a million things to do/attend this week!
Saturday morning worked out fine getting the 4 boys to and from their games. Jayden was sick so he didn't play..one less kid to get to a game..LOL
Saturday night was Jacks' First Holy Communion and a lovely night. We had the 'trendy' party food at about 4.00p.m which he was happy with thank Goodness..LOL
We had chicken and asparagus bread cases, mini quiches, marinated chicken wings and a big prawn platter. I actually didn't have enough time to cook everything I'd bought but they were all full anyway. It made it all worth it when Jack came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said 'Thanks Mum' after the meal. How cute!
Then off to the church. It was lovely seeing the kids from his year all dressed up..I have some great friends in his year and they are a great bunch of kids most of them. The girls looked gorgeous like little brides.
We came home to have his cake that we had made but yet again the excitement was too much for him and he'd made himself sick so we didn't end up having the cake till the next day.
Sunday morning seen us all up bright and early for Jyes' trial Rep. cricket game. Did I mention that he made the Rep. team? Well he did..LOL
Was a really long day and the wind was bloody awful but nevertheless I enjoyed it. I now have the flu out of sitting there in the gale force winds all day though. :(
Speaking of which..apparently a lot of houses were without powr around here because of the wind storm and I heard yesterday that one of the teachers that worked at our primary school for about 15 years lost her house through fire on Sunday. Such a tragedy...her and her husband had just finished building it and it wasn't even 2 years old!! Those poor people have had so much to contend with..they lost a son some years ago when he was hit by a train in tragic circumstances and now this. Makes you wonder why doesn't it?
So..after the cricket game Sunday we came home to find our street littered with broken tree branches and crap everywhere but there was no way I was going out to pick things up and the neighbours didn't seem to worried about helping so I done 2 loads of washing and a heap of ironing for the week then fell in a heap myself..LOL
Then yesterday we had the gala netball day where Jack made the junior boys netball team. Here was me thrown in as coach/manager for the team..I have NFI how to play netball...wouldn't have the faintest..at one time when one of the other team dropped the ball and picked it up again I yelled out 'knock on'. Can you tell I'm a footy Mum?? ROFL Was a great day though..the boys had fun and so did I although I was buggered chasing them around all day. Don't know how the teachers do it.
We played 8 games..won 1 drew about 2 and lost the rest..LOL Jack was goal shooter in the game we won and he really suprised me when he got 3 goals..is that what they're called? Well I learnt enough yesterday to know they're not called tries..LOL
Then it was off to cricket training for Jye and Jedd..Jye training at the Indoor centre and Jedd at a park miles away...FARRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKK!!
I ended up organising a lift for Jye to get home..I just wouldn't have made it back to get him...I was that knackered I actually fell asleep in the car at Jedds training!! I bought pizza for tea then slept all night..LOL
I have a 'free' day today...in saying that I've just had a phone call from the school asking did I know I had an appointment for Jedds' Goldview this morning...ummmmm..no!! Goldview is a program he is on to help him reach goals and keep him on task because of his Autism. So I'll be going up soon for that. I look like a mad womans breakfast with my trakkies on this morning but I don't give a shit.
Then training for Jack this afternoon...Wednesday night is the Mothers Club meeting which I really don't want to go to but I have to 'cos I've missed the last 3 meetings due to other commitments and being Secretary I suppose I have to put an effort in...ROFL Thursday night is Rhiannons' Graduation Mass and Awards Presentation night at school which is going to go on and on forever!!
Friday I have a rental inspection so need to get organised and tidied for that..while I'm NOT home!!
Friday night Jye has Rep. training and Saturday cricket as usual.
Saturday night is Rhiannons' Yr 12 Formal that Michael and I have to attend.
Sunday I'm going to be curled up in the foetal position all day and people can just chuck food at me if they like..ROFL
I sooooooooo can't wait for September to end..isn't there a song about that? 'When September ends'..or something similar?
Anyway..I'll leave you with my whining and whinging and hope to catch up with everyones blogs to see what you've all been up to.
Sharryn :)


deirdre said...

Woah Sharryn, your life makes me tired!
Jack looked so spunky at his communion, and the trendy tucker sounds yummo!
Sorry to hear about the teachers house, glad you are all safe though.
take it easy chook, you deserve a doy off!

Shelley said...

gorgeous photos Sharryn :) everytime i read your blog I feel like i need to lay down and rest afterwards!

Shelley :)

Jahnava said...

How do you do it all far out, he is a little cutie! Glad the food went well, poor litle thing getting excited to much :-). HEY and why did you say LOL atter your on a roll girl lol!

Bec said...

I need a nanna nap after reading that Sharryn! Jeez...take a breath!
Jack looks great, nice photos of his communion hun. Glad the food went down well, wishing I was there for the prawns tho!!!
Have been wondering where you were..should have known you'd be running around like a chook without a head!
Lots of fluids and vit c for your flu hun and hope you get well soon.
My sympathies to the teacher who lost her house, that is just awful!
And September ends in 4 days!
Love n Hugz

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