Thursday, September 21, 2006

Car has died again!

Hey chickens :)
Well the real estate guy got it completely wrong sending out a shower re-sealer rather than a plumber in the first place!! They guy finally turned up here at about 5.00p.m to have a look and told Michael it was certainly a job for a plumber and not apology for being late but at that stage Michael didn't even know he was coming. He is so lucky I wasn't home 'cos he would've got a mouthful for being so rude.
The plumbers came yesterday and they were here in about 20 mins after the initial phone call and had it all fixed in no time God Bless we can have a shower without hoping the pipes aren't going to burst like Warragamba Dam while we're in there!!
Which leads me to another MAJOR problem we now have!! I was driving Jack up to the church yesterday afternoon for his Communion practise when the van started making weird noises around the brake area on the drivers side. At first I thought it was the air-con but I turned that off and it was still noisy. Cut a long story short I got it to the mechanics this morning and it looks like it's the brake booster on the drivers side which is going to be a major job as they'll more than likely have to pull the whole dash out to get to it!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I just have normal car problems like everyone else..why do we have to pull the whole friggen dash out to get to the stuffen brakes?????????????????????????
Don't ever buy a van girls if you can avoid it!! They've told me it won't be fixed before the weekend so I won't get it back till next week and I'm really dreading finding out how much it's going to cost. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........
Jye made it in to the Rep. cricket team again this year. :) We are so proud of him although we know how many hours of sitting in ovals we'll be outting in yet again this cricket season. As I mentioned before..he has a trial game this Sunday...great!! I've changed Jacks' First Communion day to Saturday night which was good as I really want the whole family to be there and not have to worry about getting Jye ferried to cricket. He would've obviously missed out on the first few hours of the game to watch Jack as I believe that to be more important but the drama that I would've had to go through would'nt have been worth it.
I really don't know how I'm going to get everyone to cricket this weekend with one car. No friggen idea...actually that thought has just dawned on me. The first club comp game starts Saturday morning and this year we have 4 kids in 4 different teams! am I going to arrange this?????
Michael has gone away with work (as they do when there is car trouble and a major friggen crisis!!) and he won't be back until Friday late afternoon. No wonder a woman is grey!!
Finally I have to mention yesterday and how sad I was at watching the Memorial to Steve Irwin. Someone said somewhere that you don't realise how much these people touch your lives until they die and I really believe that. My Jayden idolised him and we'd have to watch his docos all the time and I don't think you realise, even though you may not be sitting down watching the show but walking past, how much you really do take in.
I sat here yesterday and howled and howled watching his Memorial truly was a beautiful and fitting service but the part that touched my heart more than anything was when John Howard was talking and you could see Terri sitting in the background with Bindi and Bob and Bindi kept looking up at her mother and cuddling her. God bless that little girl. Terris' grief and pain is just so obvious and I've heard on the grapevine that shes really not coping very well the her loss. Bindi must just be an absolute tower of strength for her.
Some people just have that special 'aura' about them..Steve had it and you can see Bindi has it. Her speech was just beautiful..whether she wrote it or someone else wrote it for her doesn't matter...she read it beautifully. She totally blew me away when she walked out to the microphone and stood there until everyone had finished clapping and cheering for her..she wasn't flustered at all. Unbelievable.
I also felt the heartbreaking pain of Steves' father Bob, his mate Wes Mannion and producer John Stainton. I don't think these peoples' lives will ever be the same again after knowing and working with Steve Irwin so closely.
I have decided to do a layout on Steve which is something I've never done before with something like this but it's something my kids can look at in years to come and remember him.
OK...Beth..I've got the pics here from last Sunday..did you want me to send them fullsize through to your Hormail email address?
Dee..I have your envelope here to fill with material..I haven't forgotten..LOL
Mardi..of course you can send an envelope along..PM me if you don't have my home address.
I think that's it.
Take care
Sharryn :)


Mardi said...

Sharryn...are you sure you havent run over a chinaman or something, just pours in your house doesnt it.

What a bummer about the van..Grrrrr.

Good luck with it all.... and is your address on the RAK list?....if so Im in business...thanks for that.

Hope you have a lovely weekend....the car gets fixed and everything gets sorted out.
Mardi x

Jahnava said...

Hi Sharryn,

ive been reading all yout blogs for a while now and boy ladey you hhave one heck if a life! LOL you so crackme up even when the subject isnt funny, lol, yuor explaining is just "tops" lol.

Welljust saying HI ohh and go for the teaching,and you ned 4 of u to get 4 kids to cricket lol, and

that must be new HORMAIL lol

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