Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Car is back

Hey chicks :)
Well..my mongrel brother came home with his tail between his legs..just like I knew he would. You see..he does things like this quite often although I must admit he'd been going quite well lately and I thought he was over his selfish and childish ways. You can almost read him like a book..I'd said to my mother yesterday that he'll come home or make contact with someone in the afternoon around 4.00p.m..just before it starts getting dark 'cos he'll be worried about where he'd be parking his sorry ass for the night. Sure enough..thats what he did. Told her the reason he did it was because he had taken drugs which as far as I know don't make you go out and steal your grandfathers car. My mother went berko at him when he came home and true to her style chased him around the house with a knife (not joking ) and hurled every obscenity at him she could muster. She then got a neighbour to drive the car over to my grandfather as my mothers license 'expired' some years ago. The poor old guy then had to drive them both home..a good 20 min drive from his place..in the dark..the poor bugger is as blind as a bat in the day time let alone night time!!
In my mothers absence apparently my brother wrote the next 'chapter' of his see'thru'me book and swallowed a whole heap of pills..then rang my other brothers girlfriend and told her. Gee..how did I know he'd do that?
So of course..my other brother races to my mothers house to see what condition the other maggot was in 'cos believe me when he pops pills..he pops 'em. Last 2 times he ended up in Intensive Care and the last time he almost died. Each time the docs say the same thing though..'Your heart won't take another overdose'...but the bloody thing keeps pumpin'!
So..last I heard was my other brothers girlfriend had rang my mother to tell her that mongrel guts had rang her from his mobile to tell her he had taken pills...so my other brother was on his way over to my mothers to check on him. My mother didn't even bother going into the bedroom to check on him 'cos half the time he is full of crap and he knew this time he'd stuffed up big time and if he took an overdose everyone would feel sorry for him and it would all blow over..AGAIN. And..my grandfather was sitting in the loungeroom while sorry ass was in the bedroom and he didn't even come out and apologise to my grandfather! How low can one person get?
I've tried ringing my grandfather this morning but no answer so he probably stayed at my mothers last night. Just got an SMS from her sayng he did so at least I know where he is God love him. If I was him I'd tell them all to get fucked. Oh..another SMS..dickhead didn't take any tablets last night apparently...pity.
Off that subject now 'cos it maddens me every time I think of the asshole sitting in the same house as my grandfather and not even saying sorry.
Yesterday afternoon I was stunned to hear that Steve Irwin had died while filming a doco in Queensland. Killed by the barb of a sting ray right through the heart. Well if that isn't the way he would have wanted to die then I'll eat my hat. Through the heart? That really gave me cold shivers. I really feel for his family..especially his daughter Bindi. She idolised her Daddy you could just see that every time they were together on TV. I heard they are giving him a State funeral. I think thats very fitting as he truly is an Australian icon and an awesome ambassador for this country. Yeah..he carried on like a bit of a tosser..LOL..but he was passionate and I love passionate people. So RIP Steve.
In all the news of the last few days I've forgotten to mention that I'm getting published again!! I got an email last Thursday for another LO I did for Mardis' scrap to shop challenge so Mardi maybe we should do another one of those..LOL I must scrap better with scraps..ROFL
Speaking of scrapping..because I've been having this HUGE spring clean everything ended up on my scrapping 'creation station' and I was whining to Michael the other day that my table just wasn't big enough anymore and I needed more space..LOL Sp Sunday he went to The Warehouse and bought this DVD/CD unit type thing..put it together and sat it sideways on my table so I now have shelving! Looks fabbo!! Only thing is at the moment I'm still spring cleaning and I've told myself no scrapping till it's done. Don't know how long I'll last though with a yummy new desk..LOL (And lots of yummy new product that I've bought).
I've also managed to keep to this fitness routing thing I've started. I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day and walking/jogging every second day. I must admit I'm feeling really good now and really enjoying the exercise. I'm not overdoing it..I'm just doing enough but I'm loving it all the same.
Shelley..if you've made it this far..LOL..it's fun getting tagged isn't it? I love getting tagged..it's like being a celebrity and getting asked all the questions for Dolly..ROFL
Yvette..we've lost a lot of our fishies..LOL After we spent a small fortune on them Sunday.
Kylie..no worries..if you go and book for me for the crop I'll duck in this week and pay. Thanks.
I think thats everything..LOL
Have a great day
Sharryn :)


Julie said...

oh my golly gosh Sharryn.
I can see how totally frustrated u are with ur so-called brother.....I wouldn't expect n e body to sit in a car waiting for me while I went to see a mate, sheesh he sounds like areal handful & I'm bett'n he's not gonna change now....unfortunately (sp?).
That's fabbo. news about ur exercising & eating luvvy u should've been doing n e ways!....She says in a stern voice.
Hope ur borther doesn't do it again.
take care :)

deirdre said...

Sharryn, good on ya for dobbing him in....you'd think it would teach him a lesson, but judging by what you have written, I doubt it. And I know exactly how you feel about the overdoses....or non overdoses.....makes me cross too. Ypur Grandpa sounds like a gorgeous man, who will do anything for his grandkids.....and then for him to do that....again....grrrrrr.
Congrats on being published again, and cant wait to see the new stuff you create with your new product and new desk!!!! Lucky girl!

Shelley said...

OMG - I thought my family was *different* - not that I mean that in a bad way..

Congrats on being published - I have never submitted to mags.. not sure why - prolly just chicken.

Good work on the gym and stuff

And you've just reminded me I need to go and do my tag!

Shelley :)

Mardi said...

So happy to hear the car is back....and Im guessing 'Brother' is ok.

WooHoo on the layout acceptance...LOL at you scrapping with scraps...I know some of my best are from scraps too....shows we have damn good taste if even our scraps are first class...LOL

So pleased to hear you are feeling better and enjoying yuor diet and exercise..please send motivation to me....when I mail you my envelope for some vintage fabric scraps...if youve still got some.

Take care
Mardi x

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