Monday, September 04, 2006

Stolen car

After all the years of shit my brothers have put our family through I never, ever thought I could be shocked or suprised by anything they could do anymore.
How wrong was I?
I thought we had a great day yesterday and my mother, grandfather and one of my brothers came back here from the park for a while. Believe me..this doesn't happen very often.
I use the term 'my brother' very loosely. (He's only a step-brother anyway) He has..yet again..stolen from my 89yr old grandfather. The one and only prized possession that my grandfather owns..his only way of getting around..yep..he has stolen his car!! What the? you might say...but this is not the first time. I just cannot believe he has done it again. I am sitting here absolutely livid and am using blogger as a means to vent as I'd be too embarrassed to ring any of my friends and tell them it's happened again.
My gorgeous grandfather rang here at 7.19a.m this morning to tell me it was gone and what had happened since they'd left here yesterday. Hows this..this is the way they treat the poor old bugger...he drove my brother to his mates place..sat out the front for 1/2 and hour..then to the next matews place where he sat out the front for 45 mins..then another mates place where again he sat out the front for another 1/2 hour. Hello!! This man is 89 fucking years old!! For Christs sake..don't they realise that?? It's the silly old buggers fault for doing it too but stuff could you even expect someone to do that?
Then after all that..and believe me my grandfather does so much for my brother and mother and gets treated like a piece of shit..the mongrel stole his car. Again. My grandfather reported it stolen last night but didn't mention that his so-called grandson probably has it and that while the said so-called grandson was tinkering under the bonnet that afternoon he had immobilised the alarm system..just like he's done he could pinch it when my grandfather was watching TV later on. So I've just rang the police and dobbed the bastard right in. Sound like a bitch dobbing him in? Well call me what you like but as far as I'm concerned he is a maggot ridden fucken scumbag for doing that.
I hope and pray that he gets picked up by the police while driving the car 'cos he'll face a certain jail sentence...he is a repeat offender so many times over it's not funny.
Anyway..I'm going..I'm too bloody angry to type anymore.
Sorry for the vent guys but I just had to..I'm sure you'll understand.


Sam said...

Far out, how can anybody treat people that way... bad enough when they are not related... but to your own family for jeeps sake! :(

Hope your grandfather gets the car back soon and in 1 piece.

Shelley said...

Vent away Sharryn! At least your Grandfather has someone who cares about him looking out for him. Hope it is returned to him really soon and in the same condition it was pinched.

Shelley :)

Kylie said...

Shit Shaz. I SO do not think you're a bitch for doing it... poor you and your poor grandfather... I hope everythings fixed soon dude. And hey that money didn't go through.. so when I'm in there on Thursday I'll book the three of us in and you can pay when you go in.

Mardi said...

Holy doesnt rain it pours in your house....What an absolute bugger for your poor Grandfather...and good on you for dobbing him in!!!

Vent away ...its your Blog...just wish I could do more to help you..sending (((hugs)))) they may help
Mardi x

Linda said...

OMG what a terrible way for your Grandfather to be treated! Totally shocking...and I hope he gets his car back very soon!

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