Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bloody tradesman!

Hi-dy hi to one and all!
At the moment I'm really pissed off. The guy was supposed to come at 12.30p.m today to look at my shower and linen closet and still hasn't turned up so he is going to cop a blast and a half!! That is so slack and I really hate tradesmen that do this to people. Like we have nothing to do all day but sit around waiting for them.
I've actually just got a heap of ironing done while I've been waiting but he's not to know that!! Pulled out all the boys cricket whites and their school summer clothes and got them all ready.
Michael took Jye to Rep. cricket trials on Sunday and apparently they've been told this year they won't be mucking around and we should have the letter by this week to let us know he has made the team or not and if so there will be a trial game this Sunday. What the? Ummm..how about a bit of time to scratch my ass at least??
It's just that Jack is making his First Communion on Sunday which I think is far more important than a trial game so if Jye does make the team I guess he'll be missing the first trial game. Lucky I haven't invited a heap of people around for lunch (which I decided against) as none of my family are Catholics or attend Mass except my father and of course I invite him to everything as he puts so much into my kids and they just adore him..but the rest of them including Michaels' family don't go to church or anything so we were just going to give him a nice cake which I'll still be doing regardless of what happens. I think I'll leave it up to Jack. Hmmmmm..maybe not!!
I went to my friends' mothers funeral yesterday. It was a very nice service and there were heaps of people there. Just goes to show how many peoples' lives she touched..she really was a special person may she rest in peace.
Jayden is home today as he usually is at this time of the year when the weather changes to hot poor kid. He gets hayfever etc so bad. Had temps and slight headaches last night but is a bit better today.
Michael is going to Orange to work Thursday and Friday. That'd be right..the days the kids don't have cricket training and I don't have to run around!!
I opened my prize from the crop on Sunday and it was a great prize. Think I mentioned the Heidi Swapp Love your Handwriting book which I really wanted anyway, a CK Fonts CD, 3 packs of Tombows, a work in progress folder and another clear folder type thing. Great stuff!
This morning I showed one of the mums up at the school the tin I'd made on Sunday. She used to scrap but gave it up for a while but apparently she's keen to get back into it. She asked me to do a class on the cigar tins! She said she'd also have a friend interested and I'm sure I could gather one or two more people. I'm just not sure I'd be good enough or confident enough to run a class although to be honest I've been giving running classes some thought for a while. Wouldn't know where to start really but I'm going to ask some girls that already hold classes at home and get some tips. So if you're reading this and you do classes or know anyone that runs them from home..I'd be very interested to hear how it's done and I'm open to any suggestions!
Well I'm off to pick the boogers up from school so I'll catch you all soon.
Have an awesome tomorrow.
Sharryn :)


Kylie said...

dont steal my customers biatch, rotfl

Sharryn T said...

Hey girl..you're getting paid to do your classes in a shop!! Heres me teaching down in Dickens Rd!! Hello!! OMFG!! What if I get ferals at my classes??

Julie said...

Roflmao! @ ur comments page....lol
Hey u'd be right i reckon Sharryn.....real natural teacher & not the "up them selves" type....which ya can get sometimes.
Go for it girly.
& what is with tradies....don't they know that's valuable scrapp'n time???
Hope all goes well for Sun.

deirdre said...

WTG Sharryn, I am sure you would be a great teacher. Give it a go! Today Dickens Rd, tomorrow THE WORLD!!!!!!! LOL

Shelley said...

Excellent work Sharryn - you'd rock at classes! As long as you can control the ferals!

Am with you on the tradesman comment... no need to say anything else!

Shelley :)

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