Friday, September 08, 2006

First crop

We've lost another legend today..Peter Brock. I'm not much of a race fan but Michael is. Everyone knows Brocky though..what a tragic way for him to lose his life. Strange..both him and Steve Irwin dying doing what they both love best. RIP Brocky. (My newphew, Brock, was named after him 3 years ago.) I know this is an awful thing to say..but you know how things always happen in threes..I wonder who the 3rd will be?
I went this afternoon and paid for the Crop for a Cure that I'm going to with the lovely Kylie Bailey and I think Beth is coming..are you Beth?? LOL
It will be my first crop EVER! How sad is that??'s my scrapbooking birthday this month! I've now been scrapping for 2 years..YAY!! ROFL
I had a $25- voucher for my LSS so when I went in to pay for the ticket I bought a tin of K & Co. chipboard Words and Tags by Breda Walton. The tin is just gorgeous and I can't wait to use them. :) Also on the new product side of things..has anyone seen the new May Road paisley chipboard shapes yet? Yummo!! I gotta get me some of those..LOL
I'm almost finished my spring cleaning..I got the lounge/dining/family room done yesterday..I have a small corner and a bookshelf left but that won't take me long.
I have the kitchen left, the laundry and the boys room. I'm dreading the boys room but I'll be delegating big time there theres no way I'm doing it on my own. I still can't get over the amount of stuff I've given away or thrown out. Amazing! Where did I keep it all? Last Sunday both my mother-in-law and sister-in-law both commented on the house always being tidy and what did I have to clean out. Hello?? Ummmm...a shit load..thats what!! I'm really getting over this cleaning bug though and I know if I don't finish soon I'll have a spotless half a house..LOL
I just can't wait to play with all my new scrapping stuff. I sorted through all of it today and now I have a new filing system. I threw out so much old PP and stuff that I'd never use..and small bits that I should never have kept in the first place. I've also put the stickers that I'm never going to use away for the boys if they ever want to scrap again.
This afternoon Jack had a party to go to..can you believe it? It actually started at 3.00p.m..the time the kids are getting out of school!! OMFG! We had to race home, get his bike and helmet as the party was at a bike track, get him changed, get Jyes cricket kit as he had training..blah blah blah...running around like a chook without a head as usual.
Rhiannon has gone out for dinner with friends and they are catching a movie afterwards God love her. She's not one to ask for much or she doesn't go out much but I still worry when she does. She's only about 5 minutes away though.
I've asked a few of Jacks friends to the Pizza Hut for lunch on Sunday seeing as though he has been nagging for months for a birthday party. I can't really afford a 'you beaut' party this year as we have his First Communion in a couple of weeks, plus Rhiannons Graduation Mass and Yr 12 Formal that Michael and I have to attend. Yeehaa..NOT!! Shit I'm anti-social..LOL I just don't like nights like that when you have to dress up and feel really my bra strap showing..will I fall over on these ridiculously high my dress tucked into my undies..ROFL
Then smile and wave and nod at people you can't friggen stand in normal surroundings and who you wouldn't even look at if you walked past them in the shopping centre..LOL
Oh the joys of parenthood and what we put ourselves through for our darlings!!
I haven't been dressed up like that since our wedding I don't think..ROFL
Anyway girlies..I'm gonna do the Russian dance and Pissovski..
Have a great weekend and stay safe.
Sharryn :)

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Kylie said...

beth is coming too :) can't wait! :)

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