Monday, August 07, 2006

Well it's finally over for another year!
Thank bloody goodness! Was a great day though and on last count I'd sent up $780- to the counting room and there was a heap of coin sent up as well. I had a visit from Kylie (Kylieangel) and her Mum which was very nice. :)
The kids had an awesome day and came home with a heap of crap they really didn't need but it wouldn't be the same if they didn't..LOL
I took a couple of pics and hopefully blogger will upload them. Everything sold as well which I was really happy with.
I had a horrible night here on Saturday night..I honestly thought I was having some sort of meltdown. Josh had put his car in to be fixed on Thursday and it cost him a little more than he thought it would. He has been discussing training it to work to save money and wear and tear on his car but I really didn't think he'd do it. he didn't have much money he borrowed a push bike off his mate and rode that to the station..caught a train into the city and then rode the bike from the station to his work!! Mind you..he left here at 4.30a.m! OMFG!!
I just couldn't get my head around THAT idea and on Saturday night I cried and cried like a was the first time in a long time that I felt that 'helpless' feeling and sense of not being there for one of my kids but he was adamant that's what he wanted to do. He and Michael had a talk about it and apparently Josh explained to Michael that he wants to keep this job in the city and by riding the bike he'll be keeping fit. He seems to have it all worked out but it really is an awful option..who knows who is hanging around at that time of the morning? He has driven to work today though. He went for dinner last night at his ex-girlfriends house so I'm wondering if the spark there is being rekindled. He brought her here a couple of weeks ago for a visit but maintained they were only friends and that if she wanted anything else she had to chase..LOL Typical male.
The boys have a Pupil Free Day today..coincidently the day after the fete..LOL Actually us parents have been wanting this day off after the fete for years and never got it! So we're all just slothing around in our PJ's. I've taken Rhiannon to school as she's doing her HSC trials but you should how I went..LOL Flanny PJ's, hair like a mad womans breakfast..LOL Who gives a shit hey?
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Take Care


Julie said...

lol Sharryn ya crack me up!-mad womans breakfast...
Glad all ur hard work paid off with the fate....those sweets look yummy...have i already said that?...probably!
Gosh....I'm suprised that Josh would get up @ many people would get up that early??? I'd be worried too.
Have an easy day!

Bec said...

Well its easy to see that you and Michael are raising your kids right hun! If Josh wants to be getting up at 4am and riding bicycles etc just to keep a job in the city..well I take my hat off to him!!! I know you're not liking it all that much, but you really ought to be very pleased with yourself for being such a fab parent!
Am very happy that fetes are over with now...and your stall looked bloody awesome from that pic!
I read your message earlier..but can't remember a bloomin thing, will read it again and pm ya later!
Love n Hugz

Shelley said...

You are a super school mum! I can't imagine being able to cope with all you did and still function normally at home! As for the *meltdown* you're only human. It's part of motherhood eh.. I feel sorry for my son when he gets older and wants to make decisions like that for himself... lol.. He'll be 30 and still asking my permission! The stall pics look awesome! Oh... and IHS = I hate Steve. :p

Shelley :)

Sam said...

I can just see this mad woman driving up to school in flanny pj's :)

I think a meltdown is understandable after all you have done in the last few weeks!!

Kylie said...

hehe @ your drive this morning

was great to finally meet you even though it wasn't for long and didn't talk much!

don't blame you for your meltdown, you're allowed to have them! i understand (not first hand but you know) what you mean about the feeling helpless bizzo. Good on him but for being so enthused about the job, I'm still whinging this semester about having to leave for Uni at 8 one day and 7 two days, and I get two days off LOL!

Hope all's good

Good luck to Rhiannon doing her trial exams! Oh the good old days LOL!!!

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