Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fete pics

Well the toffee apples have been bought and we've been up to the school to get my stall ready..fete day 2006 is all ready to go tomorrow. I really hope this rain keep away though. I've taken these pics for you to get an idea of what I've made but you can't really tell by these.
When I went up to set up the lady doing the cake stall..who is doing it for the first time this year..was a bit stressed that she wouldn't have enough so guess who bought some cake mixes home?? LOL..oh well they don't need to be iced and won't take long.
I still have a few things to do like make up signs and things..make sure I have everything for tomorrow ready..blah blah blah.
Bloody Joshua has just rung up to say he has a flat tyre!! He is in friggen Randwick!! I knew this was going to happen once he changed jobs, he just doesn't realise that he's not just a 20min drive away now and seeing as he let his NRMA membership go he's going to expect us to help him all the time. I know there will come a time when Michael won't be home. He's just lucky today.
So now poor Michael has to drive there which is just over an hours drive..fix the tyre and drive home again..when we've already done that drive this morning!!
Bloody kids!
OK..I'm off to finalise everything for tomorrow..just wanted to share these pics with you all.
Keep safe


Julie said...

Sheesh Sharryn u were busy baking weren't ya!
They look totally scrumptious that's a big word hey :)
Maybe Josh will learn when Michael's not home....& no ones there to help....what about a membership to the insurance co. for his birthday?...or xmas?....just a suggestion hey.
see ya hope the weather is fine!

Bec said...

oh I want me some of them!!! All looks fab hun! yummmmmmmm

I like Julies' idea there..get him another membership for his b'day.. just point out how much it will come in handy with him working so far away now.... although I know..good in theory! lol

Hope the weather holds out for ya, I expect you'll be having an early one tomorrow night!

I cannot believe you got stuck baking more bloody cakes... you are not super woman ya know!!!

Take care hun...or at least try to
Love n Hugz

Shelley said...

OMG OMG OMG Sharryn... I can't believe the effort you put in! Thats just amazing!

Shelley :)

Sam said...

Hope the weather is good to you tomorrow :)

Yvette Adams said...

Wow so much stuff! It look so good. I hope it all went well today.

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