Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tired I buggered! I feel like my ass hasn't touched the ground for weeks..LOL
Yesterday was the boys Athletics Carnival and the three of them did really well. Jedd and Jack have made it through to District. Jye didn't make it this year which was surprising but you can't win 'em all. Of course..I spent the day in the canteen but I really don't mind helping my friend and we had a great bunch of women in there so a few laughs. I did get to watch my kids race too so thats all that mattered to me really. What irks me the most though is that seeing as the 'real' canteen lady is still off sick and my friend is working the canteen..she doesn't seem to have as much help as the other. Like..mothers are on a monthly roster to work in the canteen but seeing as they know the canteen lady is off's like they aren't bothered with coming in. I'm sure half of these women do things just to see their name in lights. Yesterday for friend thats running the canteen now was supposed to have 2 women as monthly helpers come in and help. Both showed up but when one realised the canteen lady wasn't there she said she'd come back after watching her kid race..but we never seen her again for the rest of the day! What the? Also my friend had to ask her sister to come in and she doesn't even have anything to do with the school! Then there was me and another lady who has been an absolute Godsend and has spent just as much time in there as I have lately.
All the other parents that volunteered on the day were down the oval where they could be 'seen' by the teachers and Principal. God that pisses me off.
Anyway I'm off my soap box now..LOL
Today I had to go and get some more cellophane bags to pack these lolies in. I've managed to get the whole lot packed myself which..let me tell you..has been no mean feat!! My fingers are about to fall off from curling ribbon..LOL I'm keeping a tally of how many bags of everything I make so when I've finished cooking and wrapping I can post here how much I've made to give you a better idea. I'm also going to get some photos as I want to scrap a layout about the stall this year.
It all looks so yummy now it's packed!! :)
I've just made some more choc. fudge, made some sherbet and bagged that with lollipops and started making toffees. This year though I've asked others to make 'normal' toffees as I can't do them till the last minute and I just won't have time this weekend. I'm making lollipop toffees which I've found to be a great kid with the younger kids. Basically, there are the same as normal toffees only I spray a mini muffin tin then put hundreds and thousands in each hole. Pour the toffee mixture in and when almost set I put half a paddle pop stick in so they are like little umbrella toffees and they have a stick to hold on to. Makes for easier eating by the littlies and they sell like anything!
My whole kitchen needs a HUGE clean..I feel like everything has a film over it from all the chocolate and sweet stuff thats been in there lately. Ewwwww. So next week guess what I'll be doing?
I feel like I haven't scrapped forever! I haven't even properly ready my For Keeps from last month yet and thats saying something! I received this months SM on Monday and haven't even opened the bloody thing!
At the moment there aren't many of us home. Michael is away with work down the south coast, Jayden is on a camp as a team leader for diasabled kids and I'm really proud of him for accepting that position, Rhiannon is at work, Josh is home somewhere, out in the garage with his mates I think..LOL I have 2 kids in my bed with the 'bed heater'as they call it turned on chatting about the fete..LOL My kids get so excited at fete's like the social event of the year for them..LOL I really hope it doesn't rain and spoil everything. I bought their ride bands today. $20- each but they can go on all rides from 9.00a.m till 4.00p.m and if I had to pay for each ride individually it would cost me a fortune! Great value.
Jedd is sitting here watching TV wrapped in a blanket so at least someone is here with me..LOL
Anyway my gorgeous friends..I'm off for a little hands are killing me from mixing, wrapping and tying.
And tomorrow I have another day of it all.
Take Care
Sharryn :)


Bec said...

Oh bugger me!!!!!!!!! I have just come out of the kitchen..making bloody cakes and.... toffees!!! I wish I had of read this first...those umbrella type toffees sound much better..bugger it. Managed to burn 2 batches of toffee (takes real talent to do that...pmsl).. have flour in my hair (from the cake), hundreds and thousands all over the place...I now crunch through the kitchen.. had a migraine today so am just all grouchy now. Well done on wrapping all the lollies!!! Can imagien your poor hands hun... *hugz*. Can't wait until end of fete..and we're all back to normal!

Take care..tell those "publicity" mums from the canteen to sod off, no one likes a show pony!
Love n Hugz

Kylie said...

u poor thing!

email me the fete details, ill try to come along

MEET U! ROTFL even tho u will probs b run off ur feet!

Shelley said...

I get knackered just reading your blog girl! Dunno how you manage it all!

Shelley :)

Julie said...

Hope ur hands are feeling a bit betta in the morning luvvy!
Those toffee's are sounding kinda yummo!!
The people that have been helping in the canteen....when the sports day was on, u all should make sure everyone knows about who exactly helped out & make sure that when the regular lady comes back make sure she knows to. >:|
Get some rest this weekend girly u deserve it!

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