Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Hi to all!
Wow...I started packing today for the fete..which is something I do with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law but because our athletics carnival is running so behind schedule they are holding it tomorrow which was supposed to be my packing day. :( So I've had to cancel that 'cos I don't want to miss the carnival and now have to pack most of the lolies myself. I managed to go and get my cellophane bags this morning and then went and got a pinata and party things to stuff him with. I usually go to Wollongong to get the noodle boxes but have decided against it this year..I just don't have the time. I have some left from last year so I've used them to pack some Rocky Road gift boxes. My colour theme this year is hot pink and lime green and it looks lovely together. :)
I still have soooooo much to do though and not much time to do it. Saturday I'll go and pick up my toffee apples from Five Dock which is the only place in NSW that makes them and I've been going there for years. They always make them fresh that morning and always give us one each for the way home. Yummo!! Theres nothing like a fresh toffee apple! :)
This year I'm going to make sure I take pics. It's something you normally take for granted something like this and when the kids no longer go to the school I'll be sorry I didn't get any pics of the fete and my stall especially after I've done it for so many years.
I've heard people are still receiving calls from SM regarding the Masters but sadly I haven't got a call. :( I don't suppose I was really expecting one but it would've been nice. Oh well..theres always next year. :) Congrats to all the lucky Top 100.
I think after the fete I'll start the EDM competition...just a thought. :) Something to get me back into it.
Chat soon


Shelley said...

OMG Girl - where do you find the motivation to keep going? Don't you ever just want to flop!

Shelley :)

Mardi said...

Sharryn your fete preparations sound fantastic...make sure you upload some piccies...so we can see all this the yummy goodies...I think it will deserve a layout...dedicated to all your hard work.
Mardi x

Sam said...

The colours sound fantastic! I can't wait to see some piccies too... and if I wasn't so far away I would pop in and help you :D

Bec said...

Yep..definately take some pics of all the goodies you've slaved over for the past few weeks!!! You inpsire me to get off my backside and do more..lol

Colour scheme sounds awesome..one of my fav colour combos!!! Can't wait for you to be able to sit down and relax for 10 minutes!! Take care hun

Love n Hugz

Beth said...

*drool* SOunds scumptious Sharryn!!!

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